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Meier Lenk

Black Knight
Aug 29, 2008
theoretically they might...like say a device that produces forcefield like effects with a selected target, dicing them up?

im not sure i entirely like that notion though...at least in terms of how it could be weaponised properly in 40k...it might end up being to similar to certain pieces of eldar or orkish tech, which would decrease the overall flavour of the cythor/chiro.

in reference to the magic side of things; why not have it in terms of buffing nanobot-possesing troops (requiring a ld test like psyker stuff, since it is functionally speaking a psyker ability)? so the zombies and other chiro would be effected. for example, what i see is the chiro general once per turn cranking up his ability to directly augment a unit, the zombies in this case. the increased processing power allows for greater finesse in controlling said squad, which results in a marked increase in the squads capabilities, as the electrical impulses controlling them via their own nanobots get made a higher priority.

depending on how we decide nanobot using units are going to be actualised in terms of force organisation (would the zombies, for example, be fielded along standard imperial lines regarding the IG and PDF? as regiments, battalions and platoons that is) this could be quite an interesting way to go.

we could even have very low level chiro's being tasked to the direct control of units, allowing them to dedicate their own "magical" powers to boosting that particular squad. this could have a similar effect to the commisar in IG armies, but instead of summary execution, these lower level chiro's could..."drink" the nanites out of their troops to impart a temporary buff-say moving faster, or shooting as if they havent moved. such an ability would be scaled up for the HQ chiro (i.e. the generals, not their bodyguards) who might be able to purchase a weapon that acts kinda like a tractor beam (interesting manipulation of shield tech), which instead of simply killing an enemy would pull their body to the chiro, at which point its biomass could be cannibalised for increased nanobot production (im envisaging this as a 1 shot per turn heavy weapon, as i think this fits better with troop buffing than the "up close and choppy" approach) which would allow them to boost their own squad and another for one turn. these higher level chiro' wouldnt need to sacrifice their own squad members to boost that squad though, due to their more efficient and refined abilities.

the above weapon might also be used to cannibalise the aforementioned unfortunate to allow the chiro to affect internal repairs come to think of it...though it would certainly require balancing.

all this would allow for a viable ranged build. i honestly dont know how we could wangle a CC build, which would undoubtedly be necessary, given the chiro are still at some level human, and this is still 40k lol...


Jan 5, 2010
I recently picked up some mechanithralls for my cryx posse, and had a laugh at the concept of zombies with powered fists.
At first it seems outrageous, but if you think about it, with a zombies pitiful strength (as in WHFB zombies) and penchant to strike last unless fighting inanimate objects/sloths, strapping on a pair of fists starts to seem like a pretty nifty idea!

lets say we use Meier links suggestion of having troops that need 'boosting' from your cythor. we could have zombies with junky 'inactive' fists, that hit with their measly 2 strength most of the time, but with a little borrowed juice from your general, the fists activate, and you now have zombies with S4 powered fists (double strength) and who cares if they strike last, they have a tendency to do that anyways! :P

sound good for a nano-slave close combat build?

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