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Vampire Counts Tactics and Army build.

Oct 25, 2018
So my friends and I have started a warhammer group where we play with the AoS war game rules, but take into consideration the old warhammer fantasy lore. Like how the lore would effect what lords you could take to battle along with other lords.

Anyways, my friend is playing the old chaos dwarf army with a fan made AoS rulebook for them (Written by Thommy Heasmen Hunt). It seems that in the rulebook, certain things like the chaos dwarf dread quake mortar are perfect for taking out an undead army. (My other friends are playing skaven, High elves, Daemons of Khorne, and Dark elves.)

I have a terroghiest, 10 skeletons, 2 cairn wraiths, Vlad, Isablella, konrad, 3 varghiests, and a strigoi. I also plan on getting the blade of the blood queen kit very soon.

What are the best army builds for taking out each of these people in battle?(Especially the Chaos Dwarfs) And which mortarch should I assemble when I get blade of the blood queen?
Nov 2, 2018
Personally I had to google what a chaos dwarf is because I hadn’t heard of them. But after doing some research they seem to be a very ranged faction that also has magic. I am new to this website but have been doing wargames for a while. As for army builds against chaos dwarfs which I assume are anti infantry with their artillery as I don’t know how something would be purely anti undead (other than some stormcast units). I would recommend just bring a rush army of somewhat more elite stuff. Blade of the blood queen is great value and is a pre picked army build. I would say assemble it like on the box for maximum effectiveness. Neferata is great in melee and would be hard for a slow army like dwarfs or chaos dwarfs to deal with if she got in the back lines. Mannfred or Arkhan would not be able to do much against a ranged faction. I would highly recommend nerferata. If you are fighting anti infantry opponents keep your numbers low. Go for the great weapon morghasts as I am assuming chaos dwarfs are as heavily armoured as normal dwarfs so you will need rend to deal them. For expanding your army focus down melee, speed, rend and armour and try to stay small in the number department. Also if your opponents ever bring infernal guard with fire Glaives or lothern seaguard (units great in range and melee) use vlad and issabella’s magic to kill them ASAP whilst keeping the more elite models out of the way. Use Skeleton for what they are, meat-shields. Against skaven (my old WHFB faction) don’t try to out horde them. Bring elite builds that chew through numbers,they are way better against skaven. Rend is not important against skaven as they have no armour. High elves, dark elves and daemons of Khorne however a summon focused horde would be better to engulf them.