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Vamps vs. Dwarves (3000 pts)

Oct 24, 2008
This Tuesday I faced off against a Dwarven force. The armies were as follows:

vampire lord (dark acolyte, walking death, infinite hatred, lord of the dead, flayed hauberk, crown of the damned, balefire spike, scepter de noirot, spells: raise dead, curse of years, wind of undeath, summon undead horde)
zombie dragon
vampire (helm of command, dark acolyte, lord of the dead, spells: dance and wind of undeath)
vampire (dread knight, walking death, BSB, war banner, raise dead)
wight king (sword of kings, enchanted shield)
necromancer (spell: nehev)
30 skeletons (command, banner of the endless nightmare, this unit has a static 9 CR)
20 skeletons (command)
20 zombies
20 zombies
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
3 spirit hosts
3 fell bats
8 black knights (command, banner of the dead legion)
2 varghulfs
corpse card with lodestone

enemy forces were:
dwarven lord
1 gyro coper
10 miners
20 longbeards
20 iron breakers
20 hammerers
20 hammerers (I think)
15 slayers
10 crossbowmen
10 gunners
1 flame cannon
2 bolt throwers
1 organ gun

The terrain consisted of a large mountain (impassable) and a large hill on the left side, with forests, a lake, a magical special feature (1 power dice or dispel dice to whomever controls it each turn) and hills on the right side.

Dwarves setup with a strong center with supporting warmachines behind the main line. The flank behind the mountain was unprotected.

Vamps setup with the lord/dragon, spirits and black knights right behind the mountain, infantry in the center and varghulfs on the right.

Dwarves go first.
Turn 1: Dwarven shooting is completely ineffective. No losses to vamps. Dwarven battle line advances. Gyrocopter begins strafing runs on vamp right flank (zombies). Vamp battle line holds position in the center forming a semi-circle towards the dwarves.
Spirits pass through the mountain on turn 2. Knights line up to do so on turn 3. Vampire magic ineffective due to a miscast ending the magic phase.

Turns 2-3: Not much. Dwarves advance somewhat but concentrate on shooting which is ineffective.

Turn 4: Dwarven shooting ineffective again. Battle line continues to advance. Miners come up behind the vamp lines. Varghulfs move to put the miners in their LOS and then dance into them. Miners fail their terror test, are pursued and cut down. Gyrocopter continues strafing run on vamp units. Minimal damage caused. Vampire lord casts curse of years on the slayers; 3 dead. Spirits charge slayers in the flank, winning combat. Slayers of course hold fast. Black Knights pass through the mountain and position to charge the Iron Breakers.

Turn 5: Dwarven Lord charges the spirits. Combat is a draw. Curse of years continues to kill slayers. Dwarven shooting ineffective again. Gyrocopter continues to air raid the vampire main battle line, with little effect. Black Knights charge the Iron Breakers, winning combat and forcing the unit to flee via fear/outnumbering (the Banner of the Dead Legion is great!). They are pursued and cut down. The Dragon/Lord comes out of the mountains and positions for a flank charge on the main dwarven battle line of 3 infantry units.

Turn 6: Dwarven line advances. Handgunners destroy the black knights. Other Dwarven shooting is again ineffective. The slayers are defeated by the spirits and combat continues with the lord. My Vampire Lord/dragon then charges the dwarves in the flank along with zombies to the front with the helm of command in support. The unit loses combat and flees and is pursued and cut down by the lord.

Turn 7: The Dwarven organ gun fires on my exposed vampire lord/dragon and slays the lord instantly. Suprisingly all vampire units pass their leadership tests!. One Dwarven infantry unit is charged by my skeleton unit (30) with the zombies hitting them in the flank. They are routed and break due to the high combat resolution and flank charges.

Turn 8: The last remaining dwarven infantry unit is destoyed via zombies and my large skeleton block. The zombie dragon charges the handgunners and kills 3.

Turn 9: We end the game at this point. Most of my units are now failing their leadership tests and the dwarves have little left on the field.

Had we only played until turn 6 I would have had at least a minor victory. My opponent failed to anticipate my ethereal units and rolled very poorly for all shooting units during the game. I made the mistake of charging his infantry rather then his organ gun with my dragon. I should have destroyed his warmachines with the dragon and let my infantry take care of the dwarven battleline. Once the warmachines were destroyed my dragon could then have assisted my infantry if necessary with rear charges which would have been decisive.
Sep 2, 2008
You seem to have used your zombie dragon pretty well, despite the death at the end. You kept him safe for a while and jumped his army from the flank. You obviously set up properly to smash things with ALL your big hammers. Good job!

I hope you missed most of the Dwarf characters. No magic defense in his army? No BSB? It also seems he didn't take very good banners on his troops, as they should have held better.
Oct 24, 2008
He took all the right banners. I cannot remember where each one was. He did have a good magic defense, but against a concentrated attack with curse of years I was able to wear him down.