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Upcoming doubles (2x1000) tournament, help needed

Jun 7, 2009
Hello there,

I'm going to attend to an upcouming doubles tournament. I will probably bring my VC army. My teammate will bring Dark Elves.

His list will probably feature:

-A sorceress on horse, to go with dark riders. Lvl2, with 3 spells.
-A hydra
-Some dark rider units
-10 Cold One Knights
-The rest of his list is undiceded as of yet, but will probably feature harpies.

I was thinking of bringing the following list:
-Vampire, Summon Ghouls, Flayed Hauberk (140 pts)
-Wight King, Sword of Kings (100 pts)
-31 Ghouls, Ghast (256 pts)
-23 Grave Guard, Great Weapon, full command (329-ish pts)
-Varghulf (xxx pts)

However I'm very much open to suggestions. The idea of this list is That my teammate will harass with his dark riders, and bring a very strong combat monster for the points limits.

I added the Varghulf for dealing with enemy small units or warmachines. Alternatively he could combo-charge with other units. (the hydra comes to mind)

My Grave Guard unit will be used as heavy infantry, with the Wight King in it for character slaying purposes. They should be able to handle most enemy units.

The ghouls are there for two reasons: filling up the core requirements and being able to tie up enemy units. (hence the large unit size) They can be raised beyond starting size to form a bigger unit if the opponents choose to ignore them. A unit of, say 40, Ghouls should be able to grab their attention.

What do you guys think? I could use a bit of advice here :Vampire1: (Note: I probably won't be able to use a Terrorgheist, as per tournament rules)

Other options I'm thinking about ATM are:
-Fitting in a Royal Standard of Strigos
-Fitting in a Vampire Lord (and removing one of the heroes)
-Changing the Varghulf for a Black Coach (to block their magic phase)
-Removing the Varghulf altogether to increase the size of the Ghouls (2x20 then) and the Grave Guard.

<EDIT>: I will be using a Black Coach probably, after a chat with my teammate.