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VC 2400p

Sep 28, 2015
How about this list? Have not been playing for a while so just put some together. Every suggestions are welcome :)

Vampire Lord
: Nightshroud; Talisman of Preservation; The Other Trickster's Shard; Red Fury; Level 2 Wizard; great weapon; heavy armour; Barded Nightmare 445

Master Necromancer: Level 4 Wizard; Master of the Dead 220

20 Zombies 60

20 Zombies 60

44 Skeleton Warriors: musician; standard bearer 240

44 Skeleton Warriors: musician; standard bearer 240

12 Black Knights: Banner of the Barrows; barding; lances; Hell Knight; musician; standard bearer 392

6 Crypt Horrors 228

5 Vargheists 230

1 Spirit Host 45

Mortis Engine: Blasphemous Tome 240

2 400 points
Feb 2, 2014
It's interesting but I would say you have too many speeds going on at once. Your general and his knights will leave the horrors and infantry stranded far from your level 4 mid game which is dangerous. If you're going down the Black knight route I would make the vamp lord level 4 and maybe forget the MN, conversely I like infantry builds with a MN and fighty Vamp lord so that if you miscast you only lose the 200 point mage and not your general.

In summary I think your list is a bit of a hybrid that will have trouble getting the most out of all its units.
Sep 28, 2015
Okey, what I was thinkin with this list was that the MN was going in with a unit of zombies. And the rest of the core going around him. and with the +2 from mortis he gets +6 to cast so he could get of vanhels and invo pretty easy to get movement/increase the core. Maybe get some raise dead or curse of years.
Then the knights + VL + Vargheists try to go round the side.

So turn 1 all can march then the core goes a bit slower but with vanhels they get up to speed.

Maybe I'm all wrong here... but what units would u say I should replace? If I want to keep the MN as lvl 4.

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
I can agree with Eternal Flitter here, it just seems like you have one too many things in your list. Currently and can do a lot of things but without being very good at them. Better to focus your energy on fewer things and make sure you are great at them.

As it is now a large portion of your army could easily be left out of battle due to the general charging away. A good player could then isolate the Black Knights and the Varghesist and bring their full army against those, which they are not capable of handling.

If you want a cavalry general you should go with more fast units, leaving only some core infantry and possibly a lvl2 necro to keep them going. The rest of the army should more or less move with the general. Vargheist, Terorgheists, Blood Knights, Varghulfs and such.

Or you could go with a foot-slogging army (my personal preference) with the general on foot, walking with a wall of infantry. Make sure to keep a few vampiric or otherwise fast units as flankers and chaff cleaners. Black Knights have very little purpose in those lists though, a shame but without the general in them they too slow and too weak.

I would sit down and consider what kind of list you want. Fast or slow? Magic heavy or combat heavy? There can be some hybrids in between the two, but the list above I'm afraid does it too much.

Welcome to the forum btw :)