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TVC Table Top Rules

May 2, 2009
Ever wondered what it would be like to see who would win in a duel between Simon von Carstein and Archeon? Ever considered wether Lesa would be a good general?

Well now is your chance to find out. Make up (balanced) rules for your TVC character and then we will run them past the resident rules experts to make sure they are fair. Then it is a simple matter of assigning them a points value and Robert is your mother's brother.

I know that some of you have already posed rules for your Characters elsewhere, but they were mixxed in with people's Count's who were not in the RP. And tbh most of those rules will need updating anyway as evrybody has progressed a bit since then.
Jan 2, 2009
Quezalat Ghorqalamor---Thalak Rei

Quezalat is a Lord Choice that can be taken in a Lizardmen or Vampire Counts army. He may never be the general, and may never join units.
Points Cost: No clue for Quezalat, Larekoth is about 300-odd?
4 8 - 6 5 4 6 6 8

Magic Items:

Vengeance of the Blasted Heart: +2 strength, strikes last, ignores Regeneration saves, counts as magical for the purposes of hitting Ethereals and suchlike but will ignore saves granted by its status as a mundane weapon (Amaranthine Brooch, Armour of Morrslieb). Any item that allows its target to ignore or be immune to wounds from this weapon only works on the roll of a 4+ (items such as High Elf Heart of Avelorn, etc). Instead of making normal attacks he may instead make a single attack on every model able to strike him.

Hide Armour: Quezalat's unique Stegadon-hide armour gives him +1 to his Scaly Skin save (making it 3+), as well as MR1 at 36" from the caster, which increases by one rank for every 12" the caster is closer than that (eg. MR2 at 24"). Additionally, roll a dice for every magic item in base contact with Quezalat. On a 6, that item does not function for one turn. With Dwarfish Runic items, roll seperately for each rune. If the rune is a Master Rune, you must reroll the dice (once) if successful.

Special Rules:
Cold-blooded, Undead, Scaly Skin 4+, Hates Chaos

Severed from Undeath: Quezalat has the Vampire rule, however its benefits only affect himself. He also may not benefit from the Battle Standard or the Leadership value of the General, or be healed by Invocation of Nehek and all other spells of its type.

Undying Protector: One model on the board may be the character Quezalat has devoted himself to protecting for this battle. If included in a Lizardmen army, that may only be a Slann. If in a Vampire Counts army, that will be the General. This has several benefits. Firstly, if the designated character is targeted with an attack allowing a Look Out, Sir! roll and the roll is failed or unavailable and Quezalat is within 6", the Look Out, Sir! roll is counted as passed and the attack is allocated to Quezalat. Secondly, the character is treated as a Battle Standard only affecting Quezalat. Thirdly, if that character dies, Quezalat may reroll failed hits in every turn against the unit that killed the character, and he must charge that unit whenever possible.

Blame for Undeath: Quezalat blames the Daemons of Slaanesh and the Druchii for his current state, and may reroll failed hits in every turn against those opponents.

Spirit of Makat: Quezalat is affected by Stupidity due to the spirit of Makat Heartfang which periodically attempts to take control of his body. In addition, whenever he takes a wound he must immediately take a special Stupidity test at a -2 modifier.

8(7) 4 - 6 5 3 2 4 6

Special Rules:
Undead, Cold-Blooded,
Impenetrable Hide: The combination of Larekoth's thick hide and the crude gromril plating along his body give Quezalat +3 to his armour save, and sets Larekoth's save to 3+.

There you go.


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
The only set of rules I've developed so far is for Ashlotte. I'll write them out in their current state here, ignoring the fluff parts.

Rare Choice

Points Cost: Somewhere in the area of 200-250, I reckon.

Equipment: The Krnielk, Repeater Pistol*, Hand Weapon

Mount: Mechanical Steed*

The Krnielk: Great Weapon with the Armour Piercing special rule, may be used as a Lance when charging (will revert to a Great Weapon in subsequent turns). Each unsaved wound caused is multiplied into 2 wounds.

Special Rules:
Vampire; Stubborn; Immune to Psychology

Mechanical Precision: Ashlotte will always hit on an unmodified 3+ with her Repeater Pistol. She may also use her Pistol as if she had the Fast Cavalry special rule.

Artificial Creation: Ashlotte will not benefit from the presence of a Battle Standard and, as she isn't Undead, she cannot benefit from any spells which affects Undead units. She can be healed with IoN however, provided that it is cast on her by the army general**.

