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TVC - (Supplemental Piece) - The Temple of Sigmar

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Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Night fell over Altdorf capital of the Empire it was quieter than usual as its citizens had taken to retreating indoors at sunset due to the recent events that had taken place. Jonas Essel doorwarden to the temple of Sigmar was one citizen who would not be sleeping that night with so few guards in the city the grand Theogonist had ordered the temple to be locked up at night and guarded by members of the Order of Sigmar. Jonas yawned he still had another six hours before he was relieved at dawn it was unlikely that there would be any visitors. The people were afraid. First something had broken into the vaults and made off with something valuable and then an army of witchhunters had been wiped out by something powerful. No one seemed to know exactly what but there had been rumours of vampires actually being in the Empire and now there were disturbing rumours from the south according to a merchant from Averland Orcs had been crossing the border in great numbers being driven forth in a mass exodus fleeing from something so terrible that it even had the Orcs worried nay fearful. So afraid that they were willing to enter the Empire to escape from it.

Jonas shivered slightly and then immediately chastised himself for feeling afraid he was in the House of Sigmar where evil could not enter without being smited by Sigmar himself. A great knock on the doors of the temple made him jump out of his skin calming down he approached them he threw back some of the bolts and cautiously opened one of the doors slightly. An old man stood outside "Can I help you my good man? asked Jonas "I certainly hope so my name is Balthazar von Pestise tell me? Is the Grand Theoganist in?" the old man asked "I'm afraid that Grand Theoganist Volkmar is currently away on business at the palace sir" replied Jonas "Excellent that will make my job considerably easier" replied Balthazar. Suddenly Jonas was thrown backwards as the door was suddenly pushed open from outside. Several men faces obscured by masks burst through. Before Jonas could recover he recieved a sword through his chest and collapsed dead. Balthazar stepped in and closed the door behind him "deal with any priests you find." he said he turned to several masked men carrying shovels "you know what to do carry out my instructions while we head to the vaults." "What about magical defenses" asked one "There will be no magical defenses those will be reserved for the vaults and I will deal with them." Balthazar replied "The man nodded and led the group away. Balthazar turned to the remaining men "when we leave here it is imperative that we take with us ten books nine are copies one is original there are also a couple of other things we need too. They are all rather delicate any damage to them from any of you and you'll have to answer to the master and he's not so forgiving as I am."
Not open for further replies.