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TVC - The Story So Far - A Summary

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
Chapter 1:
Milosh Cromwell and Simon von Carstein form an alliance, in return for Melkhoir’s painting which holds the secret to obtaining his corporeal body Milosh promises to aid Simon in overthrowing Mannfred von Carstein and becoming ruler of Sylvania and more importantly promises the magical assistance of Mistress Lesa

Supplement to Chapter 1:
Some steals the Crown of Sorcery from the magical vaults in Altdorf

Chapter 2:
Drakki of the Gladius line summons various vampire's in an attempt to create a powerful council to overthrow the Empire, a traitor betrays them and they are ambushed by a witch hunter army which they are forced to flee from but not before Mistress Lesa destroys the army with a Comet.

Chapter 3:
The newly formed council reconvenes at Simon von Carsteins fortress Nexeternus and Vekarin the Dark Bladed joins. Tension mounts when Lesa and Vekarin engage in a duel, the traitor is revealed and warming comes that a new witch hunter army is on its way. Deciding to split their forces the vampires set off on their own objectives.

Supplement to Chapter 3:
Reveals how the traitor is found out and the confrontation between Rask and Rayla over the warpstone.

Chapter 4:
Simon von Carstein meets his cousin Angelica von Carstein and attempts to convince her to join the council. Unsure she at least agrees to spread the word of the new council

Chapter 5:
Going after the traitor Magneqrox Milosh and Lesa are ambushed, whilst their gets escape they pay the ultimate price wiping out Magneqrox's army in the process.

Chapter 6:
Going after the witch hunter army proves to be dangerous for Vekarin, Katrina and Graveclaw as they encounter not only deadly runic weapons and powerful wizards by also run into Gotrek and Felix.

Chapter 7:
The vampire council reconvenes at the Violet Citadel, fortress of Vekarin, Milosh had been revived and the council formulate a plan to also revive Lesa, needing her abilities to face Mannfred. A few new arrival's in the form of Valda, V'azrin and Mircea von Carstein who has heard of his brother's quest. The council are also informed of the Crowns theft. They decide to split their party once again, one to find the crown, the other to remove the threat of Magneqrox and steal his life force for Lesa.

Chapter 8:
Mircea, Katrina and Graveclaw go after the crown meeting Count Feldenhaus on the way, whilst they are successful at obtaining it they have an encounter with a dangerous rabbit and Gotrek and Felix make an appearance.

Supplemental piece to Chapter 8:
Details of Gotrek and Felix's trek to Mordheim

Chapter 9:
The might of the hosts of Vekarin and Valda fall upon the keep of Magneqrox supported by the vampire lords of the council. Milosh and Magneqrox duel one on one, neither finally being able to claim as the winner. The keep eventually falls and Magneqrox and Finelle are captured, the captured life-force is used in an attempt the revive Lesa but goes very wrong.

Supplement to Chapter 9
Shows the return of Rask and his plotting of the downfall of the council. Also the preparation of war for Nexeternus.

Chapter 10:
Simon takes Finelle back to Nexeternus as well as the comatose Milosh. Meanwhile the council erupts into fighting which eventually leads them being sealed in the great hall of Violet Citadel by Vekarin to teach them a lesson. Feldenhaus is revealed as a traitor and with the crown of sorcery frees Magneqrox who claims the crown and cuts down Valda. He then frees Finelle from Nexerternus killing Simon's get at the same time. Meanwhile the revived Milosh and Simon have travelled back to the Violet Citadel

Chapter 11:
Rask launches an attack on the Violet Citadel using his secret weapon in the form of the newly resurrected Lesa. The battle seems lost until the tables are turned when Milosh manages to free Lesa and regains his powers. Valda attacks at the same time using the claw of Nagash, after a hard battle the claw is cut off by Mircea who gives it to Lesa for safe keeping. The violet Citadel survives but in the aftermath Milosh falls out with Vekarin and the council falls apart.

