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Undead vs. Lizardmen 1500pts impromptu battle!


Jul 13, 2014
Impromptu because I put this list together in about 5mins. I'd turned up to the store planning to run a 2500pt list but my would be opponent had finally decided to dip his toe into battling after having spent the last month or so painting up his Lizardmen.

My list:

Lords and Heroes:
- VL Lvl4 LoV - Beguile, Quickblood, Red Fury, Hvy Armour, Shield, Barded Nightmare, Nightshroud, Obs Amulet, Sword of Might
- Necro Lvl2 Undeath - Cursed Book, Obs Trinket

- 30x Ghouls
- 15x Skeleton Archers

- 7x Black Knights w/ full command, barding, lances, Banner of the Barrows.

- Heirotitan

My Opponent (not sure how he'd kitted out his lords and heroes).

Old Blood
Skink Priest

41 Saurus Warriors w/ Full Command (8x5)
12-16 Skink Skirmishers (can't remember exactly how many)
12-16 Skink Skirmishers (again not sure...)

20 Temple Guard w/ Full Command

Bastilodon with pew pew laz0r.

Okay, this isn't going to be a super in depth batrep as I can't remember finer details, dice roll results etc, but I'll try and give as good a review as I can.

I was initially worried at not having my unit of Crypt Horrors, especially given the size of his Saurus block. Also found it unusual as a VC player that for once he had more models on the board at deployment.

Vampire Lord - Invocation, Vanhels, Gaze of Nagash, Raise Dead

Turn 1


Undead: He opted to play conservatively giving me the first turn. Pretty standard, moving units forward, sending my Black Knights and Blender Lord over to towards his right flank, thinking I might get a charge off into the skinks then overrun into the Saurus. Magic phase, the Heirotitan cast Shem's Gaze killing 2 skinks, VL's Gaze of Nagash killed 1 or 2 Temple Guard, Necromancer's Cursed Book cast Curse of Midnight Wind on Temple Guard (which effectively did nothing as they wouldn't be in combat by the end of my next magic phase. Skelly archers weren't in range of anything to shoot at.

Lizards: He moved his skinks into the ruins, the Saurus block ominously towards my Black Knights, Temple Guard forward and left flank skinks down the hill towards my ghouls. Can't remember what he tries to cast but I think I dispell it. We forget his pewpewlaz0r is magic so that sits unused. Shooting and the skinks in the ruins take down 2 skellies. Skinks heading towards the ghouls manage to kill 2-3.

Turn 2: Maybe played a bit too conservatively with my Knights. They were out of charge range and I didn't want him to charge into me next turn... So they sat there. I figured I might summon some Crypt Horrors or Vargheists to assist with them. I've gone a bit blurry on what happened in what turn here so screwed up a little bit with the turn diagrams... But the main events this turn all happened in the magic phase. My Lvl 2 Necro successfully summoned 30 zombies slap bang in front of his Temple Guard. Successfully because he rolled a double 6. However when resolving the irresistable on the spell table (7, detonation) I completely forgot that it was my Necro that had cast the spell, NOT my Vampire Lord. The result being I ended up shooting myself in the foot, and three Black Knights ended up removed from the unit. In his turn his skinks kept whittling away at my units, a wound or two here and there, nothing severe. In his magic turn he fired his pewpewlaz0r at the Heirotitan knocking a single wound off.

Turn 3: Result of that being hell no was I charging that depleted unit into that block of 40 Saurus warriors. They stayed put. Zombies charged into the Temple Guard hoping to delay them enough for me to summon something else to damage the Guard. Heirotitan tried to Spirit Leech the Skink Priest but he rolled higher on the leadership so nothing happened. Skeletons managed to kill a Saurus warrior (well done guys, you should be proud... 1 wound...). Combat and his Temple Guard predictably mowed through about 7 or 8 zombies, crumbling them by another 7-8 depleting half the unit in one round of combat. My Blender Lord managed to kill a pitiful 2 Saurus whilst the Black Knights managed to kill another 3 or 4. With his ranks and two standards I lost combat by 2, leaving me with just my Vamp, Champ and Standard left in the unit. Uh oh... During his turns combat phase I lost another 1 leaving me with just the Vamp and Champ. Zombies take more major hits but manage to stick around holding his Saurus back for another turn.

Turn 4:
The Heirotitan is not particularly geared for close combat, but at least with his flank charge that would be +1 to CR so it was a must. Another big magic phase this turn as I successfully summoned two Harbingers right behind the Saurus unit, desperate to save the quickly depleting unit of Black Knights and my Vampire Lord. They inflicted no wounds and with his static CR of about 6 (2 banners, one giving a further +1 plus 3 ranks) the combat was a close close draw, but a sorely needed one, and the Heirotitan had at least killed the Skink Priest. Temple Guard quickly finished off the rest of the zombies.

Turn 5 and beyond: This is where things get even more hazy. I can't really remember what was happening movement wise over on the other side of the board. I had started to bring my ghouls back over towards the Saurus as I was worried I might need their support. His two skink units definitely ended up the left flank. He must have not moved his Temple Guard much because it wouldn't have been difficult for him to get them into combat with the ghouls, not sure what happened there.

All the important action was over on the other side of the board though. The two Harbingers charged into the rear of his Saurus (still think there was 30 something left at this point).
Another successful magic phase, not only did I lure out all his dice so he had none left to prevent me summoning two MORE harbingers (placed in position to mow down his skinks), but I succesfully got Vanhels on my Black Knights (currently just a champion) and then, with ecstatic glee, successfully cast invocation, replacing 1+caster level models to the unit, with a lvl4 vamp that was five black knights back into the unit, bringing it back to just under full strength.

It was ONLY at this point that the Blender Lord actually lived up to expectations. In the previous turns he had at most killed 2 Saurus. This turn he payed off, slaughtering 6 off of 10 hits (4 dead from 6 hits, further 4 attacks, another 2 dead). On top of that there were now the replenished Black Knights with their Vanhels rerolls (I killing blow'd 3 Saurus outright). I think the Harbingers with their 8 attacks slaughtered 5 or 6, then rolled a 6 on the Heirotitan's thunderstomp, killing another 5. I can't remember the exact numbers but prior to that combat there had been about 34~8 Saurus left, and by the end there were under 15. He needs double 1s to not flee and fails. They flee 7 inches and my Harbingers go after them, catching and killing every last one of the scaly blighters.

Its at about this point my opponent calls it as he should have left 15minutes previously cus he still had a long drive to see a friend ahead of him and it was already quarter past 8.

I had not lost a single unit (well, zombies but they don't cost towards vp), and by contrast had two further units on the board, whilst he'd lost his 40 strong Saurus block, Skink Priest and Battle Standard Bearer.

Upon reflection:
I am in no doubt that the Heirotitan's +D3 to casting was invaluable. It earned it's worth in combat as well, taking down the skink priest and thunderstomping all those squishy lizards. The Lvl2 Necro summoned 420pts worth of units onto the board, earning back his value 4 times over. However my ghouls did pretty much nothing (except get slowly whittled down by skinks) as I tried to redirect them over to the opposite flank when I thought I was going to lose my Lord. Should have just continued them on to the Temple Guard. I used the Cursed Book once and the spell it cast, whilst it was successful, it effectively did nothing. I subsequent turns I just didn't have the dice to risk sacrificing D3. With a Casket of Souls on board though, I can see that it would definitely get a lot more use, spewing out debuffs t help out in combat.

So that's about it! Whew... that was hefty!

Pictures coming soon.