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Vampire Counts Vs. Brettonians 12-7-08


Wight King
Jul 11, 2008

I recently fought a 1500 point game vs. Brettonians and I would like to put a recap of the game here to get some feedback.

First off, my list:

Vampire (General)
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Helm of Command, Cadaverous Cuirass

Vampire 1
Infinite Hatred, Beguile, Flayed Hauberk, Cursed Book, Biting Blade

Vampire 2
Infinite Hatred, Hunter in the Dark, Armour of Night, Lycni, Sword of Battle

20 Skeletons (Vamp 1 here)
Std., Champ., Warbanner

10 Ghouls (General here)

5 Dire Wolves
Doom Wolf

5 Dire Wolves
Doom Wolf

4 Fell Bats

5 Black Knights
F/C , Banner of the Barrows

3 Spirit Host

Army selection is limited to what models I have, used everything I had for this one.

Bretonnians had:


3 units of Knights of the Realm (2 units 9 strong, 1 unit 6 strong)
1 unit of Knights Errant (9)
1 unit of Mounted Yeoman (6)
10 Peasant Archers

Was a pickup game at local GW, my opponent was very helpful in helping me understand some of the rules, especially for buildings.

My spells rolled were Raise dead x3 and winds of undeath on the general.

My deployment from left to right was Dire wolves, direwolves, skeletons, ghouls, black knights, spirit host, fell bats. Black knights and spirit hosts deployed in woods, as did hunter vampire.

His units deployed to either side of a tower in the middle of his deployment zone, archers inside it.

I took first turn and began to move forward with everything but the direwolves, as they were threatened right off the bat from mounted yeoman and a KOTR unit. Tried to stay out of charge range while still able to support my other units. I raised zombies near the front of the building, hoping to draw a charge and pull a unit of knights out of line, or have him march blocked. I did not cast winds of undeath the entire game, as I had no extra models to represent the spirits. No combats to be fought and it went to his turn.

He did charge the zombies, with 2 units of knights. Zombies wiped out but this brought his units closer to my skeletons. His 6 mounted yeoman shot and killed all 5 dire wolves of one unit. His archers shot at the hunter vampire, but needing 9 to hit they did no damage.

Turn 2 saw me charge his knights with the skeleton block, with the ghouls lining up to get a flank charge on the 6 knight unit. The black knights also charged the 6 knight unit but failed the charge by 1 inch. Spirits and bats flew towards the tower with the archers and the hunter vampire assaulted the building, killed 3 archers and they fled. This is where I learned the rules about buildings, yes my lone vamp took the building but could not pursue his fleeing archers. The surviving dire wolves charged the flank of his 9 strong unit that was engaged to the front with the skeletons. Magic this turn was ineffectual as my dice rolling was abysmal. Combat was not much better, he lost 1 knight to my vampire in the skeletons, and even with WS 6 the skeletons could not get past his 2+ armor saves and 6 ward save.

His turn saw a few skeletons die, along with another knight to the vampire. His archers rallied away from my units and had a ways to go to be able to shoot something not engaged in combat. His unengaged knight unit charged and killed the dire wolves. He attempted to cast mistress of the marsh(?) and I dispelled it easily. Set his remaining knight unit with his general up for a counter charge into the skeletons or black knights.

Turn 3 the skeletons faired better. Black Knights charged the flank of the smaller engaged knight unit, ghouls spun around to face the mounted yeoman heading their way. Vampire 1 killed another knight, along with 3 more from the BK to win the combat, both his units flee over 11 inches and sadly, we could not catch them. Heavy summoning brought the near depleted skeletons back to full strength.

His units rallied, but were rather far away and behind his other units to they reformed and made their way back towards the battle lines. His lords unit of 9 charged into the front of the BK, issuing a challenge. The champion had to accept, and his lord had some items which gave him WS 10 and reroll to wounds when in challenges. I got lucky on this one, as neither side was able to wound the other. Lost 2 knights to his unit.
Skeletons were charged to the front as well, losing 6 from wounds and CR.

Turn 4 saw me charge the fell bats into the BK combat (not really sure why) giving him extra CR for dead bats. General raised more skeletons, a BK was also brought back. Vampire 2 killed the archers. Spirit Hosts were in position to join the BK combat next turn. Ghouls were ready to charge the Mounted Yeoman. Skeleton combat saw me lose a few more, as the 1 knight per turn he lost did not do much to slow down his mowing down the skeletons, even though they had WS6.

His turn happened pretty much as expected, with the exception of his general still not able to wound the BK champion, but his knights killed enough to cause the unit to die from CR. This left 1 bat with 1 wound engaged. He charged the skeletons in the side with the yeoman, yet when the combat was over, the skeleton unit still had the standard bearer alive, along with the vampire.

We did not get to play to turn 5, as the store was closing. I felt that he won the game, as there were very few things in my force that could beat the armor and ward saves that he was using.
Jul 8, 2008
How can they close the store on TURN 5!!!!

Cruel if you ask me..............

There a tactically difficult force to play against, the brettonians. (IMO)
Almost everything is mounted, and almost everything that isn't shoots!!!!
Its all about the high armour saves for them too, and tend to jst cut through our core units without a care. Varghulfs and wraiths are good against them, but i'd definitly invest in some more black knights and grave guard if he's a regulare enemy of yours. Killing blow sorts out those high saves no problem!!!


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Also, put your wolves to good use by redirecting those lances. Beeing hit by two lances at the same time isnt pretty I assure you :mrgreen: Wights with WS 6-7 and AFS with GW´s and the banner of barrows is sweet vs brets (and any other for that matter)!