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TVC - (Supplemental Piece) The History of Simon von Carstein

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Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Here I am placing all information about Simon that I have imagined so far. Starting with the best piece I have ever written.

My Lord

as instructed I have gathered and summarised all available information on selected abominations that our order hunts. Here follows all information on Simon von Carstein Scourge of Morr a vampire of the von Carstein line drawing what conclusions are possible on his origins, abilities and expected behaviour.

I hope that this will be useful to you in your hunt.
Mathias Vanderhaven
Librarian and record keeper
Order of Morr

All information presented here comes from our records in our extensive archives and derives from eyewitness accounts of our brothers over the last few centuries.

Chapter One will focus on an overview of the von Carsteins as back
ground for his own history.

Chapter Two will look into the debate over the identity of this abomination's sire and the date of his siring.

Chapter Three will look at the event which first brought him to this order's attention I refer of course to his battle with our brother Dieter von Kronos one of the greatest vampire hunters the order has ever produced.

Chapter Four will look into his actions during the first war of the vampire counts.

Chapter Five will summarise his character, strengths and weaknesses and gives a brief overview of his Gets and GrandGets.

Chapter One

The Von Carstein family

The Von Carstein family has been much studied by our order over the last few centuries and is seen to be the most powerful of all the vampire bloodlines. Three times it has brought our most cherished Empire to its Knees and has caused more death, torture,carnage and devastation than all the other known bloodlines put together. The other bloodlines usually keep a low profile to avoid unnecessary attention. But the Von Carsteins seem to enjoy it as they seem to have a natural arrogance and belief in they're own invincibility.

The family is believed to hail from the ancient city of Lahmia like all
other bloodlines. Its patriarch was a shadowy figure known as Vashanesh next to nothing is known about this vampire and even his own family know little about him. By the time of the siring of Simon von Carstein the familie's most visable members were Vlad and Isabella von Carstein who took over the province of Sylvania in the east of the Empire in the imperial year 1797 and created a vampire aristocracy and a new order that was not effectively destroyed until the imperial year 2145.

For the duration of Vlad's reign over Sylvania the family displayed
a surprising amount of loyalty to each other this is fairly unusual
behaviour amongst vampires and has only been seen in the von Carstein, Lahmian and Blood Dragon bloodines many vampires perish at a young age due to they're inability to cooperate with each other which usually ends with them dying at the hands of their own kind more often than the hands of man.

The Von Carsteins were fortunate to have a strong leader in Vlad who
united them against all humans and prevented any inner struggles from taking place. But once he was gone it didn't take long for the family to collapse in on itself when Vlad's successor Konrad took over as ruler he lacked the power and respect that his sire commanded. Konrad didn't last too long but during his reign he more damage to the family than we ever could as he practically wiped out most of the second generation in his bid to remain in power. Unfortunately he was succeeded by Mannfred a vampire more like Vlad who managed to rebuild the family to an extent
fortunately he perished at the battle of Hel Fenn before he could become as powerful as Vlad and the family was officially extinct.

Chapter Two

A lot of information has been gathered about the more famous Von Carsteins Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred and to a smaller extent Isabella But very little about Simon who as one of the younger members of the family seems to have recieved little attention from scholars and the witchhunters. I believe he has been overlooked in error as unlike the others this vampire is still very much alive and has remained that way without the assistance and sometimes despite the best efforts of his family. Only the most powerful vampires can live so long and Simon's survival could teach us a lot.

Simon first came to our attention in 1927 he is believed to have been a young fledgling at this time as his fighting and necromantic abilities were not yet developed. In vampiric terms a fledgling could be anywhere between zero and thirty years old they are at their most vulnerable at this time this would put the date of Simon's siring anywhere between 1897 and 1927. The identity of Simon's sire however is more difficult to ascertain. The two main suspects are Vlad or his Get/Wife Isabella. Most members of our order believe that Vlad sired Simon within the timescale provided due solely to the amount of power and fighting ability Simon has been seen to use and the necromantic power that he casts effortlessly. However I believe that his true sire is Isabella the only evidence I have to back this up is that Simon vanished at the end of the first war and did not attempt
to take over from Vlad like the other second generation vampires this would indicate
that he does not have as strong a claim to lead the family as other vampires this in
turn indicates that he is a third generation vampire and Isabella is the only one
he has been associated with during his lifetime.

Chapter Three

The following account was written by Dieter von Krono's squire Sebastion who was with him at the time though he missed the battle and only arrived at the aftermath to find his master's body.

My master and I had arrived in a small town in the south of the empire near Nuln we had investigating a sickness that had been spreading through the hamlets and villages. The local authorities believed a cult dedicated to Nurgle was responsible. My master was not so sure as there had been cases of it in Sylvania as well and believed that a vampire was responsible.

we spent two days in the town making discreet inquiries which led us to a tavern frquented by ladies of the night and they're potential punters it was surprisingly easy to find our prey as he was not taking any steps to hide himself from anyone and was the centre of attention with a whore on each arm. Our suspicians were ratified because of all the people in the tavern he was the only one not casting a shadow though he was right by the fireplace. Not wanting to cause a scene we waited until he left and followed we made ourselves known. Most vampires have heard of my master and rightly fear him. This one apparently didn't as when my master introduced himself the vampire replied "Who?". However he accepted my masters
challenge and they fought. The vampire had no weapon and fought with his fists while my master had his sword especially blessed by our priesthood to slay those with a lot of lifeforce. My master seemed to have everything under control as this vampire was obviously a young fledgling with little experience though he fought like a creature possessed alot like the beast we killed the month before near the border princes my master referred to it as a Strigani. My master called to me to summon reinforcements in case the creature tried to flee That was the last time I saw him alive. When I returned twelve minutes later with with members of the watch my master was dead
from a single stab wound to the belly I suspect the wound was caused by his own sword though how the abomination managed to turn things to his favour in the space of a few minutes is beyond
me. The body had been rifled but the only thing missing was my master's sword I fear that it has been taken as a souvenier something for the creature to boast about to his brood.