The Iron Maiden: Ashlotte counts as if being equipped with Full Plate Armour and a Shield (which she can always use, even while wielding the Krnielk), together with her steed giving her an armour save of 1+. She is also immune to poisoned attacks - they will need to roll to wound as normal instead. Ashlotte and her steed counts as a single monster model with US3.

*from The Empire army book
**which will be Helena

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Mar 9, 2008
Sweeney Todd counts as a Lord choice and costs 590 points

M6(9) WS9 BS5 S5 T5 W4 I8 A5(6) LD10

Weapons & Equipment: Heavy armor, Talisman of Lycni(bonus included in profile), The Crimson Caress

Magic: Sweeney Todd is a Level 2 wizard and knows Invocation of Nehek and two spells from the Lore of Vampires

Vampiric Powers: Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death

The Crimson Caress: Benjamin Barker's most valued set of silver razors have slit countless throats and drunk their blood during his centuries-long reign of terror.

This is a magic weapon that also counts as two hand weapons(bonus included in profile), grant Armor Piercing attacks, and allow Sweeney Todd to reroll any failed rolls to wound. In the event that they lose their magical effects for whatever reason, they still grant the +1A for two hand weapons.

Critical Strike: Sweeney Todd combines his vampiric strength and speed with the honed skill of an artist and unusual martial training in the Far East, effortlessly slashing out the necks of those within reach as though he were born to become a bloody whirlwind.

In close combat, any 6s on the To Hit roll cause an automatic Killing Blow wound. Against enemies immune to Killing Blow this instead causes an automatic wound with no armor save allowed.

Relentless: Sweeney Todd avoids or wades through the attacks of his enemies with superhuman agility and a stubborn, iron-willed refusal to go down

Sweeney Todd has a 5+ Ward save

Power of the Beast: Assisted by training with Far Eastern warrior-mystics, Sweeney Todd has mastered the inner beast lurking within every Strigoi. He can briefly channel its strength, heightening his close combat ability to a level few save the Master Vampires themselves can match.

Sweeney Todd may choose to channel the lurking strength of the inner beast once per game, at the start of any round of close combat. For the duration of that round of close combat Sweeney Todd gains +2S, +1T, +1A and the Always Strikes First special rule.

Fell Reputation: The tale of Sweeney Todd's centuries-long killing spree has become known throughout the Old World. Few are those who cannot recognize the man of whom the bards sing, and fewer still are those who would dare to stand their ground in his presence

Sweeney Todd causes Terror rather than Fear against Brettonian and Empire models, and inflicts a -1 LD penalty against any Brettonian or Empire unit within 6''.

Points cost as suggested by Arion, with a slight increase for a boost to Critical Strike
May 30, 2009
Jason Nightwere counts as a Lord choice and costs --- points

M9 WS6 BS5 S5 T5 W4 I8 A5 LD10

Weapons & Equipment:

The Robes of Eternity
These robes are of ancient and mystical background and are endowed with many devious enchantments.
Allows Jason a 1+ save and a 4+ ward save and cannot be increased in any other way also gives Jason the flying special rule.
Sword of the Blood
Has killing blow special rule all killing blow wounds inflicted by this weapon are given to a spirit host unit or a new unit is created within 12' of Jason.

Magic: Jason Nightwere is a Level 4 wizard and knows All spell's form the Lore of Vampires and Lore of metal
Vampiric Powers:
Spirit Lord
Jason may join ethereal units but does not become ethereal and is still effected by mundane weapons.
Always strikes first
Jason's cloak is consistently alive with spirits which latch onto enemy weapons.
Jason always strikes first in combat.

Special rules
Always strike first, flying, vampire, undead,


Grave Guard
Nov 14, 2009
I've decided to make a new version of Rick.... :inaction:

Rick Moonbeam

Rick is a Lord Choice that can be taken in a Vampire Counts army.
Points Cost: ???

Magic Items:

Shadow Armor
Forged in unholy flames, beaten out by Jason Nightwere himself, the Shadow Armor melts and changes to Rick's form, and lets him act like one of the rare Chameleon Skinks of Lustria.
Rick has the Scout Special Rule. The Shadow Armor also gives Rick a 4+ armor save.

The Moonbow.
Cut out of the living wood of Athel Loren, this bow sends arrows flying like lightning bolts. Splitting through cover, and nearly impossible to block, this is a weapon to be feared.
27" range, disregards long range, +1 to hit, ignores soft cover. All Wood Elfs Hate the wielder. Strength: As wielder.

Special Rules:
Undead, Vampire, MR1 against Lore of Death.

