• It's time once again to ferret out those murderous vampires in a new VAU - Vampires Amongst Us. A cross between Cluedo and a roleplay, sometimes gory and often hilarious! Find out more and sign-up! here.

Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
It's back! It has been many many moons since I ran a VAU, but now is the time! Something to get the old forum blood pumping again...most likely all over the flagstones based on previous VAUs!.

I'm still working on updates for the forum for the next week or so, give you all plenty of chance to sign-up and post your character. A simple bio will do, as you will all be new to one another in the game anyway.

If you want to join, please just reply, and when you have time post a simple bio like mine in the first post below.

Now, for those who want to know what the devil a VAU is; here are the rules!

What is Vampires Amongst Us (VAU)?

This is a roleplaying game where each player makes up a character. You can be anyone that would reasonably be in a location with other people, some kind of social gathering. However unknown to everyone, some of the players will actually be vampires, and the aim of the game is to figure out who!

Players try and figure this out in-character during the roleplay, by speaking to one another, reading their responses and so on. A key point is that you can only post what other characters can see, unlike other RP's you cannot post any internal monologue etc. The Games Master will create some scenario where your characters can’t escape, and your only chance is to vote someone to death each day, hopefully correctly selecting the vampires!

The vampires will, of course, be trying to waylay suspicion, make others look suspicious. However in this VAU not all the vampires will be working together, nor will they all be aware who are vampires or humans.

What makes this game fun is that the vampires and some other special characters have abilities described below, which can really turn the game on its head and keep people guessing!

So how does this work in practice? There are Day and Night cycles as described:

Day Cycle - This lasts for a number of days in real life (TBC)
All players can post and speak to one another. By the end of the Day Cycle, characters must have cast their vote for someone to die, or lose their vote - in previous VAUs, not voting has ended up with casting suspicion! There must be a minimum of two votes for a person to die, with the Games Master having the deciding vote in a tie

Night Cycle - This lasts for a number of days in real life (TBC)
All vampires and players with abilities must PM the Games Master with what actions they are taking

So, each evening when someone is voted to death, and likely each morning with the vampires, players will die.

The game is over when all the non-vampires are dead, or all the vampires have been found!


  • Statuses will be assigned via PM, if you have not received a PM from me by the time the game starts, then you are a normal human.
  • You cannot reveal who you are to another member via posting or via PM, with the exception of vampires who are in the same group who may PM each other. Anyone spoiling the game in this fashion will be seen to be breaking forum rules and treated accordingly.
  • Refrain from posting your character's thoughts – this is not a story. You should only post what other characters can actually see/ hear/feel etc.

Statuses - Depending on the number of players will depend on how many we use

The Host

Is me. Does not take an active part in the game apart from narration or to stir things up. Does not vote at all, except when the Host’s Ear power is used or in the event of a tie.

The bad guys. A number of players will be these, based in the total number of players. If more than two, they will normally be organised into groups. They can discuss via PM if in the same group and can choose to kill any one character (except the host) during the night. If there are more than one group of vampires, they will all PM me, and I will take it in turn amongst the groups, and yes a vampire could end up killing another vampire.
When choosing someone to kill, they must nominate one vampire player to be the killer for that night. Vampires may be given hidden powers…..however, they will also be given a tell, something small that if other players are reading carefully may catch them out.

The food. Most players will be these. They can be of any description. They have no powers except the ability to vote for someone to die at the ends of the day.

The Secret Lovers
Two random players will be chosen to be these, possibly even a human and a vampire. They must try and keep each other from being voted for death / or killed if a vampire (though they cannot tell the other vampires or indeed tell one another if one or more is a vampire), whilst the other still lives, however they cannot say they are lovers in the game, nor can they discuss via PM.

The Witch Hunter
One human will be chosen to be the Witch Hunter, with the experience to find one of the dead. Once per night he PM me and state he will either just investigate a player, or investigate and kill his target immediately.
If he just investigates, he will be advised if his target is a vampire or not. If his target is a vampire he may then use this to vote the next day, and try and convince others, however, he cannot state how he came by this knowledge. However, the vampire is now warned and so in following nights, the Witch Hunter may not select to kill him.
If he decides to take the risk, the target player is automatically killed. If it was a vampire the Witch Hunter has chosen well. If it is a human, however, the Witch Hunter is overcome with remorse and may not use his abilities any further in this game.

Guardian Angel
This character has a touch of the divine, and they have taken up the roll to protect others. At any point before the night ends (before I have written up the death), they can choose to protect someone. They do this by PM'ing me the name of the person they protect. If they successfully chose the same person as the vampires, that person is saved from death. The vampire is also revealed to the Guardian Angel. He may then use this to vote the next day, and try and convince others, however he cannot state how he came by this knowledge.
The Guardian Angel may choose to protect themselves, but they cannot protect the same player twice in a row.