Chapter 12:
In his rage Simon goes after Magneqrox after reviving his gets, in the ensuing battle the keep of Feldenhaus is torched and Magneqrox, Finelle and Emilya are left in the fire. Simon is also successful in retrieving the crown

Chapter 13:
Milosh does looking for Simon and meets him on his way back to Nexerternus, at this point they are ambushed by Mannfred who succeeds in capturing the crown. The remaining council members reconvene at Nexeternus to discuss the next plan of action, there Milosh realises his mistake in insulting Vekarin and it is decided they must find a way to regain his trust. A new arrival in the form of the human Katie who is the long prophesied get of Lesa, wasting no time she turns her into a stunning Lahmian, V'azrin reveals he can give Milosh his body back and takes him back to his tower to do so, however Lesa mistakenly thinks Milosh was kidnapped, follows them and defeats V'azrin in a magical duel before the mistake is realised. After reconciliations the three return to Nexeternus to meet Merovich, a Blood Dragon wishing to kill Katrina who has hidden away from him. Katie is dispatched on a quest to find Rask for Lesa whilst Mircea defeats Merovich in a duel resulting in the Blood Dragon being seriously harmed and carried away by his entourage. Katrina goes to see Veakrin informing him of the councils new plan, to resurrect his wife in hope of gaining his favour, dismissing her her Vekarin seems reluctant to believe this.Lesa, Katrina, Graveclaw and V'azrin enter a portal into Morr's realm to look for Victarias whilst Milosh (who has now discovered his sire was Vlad), Simon, Mircea, Rowhaine, Rayla, Sariah, Jan and Luke travel to Karak Eight Peaks to try and find an artefact to help counter Mannfreds powers. Drakki and Cyn also mysteriously disappear in this chapter and Xatac makes his appearance.

Supplemental Piece to Chapter 13
Details Katies hunt for Rask and her subsequent capture

Chapter 14 - The Depths of Damnation
In an attempt to convince Vekarin to rejoin the council Lesa, V'azrin, Graveclaw and Katrina travel to the realm of Morr to rescue his wife, who has been trapped and tortured in the deepest level of hell. Vekarin, hearing their plan, follows them in and helps the expedition, lending the use of his powerful magical item, an enchanted mask. Due to the dampening field in hell V'azrin and Graveclaw revert back to their human appearances and magic is rendered nest to useless. The group battles through the many levels before Graveclaw is kidnapped by the Avatar of Morr. The group continues down to the final level where they rediscover Gravelcaw as well as a long forgotton vampire warrior. In the ensuing fight the vampire warrior challenges the Avatar of Morr and eventunally beats him, releasuing his captured souls. Vekarins wife, Victarias, is rescued and the group then manage to make therir escape though the mysterious vampire is left behind.

Chapter 15 - The Forgotton Warrior
Milosh, Mircea and Simon travel to Karak Eight Peaks with their various gets, after fighting off an enraged Merovich they descend into the tunnels of Karak Eight Peaks, interceding in a battle between dwarfs and goblins on the way. After a long journey the find the vault, but it is defended by a potent dwarf warrior. As they try to overcome the guardian they are suddenly attacked from behind. Magneqrox under the command of Arkhan the Black attack the group, trying to find out information on the location of the Claw of Nagash. Realising they are running short of time the vampires retreat into the back of the vault, and which point the vampire lord Sweeney Todd makes an appearance, whilst Arkhan challenges and defeats the dwarven guardian. Meanwhile the council find the artefact but it is not in their hands for long, Rask suddenly appears and steals. Magneqrox fuelled by Arkhan's magic attempt to overwhelm the council but fails, forcing Arkhan to intervene. During the battle Magneqrox, Finelle and Rask all make good their escape, though on the mountainside Magneqrox runs into Merovich and an unholy alliance is formed. After besting the vampire lords Arkhan suddenly disappears and the council head back to Nexeternus, their mission a failure.