I will not rest until I have hunted down this creature and retrieved this relic!.
(here ends the extract)

Sebastion became a successful vampire hunter and died thirty four years later of natural causes
despite his vow he never met Simon again and died a sad and bitter old man.

Though Sebastion never got the vampires name we have evidence that it was him because he still wields the sword of von Kronos to this day.

Chapter Four

In the imperial year 2010 the first war of the vampire counts began and would not be completely
resolved until the battle of Hel Fenn 2145 during this time many vampires rose to prominence
and favour with they're lord Vlad von Carstein among them were Konrad, Pieter, Hans, Fritz, Herman Posner, Jon Skellan, Simon von Stryker and Meyerling Faulsing later to be known as Mircea von
Carstein. Not much is known about Simon's doing in the early years of the conflict though we do know that when Vlad was apparently killed by an armed prisoner Simon refused to throw in his lot with Vlad's self appointed successor Herman Posner. After Posner was defeated by a resurrected Vlad and the war continued Simon started to appear more frequently always accompanied by his lover Sariah and from 2037 his protege Aurelius. They killed hundreds of innocent people in their bloody swathe. Sariah especially enjoyed feasting on children and she became something of a myth something mothers use to frighten they're children into behaving.

All three were present at the siege of Altdorf and witnessed the deaths of Vlad and Isabella all three managed to escape though Sariah was injured and would not be seen again for a hundred years
Simon did not escape unscathed either as his steed was shot out from underneath him by a lucky canon shot pursued by an angry mob he was forced to swim across the river Reik to lose his pursuers he would not be seen often for a hundred years either and it is my belief that he was caring for his injured lover during this time.

Chapter Five

Here I will now summarise the vampire's strengths and weaknesses.


Unlike many vampires Simon and Sariah share a genuinely loving and selfless relationship indeed this gives him a formidible advantage in combat as this emotion he has makes him more powerful and
persistant against any who threatens the welfare of his lover. This is however a weakness as it makes him more reckless and causes him to lack forethought as he has been known to just charge into battle and damn the consequences. How he has managed to retain his emotions despite losing his soul is a mystery that I fear will never be fully explained though it should be noted that his ancestors Vlad and Isabella shared a similar relationship full of emotion.


Simon is generally regarded to be handsome. It is his physical attractiveness that has enabled him to hunt female prey with ease.

Fighting abilities

Simon's fighting abilities are enormous and can only get greater as he gets older since his first fight with Dieter von Kronos our order has encountered him eleven times in all of these battles he has been greatly outnumbered yet has triumphed nonetheless on one of these occasions we managed to force him into the sunlight it burned and covered him in flames but somehow by concentrating he managed to purge his body of the flames and heal in front of our obviously shocked brothers before he slaughtered them and if the rumours are true and he has taken to hunting and feeding off his own kind then they're are few who can match him.


At over six hundred years old Simon has already outlived most of his bloodline with the exceptions
of Vlad, Mannfred and Mircea.

Advanced vampiric abilities

Simon has not yet shown any signs of precognition, Hypnotism, flight or shapeshifting. These traits have surfaced in his Gets for instance Sariah has precognition and hypnotism. Until fresh evidence shows otherwise anyone coming up against him will be relieved that what they see is what they get.


It has been suggested that Simon is so powerful now that in a life or death struggle Simon could match if not defeat older vampires like Mircea von Carstein or maybe even Mannfred himself but until such a struggle occurs and is witnessed we will never really know for sure. He is flamboyant and will defend his lover without a regard to his own well being or safety he doesn't appear to fear anyone or anything and continues to display behaviour that can only be called human. He seeks power over his own kind and lusts for notoriety on a huge scale and unlike the other vampires he does not sleep in a coffin or burn in sunlight.

Brief overview of gets

Simon has sired at least two gets in his lifetime Sariah and Aurelius. Sariah has sired at least
three gets in her lifetime Lucius, Marius and Maximilian though there maybe more who haven't
appeared yet. Lucius is Simon's torturer, Marius possesses great physical strength and Maximilian
has great speed and agility. Simon obviously chooses his gets and grandgets as carefully as his
grandsire Vlad.

This is the first time that all the information on Simon von Carstein has been brought together in my opinion if this had been done years ago then a lot of misconceptions would have been noticed and some lives could have been saved.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
RE: TVC (Supplemental Piece) The History of Simon von Carstein

1797 Vlad von Carstein becomes count of Sylvania by marriage to countess Isabella von Drak. In the following two centuries the noble families in Sylvania will be infected with the curse of vampirism. Herman Posner arrives at the same time.

1797 - c1900 Konrad, Pieter, Hans and Fritz are presumebly sired.

1808 - Isabella is sired

Around this time a young nobleman called Meyerling Faulsing foils an assasination attempt on the new count and is sired by Isabella as a reward.

1880 Simon von Stryker is born to a minor noble family.

1886 Karl von Stryker father of Simon is killed by a wolf like creature.

1887 Walach Harkon arrives at the blood keep and challenges the entire knightly order to single combat and founds the Blood Dragon order in the name of his sire Abhorash.

1906 Simon is renowned as poet in Sylvania and is invited to give a private recital at Drakenhof castle for Isabella.
Isabella sires Simon so that his poetry will live for ever.
Simon comes to blows with Vlad and nearly dies for a second time. Isabella steps in and Vlad banishes Simon instead.
Three days into his journey Simon discovers a wraith following him its name is Nar-Zuul and it becomes a close companion of him.

