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VC V Dwarf 1000pt

Sep 10, 2014
I won my first game today! It was a Dawn break game which really went in my favour except for a cannon being put on a hill, but it basically did diddly squat, on the first turn it missed my master necromancer by half an inch which would have been game changing.

I marched inexorably towards him with my 30 Zeds (bumped up to 42 with invo) 25 skeletons, 19 gg with blender vampire and one spirit host, while he basically bunkered down for the first turn with his organ gun needing to move to get in site due to rng on set up and his ironbreakers + runemaster stuck in a corner :tongue:

Second Turn moved forward, successfully cast my invo to heal up my losses from a cannon shot and cast Van on my Zeds who got close to his cannon. His turn was some innefective organ/cannon shot and a charge at my zombies with a warrior unit. He forget about the alter of something or other than gave me frenzy on my zeds so I had tons of extra attacks and we inflicted 2 wounds to his 6 so unstable was barely a problem. For the rest of the fight I slowly but surely killed all of his warriors with my zeds which was hilarious to watch 90 points of Zeds destroy nearly 200 points of dwarfs.

Third turn my GG decimated a warrior unit in one turn, throw in successful invocations and I had a near full strength army still :) His shooting phase was again total tosh. All the meanwhile my skeletons and spirit host were closing in on his iron breakers.

Fourth turn my GG wiped out his organ gun and carried on through behind his iron breakers while my skeletons charged his iron breakers (I only did this because it was a fun game, otherwise I would have held off until my GG were closer) His cannon then proceeded to blow up leaving him with just his iron breakers and a handful of warriors against my expanding tarpit!.

Needless to say, my skeletons got wiped out but held them long enough for me smash in with my GG and my spirit host, finishing him off nicely.

Some serious RNG but I loved playing VC this game, magic phases were fantastic even though I managed a double 6 double 1, noone died due to the explosion though :tongue:

Might I add that this site has given me so much information, so thanks to everyone who contributes.

We're having a 1500 pt game soon, and he'll destroy me, he learnt a hell of a lot this game about VC.


True Blood
May 15, 2008
Congratulations on the win!
The thing with dwarfs this edition is that if you reach them, they are basically toast so always remember that.
I am glad this site has helped you out as much as it has and we are more than willing to assist you with future lists. :)