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Vamps and Kings in a doubles tourny?

Sep 16, 2007
hey there
there is a doubles tourny coming up at my local GW store and as me and my house mate both play one of the undead armys we thought that combineing them would be kinda cool and hopefully some what powerful.

what do you guys think about this? The tourny is 2000 pts so 1000 points per player with the whole amry counting as one in the force organization thingy.

we would really appreciate any ideas about powerful combos or what the best type of army would be.

Aug 18, 2007
hm, sounds interesting. Huge hordes of VC zombies and skellies (ION is your freind) combined with TK ushabti and chariots as hard hitters comes into mind


Grave Guard
Aug 12, 2007
yeah - vamps provide basic troops and TK provide chariot SSC's, ushabti bone giants etc.

Oh take a TK - u lose the vamp but chariots become core + he's a good fighter well worth doing.

I would say TK, Liche and 2 necros - or maybe one and a bsb
VC should go hordy with maybe some BK as well
TK go more elite, chariots etc

should work well if u are clever - also check the rules for IoN + incantations if they say "alll friendly undead" then u are up and rolling!