1907 Sariah is born.

1910 Nar-Zuul begins Simon's training in necromancy.

1911 Simon successfully raises Slo-Graa a wight king but loses control and Slo-Graa kills himself.

1915 Sariah has her first vision and slowly goes mad.

1926 Sariah is placed in an asylum.

1927 During his wonderings Simon is challenged by vampire hunter Dieter von Kronos and kills him taking his sword.

Shortly afterwoulds Simon breaks into an asylum and discovers Sariah siring her. (see The Siring of Sariah)

1927 - 1945 Simon and Sariah terrorise the empire and fend off three attacks from the order of Morr and their Witchhunter allies after the third attack Simon decides it might be safer to return to Sylvania.

1932 The Red Duke is freed by disciples and wages war on Aquitaine. He is defeated at Ceren field and flees to the forest of Chalons.

1943 There is a crack down on vampire activity following the death of Dieter von Kronos by the Order of Morr and the Witchhunters who lay siege to Blood Keep.

1946 Simon shows up at Vlads court and presents Sariah to his sire and grandsire. Konrad insults Sariah and threatens to take her head after she predicts him suffering a similar fate. The resulting fight leaves Simon paralysed from the waist down Konrad is also hurt by Simon's use of magic. (See Simon's Homecoming) Simon and Vlad are reconciled.

Around this time Blood Keep falls to the imperial troops though Walach Harkon and several followers escape.

1947 Simon recovers from his injuries and meets his older brother in death Meyerling Faulsing for the first time. (See Meeting)

1947 -1990 Simon learns from Vlad who takes him under his wing he learns the history of they're kind and advanced necromancy.

1997 Simon makes a brief foray outside Sylvania he is attacked during the day by the order of Morr and works out how to survive in the sun before slaughtering them.(See The Scourge of Morr summarised by the Order of Morr)

2000 Mordheim destroyed by twin tailed comet. Vlad sends vampires to gather warpstone for him.

2010 the night of Geheimnisnacht Simon and Sariah join in the festivities (See The Night of Geheimnisnacht) The war of the vampire counts begins.
Vlad is killed by Hans Schliffen and is in turn ripped apart by Konrad.
Herman Posner Baron of Waldenhof seizes power Simon refuses to serve him Vlad comes back and slays Herman Posner.

around this time Countess Emmanuelle is killed in the siege of templehof by the Dwarfs.

2010-2051 Simon and Sariah are part of a group of vampires led by Meyerling Faulsing this group also contains Drako von Carstein for its first few months until he makes a bid for power of his own and is defeated by Mannfred and left to die.

2011 Simon now known as Captain Simon von Stryker of the Sylvanian third army is on a scouting mission in Stirland and murders local lord and nephew of Deiter Frederic von Kronos to prove a point to the locals. Frederic's son Johanne leads a campaign to stir up trouble against the Sylvanian army.

2012 Simon under pressure from his superior General Faulsing leads a revenge attack against Johanne von Kronos letting his Wolfpack run riot in an orgy of rape and destruction. The remaining von Kronos family pursue Simon and his men the resulting battle leaves five members of the Kronos clan dead including two of Johanne's sons and his brother. Simon escapes with a bullet wound though his right hand man Laxter and the majority of his men are slain.

2014 Vlad attacks Middenheim and is slain by Jerek Kruger

2015 Vlad returns to Middenheim and slays Jerek Kruger and all his knights.

2017 The Battles of Wolfenburg are fought. The Sylvanian third army under the command of General Faulsing is defeated and forced back. Johanne von Kronos finally catches Simon during the battle and gives his life to seriously injure his adversary.

2018 Simon fully recovers from his injuries and secretly hunts down Strigoi vampire Drakus of Strigos feeding off him to gain his abilities.

2021 Following rumours Simon stumbles across the lair of Necrarch vampire Zharradan the Marred and feeds off him to gain his powers.

2029 Simon challenges the Blood dragon vampire Sir Ranulph the Swift to single combat and feeds off him in the hope of increasing his fighting abilities.

2037 Simon sires Aurelius von Carstein

2051 Siege of Altdorf Vlad is killed and Isabella commits suicide Aurelius gets an injured Sariah away on the order of Simon while Simon leads they're pursuers away his nightmare is shot out from under him and he fights a running battle with an angry mob which ends when he is forced to swim across the river Reik.

2053 Fritz von Carstein killed besieging Middenheim.

2058 Konrad invades the Moot but is forced to return to Sylvania when his brother Hans seizes power.

2059 Konrad kills Hans von Carstein in single combat.

2092 Pieter von Carstein is killed in his coffin by vampire hunter Helmut van Hal. Simon forbids his gets to sleep in coffins.

2094 Konrad successfully seizes power over Sylvania and remaining vampires. Mannfred leaves Sylvania and travels south.

Around this time Constantin von Carstein is commanded to rewrite von Carstein history to make Konrad look more favourable. Fear of Konrad stops Constantin from feeding on blood in an effort to complete his task. Over the next twenty eight years Constantin will slowly go mad.

2095 Konrad invades the Empire.

2100 The Battle of the Four Armies fought between Konrad and the armies of Stirland, Reikland, Marienburg and Dwarfs from Karaz-a-Karak ends in a stalemate. Lutwik of Reikland and the Ottilia of Talabheim treacherously assassinate each other while Helmut of Marienburg almost becomes the first zombie Emperer in thrall to Konrad.

2101 Simon infiltrates Sylvania now ruled by Konrad during the second war of the vampire counts he sees a freshly sired Angelica but doesn't actually speak to her or learn her name.

2121 Konrad is killed at Grim Moor Simon discovers Walaches bloody hauberk nearby.

2122 Mannfred returns to Sylvania and takes over forging alliances with the Lahmian sisterhood.

Around this time Mannfred kills Constantin von Carstein as an act of mercy.