Simon von Carstein

The Poetic Fiend
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Simon von Carstein the Scourge of Morr and The Poetic Fiend
6 7 6 5 5 3 7 4 10

Simon is a lord choice and must always be the general unless Vlad or Mircea von Carstein are in the army. Simon cannot be fielded in an army which also includes Mannfred von Carstein.

Weapons,Armour and magic items

Simon has access to two sets of armour. The player must choose which set Simon is wearing before the battle.

Animessor the Sword of von Kronos

Animessor was especially made or the vampire hunter Dieter von Kronos who used it to kill over thirty vampires before he was finally eliminated by Simon the sword is capable of killing any creature with a lot of life force. (see the history of Simon von Carstein in the supplement section for details of this struggle.)
Simon gains killing blow on a 5+ if fighting Demons or undead or 6+ against anything else. Animessor is a Rapier and Simon also gains +1 to hit in challenges only.

Simons Bloody Hauberk

Simons Bloody Hauberk once very likely belonged to Walach Harkon or one of his gets it was found by Simon close to Grim Moor shortly after Konrad's death. The wearer is protected by spirits and the armour is light as a feather enabling easy movement. Simon gains a 4+ armour save and a 4+ ward save.

The Armour of Nightwere

The Armour of Nightwere was especially made for Simon by the Lahmian renegade Jason Nightwere to replace his Bloody Hauberk.
Simon gains an extra wound, a 5+ armour save, a 4+ ward save and immunity to killing blow.

The Sceptre of Ikaana

The Sceptre of Ikaana was discovered by Simon in the ancient underground city of Ikaana below Nexeternus in the black mountains it is capable of enhancing the raise dead and invocation of Nehek spells.
Simon can raise D3 + 9 zombies with the raise dead spell and gain D6 +2 models with the Invocation of Nehek.

Bloodline powers.
Red Fury
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead

Simon is a level 4 wizard and utilises the lore of the vampires
Simon has studied Necromancy for a long time and has created some variations of the original spells.
Grasp of Dust - Simon's killing spell. By grasping someones shoulder or indeed any part of them Simon can make them age until they turn to dust. This spell is cast once per magic phase and reduces Simon's attacks to 1 but if he successfully hits anything then he automatically kills them gaining one wound per kill this can take his wounds over his original number. cast on a 6+ Does not work on anything bigger than an ogre such as a giant or Dragon.

Bolt of Undeath - By pointing two fingers at his intended victim Simon can kill them with an invisible bolt which will kill them instantly it can only be used on one victim at a time anyone who dies from it joins Simon's spectral attendants. Simon gains a free dispel dice for every victim he kills with the bolt of undeath on that turn. The bolt is a magic missile with a range of 18. D3 Strength 3 hits Cast on a 5+ Can be cast multiple times.

Special rules
Undying Love
If Sariah von Carstein is killed Simon is subject to Hatred and Frenzy

Spectral Attendants
Any enemy wizard within 24 inches suffers -1 to cast. Simon has magic resistance 1

Cloak and Dagger
Simon is an expert at cloak and dagger fighting and receives +1 to his armour save as long as he is on foot this is not effected by modifiers.

Hatred of Morr
Warrior priests, Raven knights and Witchhunters and Flagellants all hate Simon with a vengence.

Hatred of Ushoran
Strigoi vampires hate Simon with a vengeance.

Daredevil has been Simon's steed for many centuries he is descended from Simon's original horse and later Nightmare who was destroyed by a cannon ball during the retreat from Altdorf. Years later Simon captured a young foal from his ancestral lands and raised it himself naming it Daredevil he trained him to get used to his undead form and Daredevil served him well finally dying of old age after many years of service but his service didn't end there and he continues to serve his master.

8 4 0 4 4 2 2 3 10

Whilst Simon is riding Daredevil he causes terror

Ancalogan the Starless
Ancalogan is one of the newest additions to Simon's resources and yet also the oldest. He was at first mistakenly believed to be a former high elven star dragon hence the title. (He's actually a former moon dragon) He had been dead for thousands of years before Simon found his remains in the Plain of Bones. He was originally brought back by Nagash along with all the other dragons but when Nagash was defeated the Dragons died again except for Ancalogan. His spirit was still tethered to his physical remains and he haunted the Dragons graveyard as a ghost unable to affect the material world. It was then that Simon found him and bound him to his body once again to act as his steed.

6 6 0 6 5 5 4 5 5

Ancalogan has all the special rules of a regular zombie dragon.

Elven armour - Ancalogan still has the remains of ancient elven armour attached this increases his armour/scaly skin save to 4+