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Van's One Look Wonders (PLog)

Dunno the exact list of models yet so its going to be a little sketchy at the start, however the first month(section) is 4 converted Blood Knights.

The total list to date:
4 Blood Knights
20 Ghouls
1 Aristocratic Vampire (Slight Conversion)
Edit: Pics!

The Aristocratic Vampire

A lousy image of ghouls on sprue

The Blood Knight bitz


Vampire Lord
True Blood
I like it! Blood Knights, even though I don't field them, are always fun to see painted.

The Tale is a Go! Get your brush moving, and good luck to you!
The Blood Knights are;
Head: Wood Elf Glade Guard
Torso and Legs: Cold One Riders
Arms: Empire Knights
Horses: Empire Knights
Shields: Vampire Counts
And a little green stuff as filler.

Ive got some time today and will try to get some WIP pics up as soon as I get some more glue. I wanted to theme the army colors based on the knights so they ended up being the first to get painted.


Master Liche
True Blood
So simple when you tell the parts. But it takes imagination and a picture in ones head to come up with it. I look forward to seeing what color they end up and how this all grows into a full army.


Master Necromancer
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Disciple of Nagash said:
Oooh more converted Blood Knights. Am I the only one doing the GW ones? Anyway looks good and best of luck.
Perhaps... is the rumour true?? Did GW actually cast those in gold? :innocent:
I got some glue and even better some updated pics:

The assembled knights so far




Standard Bearer


Still working out the color scheme but I like how the models are progressing and looking forward to getting them done:)


Master Liche
True Blood
They are looking awsome but one question are ya gonna leave em headless? or ya getting to that. only curious they look great otherwise.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
The blood knights are looking ace so far. But I think I can see some of the horrible mold-lines that all GW models come with on the horses legs. You should get those sorted out before painting them, the effort is worth it when you get some paint on. :)

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Ooh yes, make sure those mold lines are removed. The conversion look ok at the mo, though I assume it is the head that will make them look really like vampires?
Just got a great idea for a special character: THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN!!! Defs special rule being Killing Blow and throwing pumpkins (counts as a throwing axe, flaming attack)

Other than that i like the blood knights. IMO id say add a bit more "evil" to the horses but you dont have to, they look badass as it is. good job.
Thanks and good luck with the "Holloween Decapitated" Hero!:devil2:

The Horses and Champion are mostly done still working on the others


Sorry about the lousy images but I dint get a chance to use my usual setup, Ill try to get some that are more reasonable up tomm. And yes I know the heads are still missing:slapface:


Master Liche
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Darn it I was going to say your headless horsemen looks better then mine. A wonderful start on the blood knights I love the colors you used. A bright red that really catches the eyes. Looking forward to more.
Thanks guysxD Ive been a little busy yesterday and then today I will be playing more warhammer than painting it so ill get some more stuff up this weekend:thumbsup:
New pics? blink* blink* Uh sort of... I got a really cool idea for a paint scheme and it got through my testing regime so the red might.. not be red much longero.o Also classes started up for me so my schedule just got buried, will see what I can do though.