2132 Mannfred begins third war of the vampire counts

2145 Mannfred is killed at Hel Fenn the third war ends.

2145-2300 Simon meets his brother Meyerling Faulsing now known as Mircea several times. (See Resurrection a Mircea von Carstein story)

2151 Sariah recovers fully from her injuries and together with Simon and Aurelius travels the world.

2180 The group is attacked by Order of Morr and Witchhunters in the south. Lucius is the only survivor and is sired by Sariah.

2200-2206 Lucius learns eastern methods of torture from a Cathayan traveller.

2300 the great war against chaos begins Simon leads the group to the Border Princes becomes a mercenary general serving Baron Rothmeyer.

Around this time Duke Maldred of Mousillon falls victim to the red pox and the city falls into decay haunted by the undead.

2301 Simon convinces mercenary captains Marius and Maximillian to help him overthrow Baron Rothmeyer they agree and are both sired by Sariah. Simon makes Nexeternus his Citadel

2305 Waldakir Rahtep is slain by captain Stefan von Kessel

2310 Simon and Aurelius return to Altdorf and found order of Vashanesh Aurelius is left in charge.

2312 Simon is visiting Nuln when he makes enemies of the local Lahmians and kills six of them Feeding off their leader Lady Charlotte de Medici.

2321 Simon fights off Skaven and Goblins from black mountains and enslaves many.

2330 Simon raises the spirit of Slo-Graa and places it in a new body to serve as a bodyguard.

2491 Heinrich Kemmler the Lichemaster and the Wight Lord Krell are stopped at the Battle of La Maisontaal abbey and flee into the grey mountains.

2505 Felix Jaeger encounters a resurrected Mannfred. A great influx of magic awakens tomb kings Settra rallies them to his banner

2506 Zacharias the Everliving tries to steal one of the nine books of Nagash from his master Melchior but is driven from Melchiors tower and is forced to hide in the middle mountains.

2512 Simon suffers a revenge attack from the Lahmians of Nuln whilst passing through.

2514 Simon and a small retinue is ambushed by dwarfs Simon wins but loses most of his men. Simon is inspired by dwarfen Organ Gun.

2518 Zacharias drinks from black Dragon and fully recovered returns to Melchiors tower and defeats his former master. Melchior is presumed dead.

2519 Simon meets Hans Aldrech at a party. (See Resurrection a Mircea von Carstein story)

2520 The Grand Theogonist Volkmar sends witchhunter Gunther Stahlberg to investigate Castle Drakenhof. Gunther Stahlberg is never heard from again.

2522 onwards The Storm of Chaos Simon leads his army against Beastmen (see Simon during the storm of chaos) and betrays the tomb prince Kih Osk at a diplomatic meeting and destroys him and his lich priests taking control of his army greatly increasing the size of his forces and infiltrates another kingdom in the Border Princes.

Mannfred leads Sylvanian army against Kurgan onslaught and then the Forces of Archaon before withdrawing to Sylvania to deal with surviving Kurgan.

Simon passes through Sylvania on his way to acquire painting of Melchior meets Mircea who threatens to turn him in to Mannfred. (See Resurrection a Mircea von Carstein story)

Mathias Vanderhaven compiles everything known about Simon to aid the Order of Morr in his destruction. (See The Scourge of Morr Summarised by the Order of Morr)

Simon brings painting back to Nexeternus. A few months later Milosh Cromwell a vampire of unknown origin comes to Nexeternus hoping to bargain for the painting. (See The Arrival of a Messenger)

Simon von Carstein the Scourge of Morr/Poetic Fiend and Milosh Cromwell the Wraithlord form a grand alliance to slay Mannfred von Carstein and conquer Sylvania. (See the Arrival of a Messenger)

Simon is summoned to a great meeting of vampire counts by the vampire lord Drakki Gladius.
Simon is successful in antagonising Lord Drakki Gladius and meets vampire countesses Mistress Lesa and Lady Katrina Moulan one of the Red Dukes gets as well as the vampire skaven Lord Rask, Magnequox and the Strigoi Graveclaw who attempts to assasinate him.
The meeting is broken up early by an invasion of witchhunters Milosh Cromwell is injured by holy water Mistress Lesa castrates the witchhunter general before destroying the area with a Comet of Casandora. (See The Vampire Council)

At a second meeting Simon almost comes to blows with Vekerin the Dark Blade. (See Welcome to Nexeternus)
Simon and the others discover that they have been betrayed by Magnequox who is working for Mannfred.

Simon travels to Sylvania to enlist his cousin Angelica to his cause while Milosh Cromwell hunts for Magnequox and his countess Finelle.
Magnequox launches a surprise attack on Milosh and Lesa. Milosh and Lesa destroy Magnequox's army but are left petrified and at his mercy until Simon rescues them killing Magnequox's servant Igor in the process. (See The Reunion of the von Carsteins and The Hunt for Magnequox)

Simon revives Milosh using Isabella's Chalice of the Bathori.(see The Hunt for Magnequox)

Simon kills Witchhunter general Wilhelm and gives his sword Mortexsillium to Milosh. (See The Hunt for Magnequox)

After a lengthy meeting which sees the return of the Gladius bloodline and a visit from Mircea. Simon, Milosh, Vekarin and new members Valda and V'razin attack Magneqrox's fortress intending to sacrifice Magneqrox and his wife Finelle to resurrect Lesa. Simon sets fire to the place and after a nearly being eaten by Finelle captures her with the intention to torture her. While Milosh and Vekarin battle Magneqrox and capture him after a fierce struggle.

The spell to resurrect Lesa goes awry and Lesa appears to be destroyed. Meanwhile Glyre and Emilya Feldenhaus working for Mannfred free Magneqrox and attack Nexeternus killing Aurelius and the Brethren and freeing Finelle from her prison. They retreat to the Feldenhaus's castle in Sylvania.