Chapter 16 - Allies and Enemies
As the force from Karak Eight Peaks arrives back Nexeternus is attacked by surprise assault from Merovich and Magneqrox, the first push is devastating to Nexeternus, decimating Simon's forces and damaging his fortress. It looks dire until the rest of the council return form hell and lend their power. Merovich, after being bested by Mircea bits and turns Mouse, her enraged grandfather attempt to kill him but he manages to flee the battle on the back of his Wyvern. In the midst of battle Arkhan suddenly appears and kidnaps Mistress Lesa. meanwhile Simon is crippled by a collapsing wall whilst Milosh battles and eventually defeats Magneqrox, with the help of a new vampire Anya, who disappears as quickly as she appeared. The council eventually prevail but at an horrific cost. After learning of his wife’s capture Milosh disappears after her. A new arrival in the form of the skaven Sammael offers his assistance in locating the Black Tower of Arkhan, in the hope of rescuing Lesa. Simon and Mircea however decided to instead head off in search of the fabled Carstein Ring.

Chapter 17 - The Beginning of the End
Milosh receives a message from Arkhan, telling him to go to a location on his own or Lesa will die. He eventually finds his wide tied and bound, suffering horrific tortures. The Dread Lord then proceeds to torture the pair, using their feelings for each other against then to try and make them reveal the Claw's location.
The pair manage to resist but eventually Arkhan delivers an ultimatum - tell him or Lesa dies.

Chapter 18 - The Kingdom of Sand
After Milosh's disappearance Vekarin and other members of the Council decide to attempt a rescue of Lesa. Sammael provides them the Black Tower's location, as they believe this is the most likely location.
The assault on the Black Tower is far from easy, as the formidable defenses manage to hold back the vampires. Eventually a couple manage to break through, beaching the lower levels only to find Arkhan, Milosh and Lesa are not there.
The sudden appearance of a Tomb King army, hell bent of vengeance against Arkhan appears forcing the vampires to retreat, however not before Sammael. Rowhaine, Reshorn and Katie are teleported to Quater.

Chapter 19 - The Land of Chill
Valda makes a reappearance in Naggaroth, seeking to meeting with an old Dark Elf allie. The Witch King learns of the vampires presence had has him captured. After learning of Nagash's possible return he is released, to work with the Witch King's forces to stop the Dark Lord's return. He is gifted with a new arm, and works closely with Lady Darkmane.

Following summaries thanks to Sweeney Todd:

Chapter 20:

Simon and Mircea prepare to set off to claim the fabled Carstein Ring and are joined by Vyacheslav, a fellow Von Carstein and Cerberus, a msyerious stranger who is barely accepted as an ally. The Carsteins(without Cerberus) set off to claim the Ring but after doing so are attacked by the witch hunter Franz von Malksing and his warband. In the ensuing battle the witch hunter and his allies are eventually driven off but Simon is slain and Mircea seizes the Von Carstein Ring.

Chapter 21:

The Red Duke dispatches Merovich to summon Dragos, another of his gets. Emissaries of Mannfred von Carstein meet with the Duke and an alliance is forged.

Chapter 22:

Mircea returns with the Von Carstein Ring to Nexeternus as the von Carsteins begin to increase their territories in the Border Princes. A Dwarven host marches to oppose them and make camp in a mysterious abandoned city in preparation for battle. An undead army led by Mircea lays siege to the city and wipe out the dwarves with the aid of Beleera, a black cat with powers of the mind.

Chapter 23:

Milosh returns the Claw of Nagash to its rightful owner in exchange for his' and Lesa's freedom but he is seized for experimentation by Nagash's minions. Arkhan the Black sets off to reclaim his master's crown while the spirit of Simon von Carstein accompanies Milosh in captivity for a while before disappearing.

Chapter 24:

Pending completion

Chapter 25:

The coalition of the Red Duke and Mannfred, wielding the Crown of Nagash clashes with the amassed forces of the Vampire Council in an epic battle for control of Sylvania. Valda joins the battle on neither side, aiming to seize the Crown of Nagash for himself. The coalition has the upper hand but the sudden intervention of Rask, with the stolen dwarven artifact turns the tables. The artifact negates Mannfred's magic, forcing him to flee from the attentions of Rask's Skaven horde. Without Mannfred the Red Duke and his knights are likewise forced to quit the battle in the face of the combined might of the entire Council. Lesa pursues Mannfred and spots him together with Arkhan. Consumed by hatred she attempts to destroy Arkhan but he escapes and Mannfred is obliterated by a magical blast that spirals out of control into apocalyptic proportions. She survives only through the sacrifice of her attendant daemon. Vekarin returns to the Violet Citadel while the rest of the council heads to Drakenhof.