Unwilling Minion
This character is being blackmailed by the vampires to do their will, though he does not know who is dark masters really area.
All the vampires will be told who is this character, however they cannot reveal this to anyone else. Once per game,at any point during the day discussion they may choose to make the Minion accuse another player and cast a vote against him. This is done by PM'ing me who will advise the player. That vote then cannot be changed for that day, nor can the Minion do anything to show he acted against his will.
As there are groups of different vampires, it is first come first serve. Therefore the vampires will have to be careful not to let another use the minion, but also not use him in waste.
Once used the Unwilling Minion stands up for himself and cannot be used again.

The Host's Ear
This character has secret connections to the host, and thus is trusted. He can if needs be, call on his lord's favour if the need arises.
Once per game the player can PM me and ask for the Host to add his vote, against a player of his choosing. Such is the Host's influence his vote counts as two votes.

So, hope to have a lot of you join and have some fun!
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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Name: Baron Hugo von Hardon
Description: He is the host of this gathering, having invited many to discuss the problem the situation regarding rumours of vampires in his lands and the surrounding areas. He is lean, though muscled, with black long hair going to grey. He has a long handlebar type moustache, again streaked with grey. Pale blue eyes and tanned skin. Wears formal court wear, with a sword always at his side.

Grave Tacticus

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Jul 26, 2020
Name: Henric Bessart
Description: Cavalry lieutenant visiting the lands of Hardon while on leave from his country's military. His face is stoicly chiseled, marked faintly by scars across his cheek and bridge of nose. With grey eyes his sight penetrates, and he observes his surroundings like a cat plotting after a buzzing fly. A dark dress uniform and capelet adorn his broad frame, his military cap tucked neatly in the crook of his arm, with his free hand often on the hilt of his saber or tracing the line of his goatee.
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Sep 15, 2015
Name: Casimir von Stasiak
Description: A minor noble from a somewhat remote county. Seemingly in fine clothes, although on closer inspection they are old and rather out of fashion. His dark eyes dart about, as if always expecting to be accosted by his peers. With a pale complexion and lifeless, black hair he looks almost sickly, though his body doesn't show frailty. The only thing that looks comfortable on him is his sidearm, which he wears with the ease of a seasoned duellist.
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Sep 17, 2011
Iowa, USA
Name: Jacob Fuchs
Description: A lean, almost emaciated, man who is well past his prime. He wears a wide-brimmed hat but you can see that his skin is wrinkled and leathery from excessive time spent in the elements. He sports an unkempt beard that he unconsciously runs his fingers through. A coach driver by trade, he wears a long leather coat and his simple clothes are caked with hundreds of miles of trail dust. He leans nonchalantly against a wall with an idle hand resting on the grip of the whip coiled at his side.
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Jun 30, 2014
The bad guys.

I think I am in the wrong forum...
Joahim Stark
Description: A shy, clumsy and jumpy 17 year old gardener that was supposed to have left the mansion a few hours ago but managed to get lost inside. Still wearing his green overalls, white shirt, and company's hat. His hand are dirty, and he is really hungry because he forgot his lunch at home. His goal is to leave the mansion without stumbling against any expensive furniture or worst anyone that can talk.
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The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Name: Ernst Schwarzmann

Description: Schwarzmann looks to be in his early forties; he is a thin man of average height with salt-and-pepper hair. A pedlar by trade, he recently became a reluctant guest at the mansion when a sale went awry at its doorstep. A servant he met claimed his cart's contents might have included minor contraband - although he rejects that claim - and so he has been waiting here for a few hours while the goods are (allegedly) investigated. He wears a thick, brown travelling cloak with an unusual number of pockets, knickknacks peeping out of one or two of them. He usually offers a friendly smile and a hard-nosed approach to business, and intends to make the best of extended access to a select few customers.
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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
I can't refuse a personal invitation, so here goes.

Name: Ebenezer Humbug

Description: Appears as a young man with dark, curly locks and flamboyant greenish-yellow dress only he could possibly think is appropriate for anything. Carries around a violin he can't play. Was looking forward to his first big break as a musician before things went down.
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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Excellent so we have 6 players so far! Ideally, we could do with 8 so I'll leave this open for another few days, if needs be I'm sure I can tweak for a smaller group


Vampire Thrall
Oct 16, 2011
Being fashionably late to the party, I hope I can squeeze myself in.

Name: Anton the Shovelhead

Description: Anton is a gravedigger by occupation, assistant to the local mortician. As a child, during a ceremony he wandered around the graveyard and tumbled in a half-finished grave, hit his head on a spade and hasn't been quite right since. Anton has serious problems communicating with people because chaining coherent words to long sentences takes painfully long for him. He is a kind, but solitary person and has been happy to have a simple job where he doesn't need to talk to anybody, just quietly humming his own strange short rhyme while shoveling graves for the departed. The invitation was originally received by Anton's employer, the town mortician, but the mortician had his doubts about the suspicious gathering, skipped town and sent Anton to attend in his stead.

Anton is a thin man in his fourties, dressed in his gray working overall - the only piece of cloth he owns. He has a wiry build, but still all his teeth and a kind, warm smile that he wears whenever someone approaches him with conversation. He is a good listener and the elderly people of the town favor his company as he rarely gets in a word to their never-ending tirades and long monologues about life's injustices.

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