Simon leaves the council resurrects his Gets and launches a revenge attack on Magneqrox and his allies. He defeats Magneqrox in single combat, Feeds Finelle to his Ghouls, Feeds off Emilya in front of her husband Glyre and burns the castle down around them.

The council is attacked at the violet citadel by the undead skaven army of Rask with Lesa under his control. Rask is defeated and Lesa is freed but the council is split in two with the bulk of it leaving for Nexeternus led by Milosh Cromwell.

Simon goes with Milosh and Mircea on a quest to Karak Eight Peaks to recover an artifact with magic nullifying powers. Whilst there he fights a duel with Katrina's brother Merovich and a Dwarf guardian, Meets his cousin Drako, the Strigoi Sweeney Todd and the unwelcome Arkhan the Black who attempts to capture Milosh. On the way out Simon discovers vital clues to the whereabouts of the Von Carstein Ring.

Simon returns to Nexeternus with the others but keeps his discoveries to himself secretly sending Nar-Zuul to recover the ancient artifact. Shortly afterwards Nexeternus is invaded by an alliance of Merovch and Magneqrox which is beaten off at great loss though Simon is crippled and Lesa is kidnapped by Arkhan the Black.

Simon in a bid to reclaim his dominating position in the council activates a spell of his own to resurrect all the dead in the Border Princes to rebuild his forces and forms an alliance with his older brothers Mircea and Vyachaslav to take control of the council and divide the world between them. Simon sets off to claim the Ring with his brothers and is forced to fight a band of witchhunters and Jerek von Carstein in his weakened condition he falls victim to a cannon like his grandsire before him and dies. Mircea claims the ring and returns to Nexeternus to find that Aurelius has taken control and begun the great war they had all been working towards.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
RE: TVC (Supplemental Piece) The History of Simon von Carstein

In the region of the border princes built into the mountain range known as the black mountains lies a virtual city of natural tombs they were carved out of the rock by the original inhahitants of the region a small tribe briefly conquered by Nehekhara during its ascent into one the mightiest human empires. The tribe was quite primitive still living in caves they had learned stone and metal working techniques from the Dawi but they're continued isolation from the rest of the world meant they were already slowly dying out. With they're subjugation by Khemri he tribe gained a language and a new religion based on the Nehekharian mortuary cult. Under the guidance of they're conquerers they began to flourish and its possible they may have gone on to be a major civilisation if the Nehekharians hadn't left. Without the guidance of they're masters they started to dwindle though they continued to build great tomb complexes into the mountains where they lived and died until finally they became extinct and forgotten a dead race sealed inside a city of crypts and tombs. Centuries passed new races of people moved in the area but they stayed away from mountains which were rumoured to be cursed and haunted.

But then prospecters discovered great natural deposits of Iron and gold and built a mining complex on the edge of it however continued accidents and disappearences on the site meant that know one would work there so the local ruler of the region Baron Rothmeyer built a prison into the mining complex and started using slave labour partly as a cheap way of getting the minerals and partly a way of cowing his subjects however incidents continued and finally the prisoners rioted easily overcoming they're demoralised guards. The Baron sent an army to put down the rebellion they took the prisoners away and a religious order took over to try and exorcise the region and prison they were never seen again. The Baron officially abandoned the prison and mine and forbade anyone to go near it.

It is here that Simon von Carstein enters the story. The great war against chaos had begun and it looked like the forces of the Chaos everchosen Asavar Kul were going to win. So Simon stared looking for a place that could be easily fortified against attack at this time he was using the alias of general von Stryker a mercenary for hire he discovered the mine and knew it would be ideal so he started working for the latest Baron Rothmeyer finally seizing power over the region in a coup. He and his family then moved into the prison and rebuilt and fortified it into his own private citadel the centre piece was a great tower which could be seen for miles around he started exploring and opening up the crypts and vaults and raising their occupants he also discovered the remnants of the religious order they had degenerated into cannabalistic ghouls they now prowl around his citadel Simon has built quite a large army using the earthly remains of the extinct tribe and one day intends to return to Sylvania but for now he is quite happy with his new home.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
South Western Empire 1927

She opened her eyes Night had fallen again for the two hundred and ninety seventh time. Trapped in her cell all she had ever had to do was count the night time. She shivered in her rags winter was coming. She cast her mind back to the day that the Sigmarites had come for her. Her family hadn't tried to protect her they had handed her over to them without even being asked on condition she was not executed for witchcraft which would bring shame on the family. The leading priest had agreed on the condition that as she was mad it would be wrong to kill her.

So they had locked her up instead she had cried bitterly for days it wasn't her fault she saw the things she did they just came to her in flashes. But nobody had listened. She heard footsteps outside her door and her heart sank as her final vision slowly started to come true. It had plagued her for years the vision of her death. The man who came for her from the dark the one who had come to kill she never saw her death occur she just knew that was what happened. The door shuddered slightly and then collapsed inward the figure in her visions stepped into the room as she knew it would and slowly walked towards her. The blond haired man was only slightly older than her in appearance but there was something wrong about his eyes which somehow seemed older than the rest of him. He stopped she covered her eyes and whimpered softly to herself. "Its not right what they have done to you here." he said kneeling down by her. He placed a hand on her cheek slowly moving her head up to look him in the eye. "Come with me and no one will ever touch you again." "Will I die outside." she asked. The man smiled showing his canines "with me you need never die" "you're body will be denied to Morr and any other God who might want it" and together we will see the world." "If you would like that?" he added. She nodded as his teeth pierced her neck she shuddered involuntarily "Who are you?" she asked as she closed her eyes for the final time. The man drew away from her and bit into his own wrist and slowly bringing it to her mouth "Simon" he whispered "and if you'll have me I am yours forever."

