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Undead Ogres Help

Christophe von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 30, 2008
Okay so bought a box of ogres today to convert to zombies, apart from sticking them full of arrows and using green stuff to make intestine and guts where the stomach plate would go, what else could I do that preferably isnt too complex too make/do to make them look more undead?

Pictures, tips, guides, useful links anything would be appreciated


Vampire Count
True Blood
Sep 12, 2011
Well I have more than one in my plog (link in signature).

The best I've made is not in there yet but soon will be, I cut of some of one of the arms and stuck some bone like from it to look like most of the arm got chopped off. I often use a dremel tool to make holes, wounds and empty out their skulls..

A paint scheme goes a long way too.. Glowing or dead eyes also helps.!

Much depends on the rest of the unit and on the general army theme.

You could maybe fit a head under an arm and make a hollow neck.

My BSB features an open rib cage, drilled a hole and glued in plastic bones (cuttings from sprues)

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
A great idea when turning them into zombies is to think outside the box.

Look at skaven and the old undead art work.
there is rotton flesh and exposed bone everywhere but more importantly, there is tubling, cables, leg splints, cobbled together weapons and god knows what everywhere.
Whats that?... You say your ogre lost a hand?... Replace it with a trident running up through his forearm so the head can stick from the exposed stump, tridents not your thing?... that cool use a sledge hammer head.
Your ogre lost a leg?... Peg leg or better yet give him wheels.
Also another favourite, have hisexposed stomach being used as a home to some little gribly like a giant rat, bat or whatever.

The joy with working on a modle as big as a ogre is that not many parts are out of the question, nearly everything works for converting, is just kit bashing you can't do so much.


Cheerful Cranium
True Blood
Aug 20, 2012
Bullhax said:
Well I have more than one in my plog (link in signature).
This is a brutal understatement, Sir!

Bullhax said:
The best I've made is not in there yet but soon will be
*slobber* *hopping around* :rock:

Ok, done with worshipping...I can only throw my unitfiller in here (and I should start taking more recent pictures...)
Jun 16, 2013
I like theerteen's idea of a unit filler. Their size difference is so much more dramatic when the models are mixed in with a bunch of human-sized zombies, imo.

If you were to turn them into crypt horrors, though, it would my more sense to line six of 'em up next to one another. Just my take.

As far as conversions go, what style or theme are you going for with your army? If you have other races serving as undead, maybe make a string of arms on a necklace for one ogre, or armor it with shields and swords from a variety of creatures. If you are going for a steampunk look, attach machinery in hellraisery places. Etc.

You could get more bang for your buck by using the upper body of one ogre as a model (intestines trailing) and the lower body for another (perhaps w a greenstuff spine and skull rearing up).


Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Dec 25, 2010
I've got six zombogres in my plog as well. Link in my sig. They were super fun to convert, so i'm working on two more next week to get the unit to eight. As has been said, paint scheme goes a long way. Mine are painted to match my regular Zombies to tie the two units together.