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Vampires meet a Chaos warhost

Apr 27, 2008
To cut a long story short, I had Vlad von Cartein, Herman Posner (casty lord), Mannfred von Carstein, Konrad von Carstein, Pieter von Carstein (casty vamp), Hans von Carstein (combat vamp), Fritz von Carstein (challenge-based vamp) and a wight king (it was that special mission in the 6ed book where I had 2000pts of characters and he had 2000pts).
I was defending an impassable river, with 2 bridges that could be crossed.

Vampire Turn 1
Army creation
37 zombies summoned (2 seperate units)
Mannfred and Herman take a wound each from miscasts, herman heals his with invocation

Chaos Turn 1
Hellcannon misses

Vampire Turn 2
41 zombies summoned
1 spirit hos base created with 3 wounds

Chaos Turn 2
Warhounds charge spirit host
Hellcannon misses
Spirit host kills 1 hound
combat resolution wounds spirit host

Vampire Turn 3
Cruelty to animals
1 more spirit host created, with 1 wound
23 zombies summoned
3rd miscast of the battle kills Vlad
Vlad reappears in the spirit host unit (the one with 1 wound)
Vanhel's danse macabre cast on Vlad's spirit hosts.
Vlad kills 3 hounds
spirit host kills 2 hounds
hounds flee, I don't pursue.

Chaos Turn 3
Hellcannon rampages 15"
giant charges Vlad's unit
Vlad deals 3 wounds
giant flees, I don't pursue

Vampire Turn 4
Firing blanks
Vlad leaves the spirit host (and should have joined the zombies behind them; you'll find out why [Vlad mistake no. 1])
Magic phase ends early - miscast no. 4 :shock: :evil:

Chaos Turn 4
3 trolls plus Throgg charge the 2 spirit host units
Hellcannon misfires, and as a result legs it 12" forward
Throgg and co. kill the spirit hosts and overrun into the zombies.

Vampire Turn 5
Spring the trap
Konrad is frenzied - charges Throgg in the flank
Vlad charges the trolls [Vlad mistake no. 2 :redface: ]
spirit host created on 4 wounds
23 zombies summoned (I have stopped using more than 1 dice per spell)
Throgg kills Konrad
Vlad deals one wound to the trolls (I hate regen)
Trolls kill 11 zombies
CR leaves Vlad on 1 wound (why he should have either joined the zombies or not charged)

Chaos Turn 5
Trolls (he has loads) charge the spirit host
Hellcannon misses :roll:
Vlad deals one wound to the trolls (now on 2W)
Trolls kill 6 zombies
Throgg kills 6 zombies.
CR kills 5 more zombies and Vlad

Vampire Turn 6
Damage prevention
9 zombies crumble
Hans charges Throgg
47 zombies summoned (just to prove a point)
Throgg kills Hans (I really hate this guy)
Trolls kill 8 zombies
CR kills 5 zombies
Trolls and spirit host wound each other once
CR deals another wound to spirit host

Chaos Turn 6
Chosen charge zombies
Hellcannon misses (I really like this guy)
spirit host wounds a troll
trolls wound spirit host
chosen kill 13 zombies
wight king kills 3 chosen
Throgg kills 3 zombies
Trolls kill 9 zombies
CR kills 8 zombies

Game End
Solid Victory for Chaos.
I'm not annoyed. I made 2 stupid mistakes with my general, and being a vampire count army I didn't get away with it, and he deserved to kill Vlad.
I seriously underestimated Throgg, I got 2 combat-based vampires on him and couldn't even wound him.
I should have been more aggressive with my magic. I was so focused on defending my table edge I didn't stop to think about how I would win victory points.

Next time, though, He's going to have only characters against my normal army, so we'll see who wins that round...


Grave Guard
Oct 6, 2008
Interesting scenario for VC to play - due to the copious amounts of zombies that can be raised.

However, I am not sure Vlad would be able to have reappeared with the ring... Characters cannot join other characters... Characters cannot join units of zombies... and non ethereal characters can join ethereal units!

I guess Vlad would go pop! But a very interesting scenario... might have to try this one out myself!


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
I adore the 7 heroes scenario. If you have a scan of it I'd be muchly appreciative...


Bringing Sixy Back
True Blood
Feb 26, 2008
Dvil said:
3rd miscast of the battle kills Vlad
That's harsh. At least you had the general who's best equipped to survive it, but still, harsh. And yes, Vlad should have gone bang right there, with no appropriate unit to appear in (unless they still have that "unit of characters" clause in the current BRB - I wouldn't know. My rulebook's gone mouldy and I had to throw it out.).
Sep 2, 2008
Yeah, Vlad would be gone in that scenario. He cannot join spirit host, nor zombies, nor can characters form a unit with each other in 7th edition.

Why did you create all those zombies? You seem to lack the combat power to actually kill the enemy.
Apr 27, 2008
Sorry, I must have missed where it says about joining ethereals or zombies.

And as for the zombies, I guess I overestimated them. I figured that if I summoned enough to hold the bridges then I could get vampires in the flank and make the enemy flee (which did actually work at the start). Unfortunately, it turns out that zombies really are as easy to kill as everyone says.