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Vampire Standing Army

May 1, 2010
Greetings VC.net!

I have gotten some models from my last "help" thread and I was wondering if anyone could help me fill in some gaps.

This is not an army list, but a list of all the VC WFB models I have.

40 skeletons (some could be proxied as GG with 4 sets of FC)
40 zombies (with FC)
30 Ghouls
1 Corpse Cart
10 Dire wolves

5 Black Knights
4 Fell bats
10 Grave Guard (can be augmented from skellies)

1 Varghulf
5 Blood Knights (proxies I have made, with intent to buy the 5 set)
5 Cairn Wraiths

Lords/Char - Could use any model as any necro/vamp/wight
3 Ft Models
1 Mt Model

Other than saving and buying some real versions (bloodknights, GG etc) I was thinking adding another Corpse Cart for larger games, and eventually a black Coach.

Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!

- Strig


Black Knight
Mar 7, 2010
Your definately on the right track. I think some could find a nice discount on a batallion online, that will beef up your infantry since you have a nice selection of models already. This should be cheap option to get the 2nd corpse cart your after since the batallion is cheaper than buying individual. A box of grave guard would be nice, then you wouldnt need to sub-in spare models. I would also proxy one of your corpse carts as a black coach until 8th edition comes out. I do believe there will be an errata for every race near the end of june a few weeks before 8th edition comes out, I wouldnt invest in it quite yet just to play it safe.
May 1, 2010
Sounds like a plan! Thanks a ton.

Also, I know we have a lot of members from various points around the globe, but I was wondering if you were to play at a GW store, do they only allow you to play with models that are not proxies or stuff I made? (I made cairn wraiths from green stuff) There is a GW store opening soon closer to where I live and I was curious on this, so I dont get in any trouble should I want to play there hehe.

Thanks again, and more suggestions are most appreciated!

- Strig

Capt Rubber Ducky

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jun 9, 2009
Stuff you made yourself should be Ok, not sure on proxies. I think proxies could depend on your opponent and the staff members.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Feb 5, 2009
Proxies and such would vary by store/manager/opponent/etc...

Anything you custom built (especially if you can not identify non-GW parts), items sculpted, etc should be fine.