The asylum slowly burned as a figure walked out the front door carrying the woman in his arms ignoring the corpses of the guards and strode boldly out into the night. Another figure materialised nearby and fell into step with him "The family just got bigger Nar-Zuul" said Simon to it "and you have a mistress." "Very good young master" it replied

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Sylvania 1946

The doors to the throneroom of Drakenhof opened Vlad sitting on his throne deep in thought looked up and was astounded to see his grandget Simon. A vampire he had not seen in forty years since he had banished him though he had heard news of his exploits all over the Empire. Simon walked towards Vlad's throne standing tall, head held high.

He had changed in his absence Vlad noticed remembering the cocky and arrogant young vampire who had dared to not only stand in front of him and insult him to his face but had actually dared to lounge quite casually on his throne all this when he was barely a day old.

Simon stopped "Hello grandfather" he said. "I see you've returned despite my warning never to return" said Vlad cooly. "So it would seem" said Simon "So why have you dared my wrath and returned? Before Simon could answer Isabella entered her eyes lit up when she saw her get standing in the room "Simon! you've come home at last." she embraced him "Mother you haven't changed a bit" said Simon showing his pleasure. Isabella smiled "I've told you before don't call me mother." she pretended to scold him. Vlad cleared his throat to get they're attention "You haven't answered my question Simon why are you back?" "That is a long story grandfather." said Simon "Yes but we're all immortal here I think we have time to hear it all." replied Vlad dryly.

"Very well." said Simon "It begins nineteen years ago when I was attacked by a vampire hunter called Dieter von Kronos near Nuln. I won and ever since then the Order of Morr has dogged our footsteps each time they have attacked us in greater numbers they are cracking down on all vampire activity." "Who's we Simon?" asked Vlad. The room fell silent as someone else entered. With a purring growl Sariah glided over to Simon. "Grandfather, Mother I would like to present Sariah my wife." "She is why I have returned despite your threats I return to beg a favour I know you are an honourable man grandfather you may do as you like with me I ask only that Sariah be allowed to stay here under your protection Vlad's stance towards his grandget softened they were a lot more alike than even he had guessed.

Laughter broke out from the side of the room "How very romantic!" said Konrad sarcastically "My lord you're not going to listen to this drivel are you?" Sariah watched him "Oh dear" she said "your end isn't going to be a happy one." Konrad came over "and what pray do you know about my end?" "Your end isn't far off and it will come at the hands of a boy and a dwarf and you will truly be alone when it comes." Sariah giggled. Konrad looked angry "is that a fact slut!" "nobody predicts my end" he drew his wyrm hilted sword and pressed the point to her throat "Why don't you go first shewitch" at that moment Konrad found himself flying through the air and slamming into the wall due to Simon's fist connecting with the side of his face. Simon was redfaced with anger "NOBODY THREATENS THE LIFE OF SARIAH! NOBODY!" roared Simon He drew Animessor and pressed his advantage Konrad was already up and deflected Simon's attacks though not with the relative ease he was used to as Simon was throwing everything he had at him. However Konrad was too powerful and threw Simon to the ground and then savagely stamped down on Simon's back Simon howled in agony but as Konrad flipped him over Simon eyes glowed and bolts of dark energy left his eyes going right through Konrad and smashing him into the wall where he collapsed to the floor.

"ENOUGH" shouted Vlad "I will not have you fighting each other when there are better things to fight." Sariah ran over to Simon "Are you all right my warrior? she asked anxiously "I can't feel my legs pet" whispered Simon before lapsing into unconciousnous Isabella turned to Vlad "Has Simon proved himself to you yet my darling?" "Yes" said Vlad "I think he has he will make a fine edition to the family thanks to his humility and selflessness." Isabella walked over to where Simon lay with Sariah sitting by him "Its alright my dear" said Isabella comfortingly "I will heal him and then you will stay here with us." Sariah nodded "Thank you Grandmother."

Simon von Carstein

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Feb 25, 2008
Drakenhof Castle Sylvania 2010

Simon stood on the gallery overlooking the great hall of Drakenhof and looked down at the masked revellers parties were not his thing most of the time and he just couldn't bring himself to join the festivities with the cattle when he could just slaughter them instead. The musicians by the the obsidian throne were currently playing the third concerto of Adolphus which wasn't a bad tune though it wasn't to his taste. He was sharing this gallery with his cousin Constantin and his older brother Meyerling waiting for Vlad to give the word.

A purring growl behind him got his attention he turned round as Sariah glided over to him and looked down into the crowd "Whats wrong pet?" he asked putting an arm round her shoulder "theres someone here" she said still looking down Simon looked into the crowd " this a party darling I should think theres quite a few people here" he observed "this one shouldn't be here" she said. It was just then that that Simon's attention was diverted by a collective gasp from the dancers. Vlad and Isabella had just entered the hall through the oaken doors behind the throne. Hand in hand they moved as one as they both took a low bow to a ripple of applause "Ever the showman playing to the crowd" said Simon out loud as he held Sariah close she snuggled close to him. "Friends;" said Vlad addressing the guests "Be welcome in my home, for today we celebrate the most fragile of things and the most finite" Simon stopped listening he found speeches boring even ones by his grandsire Sariah grabbed his arm and pointed into the crowd at a masked party goer heading for the stairs leading up to the gallery where Herman Posner and his gets were situated. Simon had noticed this one a couple of times he didn't seem to be joining in with the rest of the guests before he could say anything there was a round of applause from below Vlad had finished his speech and the party was continuing.

