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Vampire Counts VS Goblins

Nov 9, 2008
[/align]Sounds easy, doesn't it? As it happens, it was the closest game I've played for a long time.

My army:
Vampire with the Dread Knight ability and Book of Arkhan
Vampire with the Flying Horror ability and Helm of Commandment
Necromancer with extra spell and Rod of Flaming Death.

25 Zombies
25 Zombies
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves

10 Black Knights with barding, and full command. My standard bearer wielded the Banner of Strigos

1 Varghulf.

The Goblin army:
1 Goblin Chieftan
1 Nightgoblin Wizard with five magic mushrooms
1 Goblin Wizard with the thing that steals one of your power dice in return for them gaining a dispel dice

3 Blocks of Goblins of some variety
1 Block of Goblin archers

1 unit of unherded squigs
1 big block of herded squigs

1 Doomdiver Catapult

I took lots of dire wolves, which all died as intended taking down as many fanatics as possible. My zombies advanced, destroying fanatics as they went. My opponent advanced cautiously, using some foot of gork thing on my big unit of black knights. I dispelled it but he annoyingly used some magic mushrooms. He killed 5 knights! Five!

Still, my knight unit was enough to destroy a unit of goblins and overrun. Then another fanatic came along. And killed 5! Five! There went my knight unit, and my knightly general was looking a tad unprotected. Meanwhile, the other side of the goblin war line was in tatters, thanks to animosity and panic tests from my goblin-catered Rod of Flaming Death (D6 Strength 4 hits, one casualty causes a panic test – very good against goblins). My Varghulf had also eaten all the goblin shooting capabilities, killing an bow-goblin unit and the doom diver behind.

Meanwhile, his squiggy things piled in, stopping my zombies from doing anything, and chomping through them merrily. My vampires and Varghulf came together, whilst I desperately raised more zombies to keep the squigs occupied. The two vampires and a Varghulf, my uber fighting force, took down two units single-handedly, including the one with his general and wizards. The final battle came against the squigs, with my uber team and some zombies against them. I broke them in combat. And that’s when it all went to hell. The squigs went everywhere. My Varghulf was killed. One of my vampires was killed. My general was wounded. All the zombie units I had raised were gone. My necromancer died. I was left with a raised zombie unit just over half strength (so worth 40 victory points) and my wounded general. The difference in victory points was 22pts, despite me wiping out his force. I only won because of a table quarter and me killing their general, putting me 222pts ahead in a 1250pts game. Phew!

As a side note, is it possible to draw when you wipe out the opposing side?

Anyway, it was a fun game, and especially entertaining at the end. In a "goblins are incredibly irritating" sort of way :D.


Feb 10, 2008
"As a side note, is it possible to draw when you wipe out the opposing side?"

If you kill every enemy model, then it's a massacre. Even if you have only one zombie left.