Chapter 26:

The Council enters Drakenhof and meets Simon once again, who possesses the true Carstein Ring. New allies join and plans are made. The Council sets off in an attempt to infiltrate Nagashizzar to rescue Milosh

Chapter 27:

Valda and his retinue give chase to Arkhan as he escapes with the Crown of Nagash. He is eventually caught and brought to battle. Lesa watches overhead as Valda and Arkhan duel. Arkhan is triumphant in the end and the arrival of the other Dread Lords force the rest to flee.

Chapter 28:

The Council attempts to enter Nagashizzar from underground and as they begin they meet Erick von Strauss, a vampire noble opposed to Nagash. He joins the Council as they penetrate further into Nagash. Along the way they encounter Malachi, a captive Necrarch who tells the Council of a secret of Nagash. The Council splits into two, one group following Malachi to the mysterious secret of his while the other continues on the original mission. The two groups are confronted by several Dread Lords, who slay Malachi and are forced to regroup and flee.

Chapter 29:

Several Dread Lords of Nagash lead a legion of their undead in a surprise attack on the Violet Citadel. With the advantage of surprise they manage to completely bypass the outer wall where fighting ensues. The rest of the Council rushes to reinforce the Violet Citadel but despite their efforts the Citadel is destroyed, and its master Vekarin is slain in single combat with the Executioner, one of the Dread Lords. The unexpected intervention of the Red Duke and his forces allow the Council members to escape once again.

Sweeney Todd

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Mar 9, 2008
Chapter 30:

In the wake of the death of Vekarin the Council regroups in Drakenhof to decide on their next course of action. They are joined by the Red Duke himself, who becomes part of the Council, and Dythor, an insane vampire who fought with the female Dreadlord known as the Guilt during the battle for the Violet Citadel. All present feel the distant tremors of the Great Necromancer finally returning to the heights of his old power. After much bickering and wrangling, it is finally agreed that the Council will split into two groups. One would head to the Plain of Bones to raise the remains of the ancestor dragons into the Council's forces. The other would head to Blood Keep to seek the allegiance of Walach Harkon and the Order of the Blood Dragon.

Chapter 31:

The whole world trembles as Nagash finally reclaims the Crown of Sorcery. Several Dreadlords are despatched to intercept the group from the Council heading towards the Plain of Bones. In the meantime, the experiments of the Sentence, also one of the Dreadlords suceed in resurrecting the decapitated Vekarin. Nagash summons all of the Dreadlords to his side, giving Vekarin the opportunity to break free of his bonds. He takes back his magical armor and seizes a sword and shield from the Sentence's own treasury. As he fights his way free he is intercepted by the Dreadlords. Vekarin is shocked to see that one of them is none other than Maatmeses, judge of ancient Lahmia herself. They trade a few blows before the Innocence interrupts. The shield Vekarin looted turns out to be able to reflect magic as the Dreadlords find out when the Innocence's mist rebounds back upon them. Vekarin uses the opportunity to escape for good

Chapter 32:

The Patisserie teleports to well within the Grey Mountains, disgorging the Red Duke, Victarias, Mircea, Draithon, and Sweeney Todd and their respective entourages. They continue on using conventional steeds. Along the way they pick up Ashlotte, mechanical servant of Helena, and Mouse, the turned granddaughter of Graveclaw. They encounter the armies of the Lichemaster Kemmler who has been deployed there to prevent the Council from reaching the Blood Keep. Kemmler attacks instead of waiting for the Council to do so while an unknown army of ghoul-like creatures approach from behind apparently seeking Mouse. Kemmler captures Victarias and the Council is forced to hide within Athel Loren. The Lichemaster sends his forces in pursuit. Meanwhile the Council strike a bargain with the Asrai that they will help them kill Kemmler in exchange for safe passage. They join the battle and Draithon, Mircea and Mrs. Lovette attempt to assasinate Kemmler and prove successful though he dies in an unusual way. They leave Athel Loren for the Blood Keep after recovering Victarias, though she lies unconscious in an artifically induced slumber.

