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Jul 17, 2014
Afternoon All,

I built out a themed list I'm calling the undead Brets. Cavalry as far as the eyes can see. What do you all think? Looking at it there is some potential for it to be decent. This is one of a couple concept lists I will be posting while prepaing for a 2800 point Gt in the fall.

There is another pure cav version with no casket or chariots, less BK's and a big unit of blood knights.


Vamp Lord – Barded NM, RF, QB, Beguile, HA, Shield, OB, OTS, TOP, Lvl 4 Vamps


Wight King - Barded NM, GW, Nightshroud

Vampire - Barded NM. QB, Dreadknight, HA, Lance, Shield, Tal of End (5+), Lvl 2 (Vamps Death or Shadow?)

Tomb Prince – Chariot, Shield, Spear, Dragonhelm, ASF Sword


5 Chariots, FCG, Flaming Banner

5 Horse Archers, Champ ,Std

7 Horse Archers, Champ ,Std

11 TK Skeleton Horseman, Light Armor. FCG


14 Black Knights, FCG, Lances, Barding

10 Hexwraiths, Hellwraith

Spirit Host

Spirit Host



Total - 2778

Cela Shyish

Grave Guard
Dec 14, 2012
Thematically Brets don't have chariots or casket :P so I'd say swap them for a screaming skull catapult and blood knights were originally bretonnians IIRC so they would be more fitting (If less points efficient) Brets also rely on infantry too, so I'd say throw in some converted zombies with a tomb prince or something in there as "Inspiration" for the troops (Also WS5 zombies FTW (If the rule works that way that is :P I've only skim read it as I have no tomb kings or tomb princes yet)) and some skele archers. I have NO IDEA how effective this would be by comparison but I know it would probably be more thematrical, just my opinion though. :)


Vampire Count
True Blood
Dec 10, 2013
I love your idea in terms of modelling. Bretonnians use Men-At-Arms so you could include infantry just like @Crystal said and some Blood Knights would be a great touch to your theme too.

For your mounted heroes and stuff you could perhaps convert their mounts to look like Pegasuses and pick up some of the Bretonnian Knights Errant kits to kit bash your units to add to your theme.
Nov 13, 2013
Vancouver, Canada
A friend of mine was looking to do this, so I'll pass along some thoughts:

1) Black knight bus, 3-wide, with full command. You can then put a mounted necromancer/liche priest into the unit as an undead "damsel" and run her protected in the second rank. I'd include a mounted vampire lord and wight king BSB to keep with the theme and give the bus some kick. Lore of Nehekhara is really nasty on a vampire bus as it gives you multiple chances to raise up models, plus mobility on the signature spell. Plus you can give her the Golden Deathmask, which is awesome on a vampire bus and makes up for the inability to break steadfast.

2) TK skeleton warriors in core. You need an anvil in that army, and these are a good one for cheap. 40-50 strong is best, with FC. I wouldn't bother with a tomb prince...doesn't really add much that you don't get elsewhere.

3) Catapults are a fluffy addition. However you can also convert up a casket as a "corrupted grail shrine" just as easily.

4) I'd split those hex wraiths up into two units of 5. A unit of 10 is just too much of a target.

5) horse archers are a cool addition as well, for "mounted yeoman." Plus they work well in a gunline-style list, if you're going for the double catapult+casket build, since they provide chaff while also letting you go first.

6) Either Vargheists or Morghasts could work for counts-as "pegasus knights."

7) Good luck making blood knights work. IMHO they're just kind of garbage. Either way too expensive or way too fragile. If you want fallen grail knights, though, they're probably your best bet.
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Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Dec 25, 2010
Nashville, TN
One of my homies is running a Mousillon army lately. He can either play it as Brets or UL, depending on his taste that battle. A little something he uses effectively is Lore of Undeath, one of the only list styles I've seen it be effective in really. Nice for summoning chaff for your lances, or big gribblies to rear charge once rubber-lances kick in after a turn of combat that didn't break an opponent. He likes to summon Caskets by midgame, actually. And if you're taking modelling suggestions, he's planned one of the Garden of Morr crypts with a Mortis Engine ghost horse knight flying out of the front for his Casket, essentially what @Pirate Robot Ninja of Death suggested. Corrupt Grail Knight crypt, with a Banshee or something acting as the whatever-the-dude-opening-the-Casket-is-called model.


Jan 24, 2014
Nice theme. Bloodies are awesome, keep them small and 'cheap', maybe add a flaming banner and just use them as a one shot brick to the face missile... 5 bloodies will roll most things if you can get a vanhels off on them!


Jan 24, 2014

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