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TVC - (Supplemental Piece) - Awakening

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Jul 22, 2008
Duamutef knelt before his masters Sarcophagus A thick Layer of dust covered it tarnishing the gold that was hammered into it. "Its Time" he thought. Gathering the winds of Magic to himself,he began to chant in the Ancient tounge of Nehekhara. "Arise Kalnish First of the Serpent Lords,Chosen of the Serpent God" A soft scraping sound echoed from within the Sarcophagus Duamutef carried on fearfully "Arise and take up you blade for your foes move against you,Arise and lead your armies to battle". The Sarcophagus lid thudded to the ground And a pair of skeletal hands gripped the sides as Kalnish rose from his thousand year slumber, it was truly a sight to behold the ancient king had lost none of the Majesty he had in life "Why have you awakened me preist" A voice,dry as the desert winds echoed though the chamber. Duamutef groveled in the dirt "Oh mighty Serpent Lord,the pawn of Nagesh, Arkhan moves north even as we speak". Kalnish looked at his hand clenching it "Does Settra know of this?" He asked a threatening edge to his voice "No Great One he does not yet". Kalnish reached down and grabbed his axe Serpents Fang "Then the gods smile upon us" he said lifting it into the air "Awaken the army we march north".
Not open for further replies.