Chapter 33:

Simon, Lesa, V'azrin and Dythor set off from Drakenhof upon flying steeds. Zosz, a necromancer formerly under Vekarin's command appears and attempts to blackmail them but offers to help instead when Lesa seals him within a magical barrier he cannot penetrate. Simon and Lesa each raise one of the gargantuan ancestor dragons as their own. They are then interrupted by the Guilt and the Verdict, a Dreadlord who is also a fanatical worshipper of Nagash. The group are quickly overcome and flee for Drakenhof upon their newly created dragon steeds.

Chapter 34:

After fleeing from the Plain of Bones the group reconvene in Drakenhof. Several new additions swear allegiance to Simon, the new Count of Sylvania. Simon reveals to Lesa his grand plan to revive their progenitor, Vlad von Carstein.

Chapter 35:

Peter von Krahe, one of the new members of the Council and lord of Shwartzhafen moves to preemptively crush a Sigmarite army gathering in Stirland to march into Sylvania. He sends in his companion Niklaus, also another new addition to strike first and sow confusion in the Stirlanders' ranks before striking with his main force of Blood Dragons. After slaying their leader he finds out that they are but a diversion and the real attack would be against his own domain.

Chapter 36:

The Council finally reaches the Blood Keep. Sweeney Todd is sent forward first to negotiate a parley and unexpectedly runs into his former mentor. He winds up duelling with him and eventually besting him while the rest of the Council arrive. Walach Harkon accepts the proposal to join forces against Nagash and assigns necromancer servants to heal Victarias, but the negotiations are interrupted by the arrival of a newcomer called Requarah who claims to be part of the Council. She is only accepted after some questioning. They rest for a while but a wraith appears bearing news that the Legions of Nagash are preparing to move on Sylvania. The Council returns to Drakenhof via the Patisserie while Walach and his army prepares to ride to war.

Chapter 37:

Peter von Krahe together with Niklaus rushes back to defend Shwartzhafen. Peter once again sends in Niklaus as a distraction while the main body of his forces break through the cordon around Shwatzhafen. The siege is broken only when Simon von Carstein's army arrives from behind and routs the Sigmarite army. Simon explains to Peter that he used him as bait to draw the mortal army within Sylvania's boundaries so that he could destroy them without declaring war on the Empire. A wraith messenger informs them that the Legions of Nagash are preparing to move on Sylvania and they head back to Drakenhof.

Chapter 38:

Pending completion

Chapter 39:

The Council reconvenes and rearms at Darkenhof before setting off for a massive set of fortifications in the Border Princes where they will fight the oncoming Nagashi army. As they make camp a war council is called, but is interrupted by a preemptive strike by the Reapers, spirit assassins of Nagash. The Council fights them off though not without sustaining losses amidst the ranks of the vampires. The Reapers fall back only for the Council to realise that their forward sentries have been eliminated and the Nagashi legions are bearing upon them as they speak. They and their armies barely manage to man the defenses in time before hostilities commence. At the head of the legion of Nagash the Executioner unleashes never before seen forces like the Spectral Cavalry, the Ancient Warriors and the Black Shard. Despite the power of these unique weapons of war, the Legion of Nagash finds itself on the losing end. An opportunistic attack by a vampiric orc leading a horde of undead orcs successfully seizes and makes off with the Nagashi artillery, and indirectly contributes to the Council's triumph. Isolated by a spell of binding cast by Lesa, the Innocence flees into a nearby cave after being abandoned by the retreating Dreadlords and what remains of the Nagashi army. The Council pursues and Vekarin charges right at the Innocence only to be forced back by Lesa's spells when it is revealed that the Innocence is in fact none other than Milosh. V'azrin reveals himself as one of the Dreadlords, and unleashes a spell that turns all of the Carstein bloodline upon the rest of the Council. With the tables suddenly turned by the unexpected treachery, what remains of the Council are forced to rally to the Todd's Unholy Patisserie and flee.
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