Simon was suddenly startled by a cloaked figure that had appeared next to him "Nar-Zuul a little warning next time you drop in on the festivities" said Simon half annoyed "many apologies young master and mistress" replied the wraith "but there are so many mortals here the lifeforce is intoxicating" "It won't be for much longer" said Simon "the mortal party is nearly over our party is about to begin. He looked over to Posner's gallery there seemed to be some sort of struggle going on. One of Posner's gets was on the floor lacking a head and Posner was feeding on the party goer Simon had seen heading up there. Posner threw back his head and howled like an animal hurling the body of his victim over the bulastrade into the middle of the dance floor. "Ah! first blood has been drawn announced Vlad "Reveal yourselves let out the beast within! The festivities can truly begin! Drink! Drink the wine of humanity! Simon smiled as vampires leapt into the crowd and began feeding "thats our cue pet lets get ourselves a drink" Sariah smiled as he scooped her up in his arms followed the example of Meyerling and Constantin stepped on to the bulastrade and jumped down into the carnage below. Nar-Zuul remained where he was and watched "so it begins" he murmured before slowly fading away

Simon von Carstein

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Feb 25, 2008
Altdorf 2051

Simon lay in his pavilion next to Sariah when he suddenly heard roars and curses coming from outside it sounded like his grandsire before he could get up to investigate Meyerling entered "Get up! you idle slacker" he said "Grandfather just gave the order we're moving in and no mercy is to be shown to anyone." Simon got up and grabbed Animessor "Good evening to you too Meyerling." "Whats wrong with grandfather he's making a a lot of noise." "I don't know." replied Meyerling "Something seems to have him riled. I've never seen him this furious and out of control before" Simon and Meyerling stepped out and looked towards Vlad standing on the mudflats arms held out energy crackling around him. "Incredible!" Simon exclaimed "I've never seen this much power before." he looked in awe at his grandsire and for a few seconds felt real fear. Around them the dead were moving, getting to they're feet for the final strike "VAMPIRES TO ME!" shouted Vlad "THE THEOGANIST IS MINE! THE REST IS YOURS! SHOW NO MERCY! LEAVE NO SURVIVORS!" Simon smiled as did Meyerling "At last I do hate long sieges" he said as snow began falling around them.

Hours later.

Von Carstein rammed his sword through the priest's shoulder. A second thrust plunged it into the priest's chest piercing his lung. The priest dropped his axe. Von Carstein laughed "It seems you were wrong priest, when you promised me that I would die here. This is my city now. Mine! It is you who has failed, you sanctimonious fool. Look at you. Look at you! You are a wreck of a human being. You shame your god do you know that? You shame your god." Instead of wasting his breathe on words the priest screamed primal and deadly he hurled himself at the vampire lord his staggering momentum taking both of them over the battlements. They fell locked together until it was broken by one of the city's defensive stake's unable to escape they both died trapped together in the sun, Vampire and holy man.

fifteen minutes later

Simon ran towards the nightmares carrying Sariah in his arms he was met by his most recent get Aurelius. "Aurelius get Sariah away from here now! we're being counter attacked on all sides." Sariah struggled in his arms "What about grandmother! we can't go without grandmother!" "She'll join us later now go!" said Simon urgently. Aurelius helped Sariah on to a nightmare "What about you?" he asked "I'll divert them away from you besides I have to guide our infantry men away to safety. Aurelius nodded "see you back in Sylvania my lord." and with Sariah swiftly galloped away.

Simon returned to his sylvanian regiment which to its credit had remained calm despite the death of they're liege lord. "Sergeant!" Simon called out. A man quickly left the others and rushed over "Yes Captain!?" "Begin a retreat back to sylvania we can't win without the bulk of our forces." "Yes sir!" replied the sergeant running back. "ALRIGHT LADS ITS TIME TO FALL BACK IN ORDER FRONT RANKS YOU JUST BECAME REARGUARD LETS GO! MOVE IT!"

The regiment started moving they're progress was slow as they were fighting a running battle against an enemy with superior numbers. Simon swore as spotted more troops approaching on his flank effectively cutting off the way to Sylvania. To make matters worse the enemy had opened fire with its surviving batteries the constant barrage had already claimed the lives of most of his men the enemy troops knew what he was and were largely keeping they're distance from him. Summoning a Nightmare to his side Simon said "Sergeant head for the river SWIM FOR IT!!!"

The regiment broke and ran for the river whilst Simon mounted his nightmare striking down an enemy halberdier in the process he quickly rode towards the enemy infantry to try and scare them and buy time for his men to swim the river once they were across he would attempt to break through the enemy lines and return to Sylvania. He charged and Animessor fell again and again taking a life each time but there were too many enemy troops and even with his vampiric strength and powers they would eventually overwhelm him he quickly turned and rode away when there was suddenly an explosion around him and Simon felt the strange sensation of flying through the air and then landing roughly on the ground with a thump he staggered to his feet he seemed to be alright but the nightmare was destroyed and there wasn't enough time to raise another as he could see cavalry on the horizon "this just isn't my day" he thought. Knowing he had only one choice he fled to the river and dived in he was a strong swimmer but volleys of arrows followed him several striking him but luckily missing his heart. Simon crawled to the bank and then despite his injuries ran as fast as he could after his surviving men turning once he shouted back to his pursuers "THIS ISN'T OVER!"

Simon von Carstein

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True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
The Border Princes 2522

It was midday when Simon and his retinue arrived at the fords of the river. Though the sun could not be seen thanks to the black clouds Simon had summoned to protect himself from its rays. The bulk of his forces were waiting at the permanent camp that was established on his side of the river. The river marked the border of his territory with that of the other border princes crossable only at this position. Normally Simon woudn't consider crossing it as there was always the risk of the Empire to the north noticing and with only one emperer on the throne instead of three like the last time Simon was at war with them they were far more dangerous and organised. However with the lord of End Times launching a mass invasion of their territory Simon knew he wouldn't be noticed. His scouts had informed him of the beastmen horde coming south and of the khemrian Army that was two weeks march away he couldn't rely on his neighbours to fight them off successfully so the plan was to take his army north and destroy the beastmen and then take up a strong defensive position reinforced with undead beastmen ready to fight the undead Khemrians.

