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TVC - (Supplemental Piece) - Return of the Gladius

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Grave Guard
Apr 5, 2008
Cyn stood over Drakki, holding his long handled curved sword. The traces of Blue and Red Cyn were obvious, with the brass bandings on her arms and the half skull-mask on her face, but what she currently was was an imperfect blend of the two personalities. The Gemini Amulet was gone, destroyed by Cyn herself.

"Father, for too long you've been holding me back. I am so much more powerful than you now, despite your age."

She looked at the bloody corpse in the corner, the hulking, twisted body of Lucas, she looked back at Drakki.

"You killed my brother, said he was too 'soft'. Well let me tell you...Father...you did not raise us to be soft. You raised us to be hard, unyielding..."

She raised the sword above her head.


She swung it down, neatly severing Drakki's head and driving the sword several inches into the stone floor. She yanked it out and removed Drakki's swordbelt.

"You wont be needing this."

She made an extra hole much further in than its furthest extent and wrapped it around her slim waist. She sighed.

"Its been a while since ive seen the other council members...i wonder if they've missed me. Goodbye brother, father."

Selecting a long white hooded cloak from a peg, she hid herself with it and set off towards where she could sense some of the council.

[[sorry its been a while, but Drakki is dead and Cyn is back.]]
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