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Ugh Miscasts! (Short Batrep)

I've been playing a lot of Warhammer recently. An old friend has picked up some lizardmen and my brother is working on Demons. So for the first time in years I have two opponents who always want to play, as opposed to my normal oppoent which was one 500 point game once I wore him down.

Today was horrible. We played a small 1000 game; we're working up to bigger games.

I ran with a Vampire Lord and a Necromancer, 10 dire Wovles, 5 hexwraiths, a black coach, 10 ghouls and the rest on skeletons.
My opponent (using 7th ed book) ran 40 Saurus in 4x10, and a unit of 30 skints, some terradons and a Salamander.

Turn one, he moved first. Nothing happened.

My turn, invocation of Nehek on Skeletons- two dice, two sixed. Followed by a 4 on miscast table, followed by a 2. Bye Bye Necromancer and there goes my power dice.

Turn two, he moved. Nothing else happened. Still just positioning.

I moved readying some flaking moves. Cast invocation of Nehek, (5 skeletons!), then Winds of Death.
Three dice.
Three sixes.
Narrowly avoided the Dead Vampire.
Spell went off, I had it positioned just in front of the Saurus. Scatter... misfired. And it mowed down the skeletons.

We only got one more turn in as my friend had to go (he was originally meant to play my brother, but he was super late so we waiited then I offered him a game).

He failed a charge, I counter charged with almost everything at the saurus excepting the coach, and wolves. They got obliterated. General survived. (Hellish vigour was dispelled, no dice left to do anything)
My coach won the game, skinks did no damage to it, and it forced them to flee and wiped the fleeing skinks out.
Causing me to have more victory points than my opponent at the end of turn three.

I'm not sure I could have survived another round. My build was mostly to have a bit of fun as this guy hasn't played for years (I wasn't expecting a deathstar!) but those miscasts.. damn!

On the plus side, I found 10(!) Fell bats in a box I thought I had lost, along with a bunch of old Metal Grave Guard and Skeleton Halberdiers (I may repaint these as wraiths). As well as the really really old Lamia And Von Carstein bloodline vampires and some awesome conversion from when I was 15.