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Vamps vs. Dwarves (2K) ROUND 3

Oct 24, 2008
The third and final battle between the Dwarven clans and the Undying Hordes took place last night. The forces involved were:

Vampire Lord (MoTBA, Forbidden Lore, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Kings, Crown of the Damned)
Vampire (DA, AoD, Helm of Command, Sword of Might)
Wight King (BSB)
Corpse Cart
Corpse Cart
20 Grave Guard with full command, Banner of the Barrows, Great Weapons; Lord and Wight King in this unit.
20 Grave Guard with full command
30 Skeletons, full command, War Banner
30 Zombies
20 Ghouls

Dwarven Lord
2 Organ Guns
10 Hand Gunners
20 Warriors
20 Warriors
20 Iron Breakers
20 Long Beards

The terrain was unremarkable. Dwarven artillery and gunners were on a hill which gave them LOS to the whole field.

Dwarves go first.
Turn 1: Dwarves advance. No shooting. Vampires advance, magic fails to achieve anything of consequence.

Turn 2: Dwarves advance. Shooting does minimal damage to main Grave Guard unit. One Organ gun misfires and is out of action for 2 turns. Zombies raised in behind Dwarven lines to charge the guns.

Turn 3: Dwarven line backs up. Second Organ gun misfires and is down for 2 turns. Vampire magic again ineffectual.

Turn 4: Grave Guard engage Long Beards and Dwarven Lord. Zombies engage Iron Breakers, Skeletons engage both blocks of warriors. Battles result in moderate casualties for both sides. Curse of years is successfully cast on one block of warriors and kills 10 outright. This single casting broke the Dwarf center.

Turn 5: Wight King BSB killed in a challenge by the Dwarven Lord. The Long Beards are being worn down though by sheer numbers and killing blows from the GG. Zombies are almost destroyed by the Iron Breakers. Both blocks of Dwarven warriors are now taking heavy casualties from skeletons and ghouls and curse of years. The Dwarven warrior blocks flee and are cutdown and slain. Skellies and Ghouls are now in position to charge the handgunners and Organ guns. My second unit of GG has been destroyed by concentrated Organ gun fire without engaging a single unit. The Long Beards are now below 1/2 strength.

Turn 6: Skellies charge the handgunners and cause them to autobreak. They pursue and slay them. The ghouls have advanced to charge the organ guns. Iron Breakers finally kill the last of the zombies.

Outcome: Had the game continued the remaining two blocks of Dwarven infantry would have been encircled and destroyed. Curse of years again proved decisive for me, killing almost an entire block of Warriors by itself. My opponent now officially hates that spell and Vampire Counts. The next time I will be facing his Dark Elves.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 26, 2007
Curse of Years has always been the bane of Dwarfs, got to love that spell. Actually it was better in 6th ed, when they had to dispel it on 10 with 2 dice.