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VAU: The Tale of Niklaus-sign up/OOC

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
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Sep 29, 2013
I have been considering this for a while, and now that I finally have everything I need sorted out, I present to you my first roleplay as a host: Vampires Amongst Us: The Tale of Niklaus.

In a VAU, all the characters are essentially locked in a room, and some of them are vampires. The humans must correctly guess who all the vampires are before they are all eaten.

The roleplay occurs over a number of rounds, or IC days. Each IC day is in real time Monday to Friday GMT, with night being Saturday/Sunday GMT, with the exact time depending on when I 'call' the round. No IC actions may happen at night, except those with statuses that take effect at night PM me with your intentions.

Day-time actions/voting
During the day, characters may walk and talk like in a regular roleplay, but may not leave the setting. Only external observations may be posted (i.e. no thinking).
At the end of each day votes will be collected. Each player has one vote, which may be used against any player except themselves and the host. Votes are made based on whether the person believes a characteris a vampire. Once the votes are collected, the person with the most (as long as at least two have been cast) votes will die, and their status revealed. Characters may abstain from voting ONCE. Write your character's decision under your post. Votes may be made at any time and may be changed throughout the day.


Each vampire has 'tell', a behavioural quirk or certain taste(s) that identifies them as a vampire. Each vampire is given a different tell. Tells can be picked up by carefully reading a character's posts.

Night-time actions
At night is when the real fun of a VAU starts. This is when the vampires have the chance to attack the other characters.
When a character takes a night-time action, they must PM me.


Human: The victims. No abilities except to vote.

Vampire: The killers. The vampires know who each other are (though may still vote for each other) and may discuss with each other at any point via PM (but cannot reveal their status to others). They may vote, like all others, and may attempt to kill other characters. Each night, they may PM each other to decide whether or not to kill someone. If they do, they vote amongst themselves who will do the deed. The one with the most votes takes the glory (or consequences). This vampire must PM me and tell me who he (or she) is attacking, and then I will resolve it. On 3+, they succeed. On 2, they fail but sufer no consequences. On 1, they fail and their target learns their status, but cannot reveal it to anyone. They cannot attack other vampires.

Vampire repentant: A vampire, but despises his curse so much he will work against the other vampires. This vampire is a vampire as usual, with all the rules above, but may also attack other vampires, and cannot protect a vampire (see below), unless they are secret lovers (see below). This vampires wins if he the only vampire left, and there are other humans surviving. However, he cannot reveal who the vampires are, or who he is.

Master vampire: An older, stronger vampire who can control lesser vampires. A master vampire has two votes in deciding who will kill at night.

Unwilling minion: This wretch is being blackmailed by his dark masters. ONCE the vampires may PM me to tell that person who to vote off. The minion then gets his spine and cannot be used again. This must be a unanimous decision.

Master Manipulator: This person is expert at making a person reveal secrets they would rather not have. ONCE at night this person may PM me to ask me to tell another player how to act either in the next day or that night-voting off the next day, who to vote for and kill if voted for when the vampires decide at night. I will then tell that person via PM what they must do.

The game ends when there are either no vampires, or more vampires than humans, left.

This VAU starts Monday 14 July. Interested players have until the Friday before to apply. Statuses will be PM'ed to players the weekend that applications close. Players who receive no PMs are basic humans. Below is the host's description as an example. For his full background, click the link on my signature and scroll down.

Name: Niklaus
Age: 25 (at least, he looks 25...)
Description: All black clothes, pale skin, midnight eyes and hair. His voice is as chilling as the shadows he uses.

IC chronological note: This is several years before the Vampire Council II roleplay.

Due to lack of interest this VAU will not go ahead.
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