He could see his huntsmen on the other side of the river advancing into the interior. Meanwhile rafts had been set up each one contained a regiment of Skeletons,Wights, human archers and crossbow men, attached to ropes these could be guided and pulled across the river by zombies allowing his forces to cross the river quickly. At the causeway Black Knights and Dire Wolves were already making the crossing and behind them came supply wagons for his living soldiers by the wagons was a platoon of ogre leadbelchers that he had hired a few years back normally he didn't usually hire mercenaries but the ogres were the closest he had to artillary and as long as he fed them well they would be very loyal.

He looked up as his thrall Lucius rode up to him. "Well Lucius! what news." he asked "theres no sign of any enemies within four leagues of here my lord " Lucius reported "Marius and Maximilian are already across with five thousand men we have twenty thousand here and if we wait for reinforcements from the towns we'll have another thirty thousand here within three days however by my scouts reckoning the beasts of chaos are only two days away from here!" "Then we'll meet them head on with what we have here. Have there been any problems? Simon asked "No more than usual sir there was a fight between one of the ogres and the ghouls ogre tried to eat one of them but I managed to separate them we've also had problems with the cattle they don't like the banshees and some of the bolder less loyal ones tried to mutiny but they quietened down after I ate one of them" "Good! said Simon I want everyone across the river by midnight except for the garrison here of course." We'll join Marius and Maximilian at the rendevous two leagues from here" Very well my lord" replied Lucius also we've received some news from Sylvania" Simon paused when he heard the name of his former home "Whats happening over there" he asked "War! my lord Crom the so called conquerer and his Kurgan forces are at this minute engaging the Dwarfs in the mountains they've already defeated the green skins and stragglers and warbands have left his main host gone round the dwarfs and invaded Sylvania in an attempt to strike the imperial army in the flank but Mannfred is having none of it and has risen the armies of Sylvania if he beats Crom he will turn on the Empire and probably win" "Then we had best pray that Crom wins because if he does he will destroy Mannfred and lose most of his host enabling me to return at last" replied Simon "but if he loses Mannfred will emerge stronger than ever and I will never be able to go home and take my rightful place as Count of Sylvania" he paused "But we'll worry about that later for now we'll deal with the beastmen and those blasted tomb kings send the Drakenhof guard across now to join me on the other side of the river "yes my lord" said Lucius and he rode off to the regiments waiting by the river bank.

Simon remained where he was when a wraith materialised next to him " you're thinking of home" it said matter of factly. Simon didn't even turn to face him "I haven't been there for nearly five hundred years Narzuul its a long time to be away from home even for one of Vashanesh's line" "we will return someday" replied Narzuul "but I don't think the time is right yet we should wait and see what happens and who wins this war" "you're right as usual my old friend but my desire to return home has been getting stronger of late" "you must keep it in check" said the wraith "time is on your side because time is all a vampire has" "now you're sounding like my grandsire Narzuul laughed Simon "Its encouraging I've got a good feeling about the battles ahead come on lets go join the others it'll be just like old times in the first war.

End of part one.

Simon von Carstein

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True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Part Two

Simon von Carstein stood on the highest point of the fortified hill and looked down on his army as it moved into defensive positions around the hill. Whoever had built the fortifications was a mystery and they were a lot older than Simon was however Simon was not interested in their history at the moment. he was only concerned with using them for the defensive style of battle he was used to. Skeleton spearmen were at the front with skeleton swordsmen behind ready to deal with anything that broke through the spearmen further up the hill were his mercenary ogre lead belchers from their position they would cause havoc with their cannons.

Simon turned and walked back to the centre of the hill where a table had been set up for lunch his thralls were waiting Lucius Simon's torturer masked as usual due to his hideously scarred features , Marius bearded and built like an ox with his two handed warhammer resting on his shoulders and Maximillian Marius's younger brother thin where Marius was broad subtle and stealthy with great speed and agility and then there were Simons living officers who commanded his levy forces they were roughly the fifty eightth generation of his people descended from the original men at arms who had served Simon even before the first war of the vampire counts the great days as Simon remembered them even now he could hear his men chanting below LORD OF THE DEAD! LORD OF THE EARTH! Simon smiled it was a slight exaggeration each new generation seemed to be more fanatical than the one before.

He sat down at the table and bid his officers to do the same he picked up his goblet and drank deeply blood and wine together. "Which bottle did we open Lucius?" he asked. "The twenty thirty four my lord" replied Lucius "Ah yes" said Simon "I remember, a young virgin she can't have been more than eighteen I drained half of her blood and still she cried until I snapped her neck. You can still taste the innocence in it." Has the cavalry been sent away?" "aye my Lord" said Marius "they're hidden down there ready to attack the enemy flanks when they arrive.". "What about the cattle where do we place them my lord?" asked Maximillian "I want the archers behind the skeletons they will support them with volley fire" replied Simon "I want the crossbowmen to form a line in front of the skeletons three ranks deep they will shoot the enemy until they're too close and then retire behind the skeletons they will all be supported by artillary fire from the ogres."

It was at that moment that a black bat flew in and landed on Simon's shoulder close to his ear he seemed to listen intently to it before it flew off. "It would seem seem that the enemy is here already" he said "get to your regiments gentlemen and carry out my orders his thralls nodded and left with the living officers following. Simon stood up and moved to follow when he saw in the distance a great black mass moving towards they're position "More than I thought" he said to himself "no matter if they're alive then I can kill them and if they're dead then I can command them. This is where I see if I'm as skilled a tactician as my grandsire."
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