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Undead Scourge

Hi guys, here's my Warcraft inspired Undead, with a load of conversions. Its been a long term project, so hope you like.

Whole Army:



These Vrykul were kitbashed from Stormcast Eternals, with Space Wolf Heads and Chaos Knight parts. The Stormcast Eternal kits come with an assortment of great weapons as well as additional hand weapons, so I split them into two units.



Generic Skeleton Warriors, as well as Skeleton Archers. The Skeleton Archers have heads from the Vampire Counts range, for consistency.



In this photo you can see my Frost Wyrm (Terrorgheist), Obsidian Destroyer (Necrosphinx) and Meat Wagon (Screaming Skull Catapult), as well as a selection of my infantry. The ghouls on the right have Crypt Fiend unit fillers.


From the rear of the army you can get a better look at the Meat Wagon, as well as my Abomination, which I run as a Fenbeast in Storm of Magic Games.


The Lords of the Undead – Kel’Thuzad (Master Necromancer), The Lich King (Vampire Lord) and Sylvanas Windrunner (Banshee). Kel THuzad was converted from a Necron with not much more than a small chain and some greenstuff. The Lich King was my first model made for the army, as a proof of concept, and was never intended to be a perfect replications (unlike some of my later conversions). I may redo the conversion later, but he’s been a faithful general for several years now, so I’m fairly attached. Sylvanas was a kitbash involving Dark Eldar legs, Wood Elf arms and head, and a Dark Elf Sorceress torso.


My Ghouls form the bulk of my infantry, and were just generic ghouls without any conversions. I added several Crypt Fiend as unit fillers, which were converted from spiders from the old Battle For Skull Pass, as well as the upper bodies of Ghouls, with greenstuff hair to fill in the connection point, as well as small greenstuff dots to make the new eyes. I re-attached the fangs from the spiders to complete the Nerubian face.


Spiders lead by their King, Anub’Arak. Anub’Arak was converted from a Tyrant Guard - (Credit to Askari from Warseer for the idea). In game, Anub’Arak is run as a Varghulf, and the Spiders are run as Dire Wolves.


No undead army is complete without a Zombie Horde.


Two Generic Dead Knights (Vampires) with a Necropolis in the background. The Necropolis was the most difficult conversion to get right over the course of the project, which involved extensive conversions to a Necron Monolith.


Close up of the Meat Wagon and Abomination, on top of my first bit of Northrend-themed Terrain (which I only bought to pilfer an appropriately sized skull for the Necropolis.

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It's always a surprise when a whole army appears on the forum without any earlier signs ;) A very interesting concept and well executed too! I especially like the nerubian part of the force (the spiders could use some more conversions, but they're good as they are) and the obsidian destroyer :thumbsup: Also, a very cool use of the sigmarines.

I only pity that the pictures are so big (and difficult to scroll) and even at that size it's difficult to see the details, for example, on your abominations.

All in all, congrats for making such an impressive army and having so much dedication to follow the concept :)


Vampire Count
@Skwisface I'm a fan of WoW and played it up until Wrath of the Liche King (my favourite of the two I played). You've done a really nice job converting your army and have had some novel ideas about which models to use to achieve the characters you want.

It's really nice to see The Scourge come to unlife in this manner, inspiring stuff and really well done!
Thanks for the kind words, all.

That looks amazing, I wish I knew how he did the frostwyrm and the sword he used for the crusader conversion
The Frostwyrm was just the basic Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon set, assembled as a riderless Zombie Dragon (The rider I used as one of the Four Horsemen, which you can see in the far left of the first picture.)

The crusader conversion was done with a Space Wolf Power Sword.