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Vamps vs. Dark Elf Host (2k)

Oct 24, 2008
This week the army of Count Ritmoro faced off against an evil marauding Dark Elf warparty. The players were:

Count Ritmoro (Red Fury, Forbidden Lore: Fire, Hellsteed, Nightshroud, Crown of the Damned, Book of Arkhane)
Larissa Ritmoro (Summon Ghouls, Dark Acolyte, Helm of Command)
Aleena Ritmoro (Summon Creatures of the Night, Dark Acolyte)
Saracek (Wight King BSB, Great Weapon, Flayed Hauberk, Gem of Blood)
20 Grave Guard (War Banner)
20 Ghouls
20 Zombies
20 Zombies
7 Black Knights (full command, Banner of the Dead Legion)
3 Fell Bats
7 Dire Wolves
1 Corpse Cart with Lodestone

Enemy forces:
30 archers
1 Hero on a Maniticore
1 Mage Lord on a Flying Pegasus
1 Hydra
20 Fighting guys (not sure what they were)
10 Harpies
5 Cold One Cavalry

Terrain consisted of forests on both flanks with a large mountain for his archers to sit on in the far right corner. I deploy all forces either in the forests or behind the tree line, out of sight.

Turn 1: Dark elves go first. Enemy forces advance. Minimal damage from magic. Ritmoro forces are increased by 3 fell bats. Count Ritmoro casts the flaming sword spell from the Lore of Fire. Positions to charge manticore.

Turn 2: Hydra advances on the Black Knights and kills 2 via flame breath. Aleena raises them back up with magic. Enemy forces continue to advance. Some damage caused via magic but easily healed. Count Ritmoro flys off on his hellsteed and charges the Manticore. With 5 strength 8 attacks with Red Fury it is no contest. I score 9 hits in total (missing only on a roll of 1). A total of eight wounds are caused, slaying both the monster and the rider. The count then overruns into the group of harpies.

Turn 3: My opponent is dismayed. Seeing his best combat unit slain with little effort causes him to lose heart. His Dark elf infantry attack my Grave Guard. Combat resolution goes to him by 1. The Dark elf cavalry destroy 20 zombies and overrun off the board. The Hydra breaths again and kills another 3 Black Knights. The Ritmoro counter attack is swift. Count Ritmoro slays eight harpies and overruns the last two via pursuit. The Black Knights reposition and with the Book of Arkhan going off to allow them to charge the Hydra. Several wounds cause the monster to break and run. It is run down and slain. Infantry combat continues with a tie this turn between the elves and the Grave Guard. Saracek challenges the Dark Elf champion to a duel and slays him instantly, lopping off his head with a might blow from his two handed sword.

Turn 4: Infantry combat continues. My opponent conceeds when his infantry is surrounded by wolves, Count Ritmoro and Grave Guard. His knights would have faced off against my ghouls and zombies, but the game ended too soon. His archers never fired a single volley all game.

My opponent would have done better if he had remembered to dispel my flaming sword spell. Then again I could have cast it again and then just danced into combat. Terrain is always an important part of my strategy and the forests indeed helped. My forces were covered for the first two critical turns, negating his missile fire.
Feb 26, 2008
Well done on the Victory my friend I like the look of your list very much. I'm glad to see that your Hellsteed/Flamingsword combo lord worked well I hav been tempted to use this set up a few time but never got round to it. One question for you though, how come his archers didnt fire all game?
Jul 8, 2008
Excellent result!!!!!

Only just realised looking at your list the rules behind the forbidden lore power!!

Almost any spell lore AND nehek! This gives me a lot more tactical options for my magic heavy lists....................