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VC v HE 2000 points


Grave Guard
Oct 6, 2008
So I thought I'd give my revised list a go. Had 2 willing volunteers at the GW, so lets get going with the first battle.

My list revisions

Count Mannfred, Barded Nightmare, Skull Staff & Book of Arkhan - Yup Crimson Gem gone. A little too risky to have a 1/2 wounded Vamp Lord running around in a combat unit.

Wight King, Barded Skeletal Steed, Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of Drakenhof - Old favourite here.

Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Helm of Commandment & Nightshroud - By moving the Black Periept to 'someone else' frees up 20 points. Hopefully the Nightshroud will provide a bit of protection for the raiser.

Necromancer, Corpse Cart, Black Periapt - Knows Nehek. This fragile dude hides on a COrpse Cart in one of the Skeleton Units. Giving him the periapt means I can use his 1 PD to gain a dispell if needed. It also frees up 20 points on the vamp above.

10 Skeletons, Champ & Standard
10 Skeletons, Champ & Standard
20 Zombies
1 Corpse Cart + Balefire
3 Fellbats - Add a couple of Neheks and you have a 20" charge range unit that can bog units down, march block and even possibly win a combat! They can also be used to shield the Bloodknights!
3 Fellbats
5 Bloodknights, Full command, Flag of the Blood Keep - Found the points to sneak a musician in here.

Game 1. Vs High Elves

Star Dragon + Choppy Lord, 4+ ward, re-rollable 1+ save etc...
Lvl 2 Mage Scroll + Ring of Corin
Lvl 2 Mage Scroll + some stuff?
11 Archers
12 Archers
Horse Chariot
11 Sword Masters
11 Sword Masters
Great Eagle
Shadow Warriors
2x Bolt Throwers

Quite a small force but nicely balanced. If against very magic enemy, he drain magic's x2 to add +6 to all spells! Generally very aggressive with the dragon, relying on his high stat line to pin/destroy units.

I deploy in compact line in the left hand 2/3 of the battlefield. He sets up opposite with Archers and 1 Bolt Thrower on a hill, Dragon on the extreme right of his army - opposite my Bloodknight unit. We roll for 1st turn and VC wins!

VC Turn 1: Entire army wanders forward, with the BKs lining up a second turn charge against one of the SM units. In the Magic phase I increase both FB units to over 10 models each! Worth doing just for the look on his face. At this point he realises that the bats are lining up a second turn charge against both his archer unit, containing his Lvl 2s also.

HE Turn 1: Dragon lands 1" in front of the BK, I guess he wants to ensure the charge against them. The SMs step forward to charge on his second turn if I continue to advance. His magic phase he casts drain magic on 3 dice, I manage to dispell with 4 dice. Then he tries again, another three dice. I attempt to dispell with remaining 3 dice (I had saved the Necromancers PD to use a DD). I fail to get it off and have to face +3 to casting... not good. Worse is to come. Ring of Corin! I have to reveal all magic items in the BK unit, containing Mannfred and the BsB. I try to encourage him to go for the sword of power or Skull Staff but no, he destroys my Drakenhof banner! (This ultimately costs me the game! Annoyingly I had been tempted to add a Dispell Scroll to the list... just in case!). Shooting, he targets my FB units but only reduces each by a coupe of bats.

VC Turn 2. Each FB unit charges a unit of Archers (each containing a Mage). The BK slam into the Dragon. Rest of my forces shamble forward. Magic. Not a huge amount happens. I try to Doom & Darkness his dragon but out comes a scroll. I then just about manage to raise a unit of zombies behind his dragon and danse them into his rear. I plan a challenge with my BK champ, he can only get a combat res of 6, I have 2 for the rear zombies, 1 for outnumber, 2 x standards and then any wounds the Champ causes. His lord strikes first and fails to wound! The champ then strikes at the dragon (no ward save and no armour from strength 7) and manages 2 wounds! Dragon just about eats the champ and I win combat res by 2. He rolls and (of course) passes his test! This seems to be a theme of his army - passing leadership tests! The left hand unit of FBs munch the archers, with the aid of the Helm, outnumber and catch them - goodbye Magic user 1. They overun and clip the edge of his second archer unit. His second archer unit, seeing the first get munched, steel their resolve and dish out some pain. The Helmless second FB unit fail to inflict major casualties and are held.

HE turn 2. Both SM units slam into the BKs. 1 to the front, alongside the Dragon. The second into the flank - contacting the BSB. The chariot, intimidated by the mighty zombies, refuse to charge! The eagle lands behind the CC, lining upo a charge against the Necromancer! At this point nearly everything is engaged in combat. His magic user, busy fending off FBs fails to cast Drain Magic! Shooting - fairly boring as he only has Zombies and Skeleton units to aim at - 2 or 3 of each falling to the bolts. Onto combat... I challenge with my BsB, his SM champ accepts! Looks like Mannfred is going to play with a big lizard! The SM champ fails to hurt the BsB who promptly dispatches his foe and gets a couple more points of CR. The left hand unit of SM strike at the BKs, hitting 9 times (despite the helm being used) and wounding 4 times... 3 failed saves of a 4+ = gutted (no easy kills back against the SMs!) The the lord and dragon attack Mannfred... and Mannfred says no! Only 2 wounds taken. Releaved Mannfred temporarily forgets how to use his sword and misses all 4 attacks! I still have the rear zombies and despite losing 3 BKs I only lose combat by 2, reduced to 1 by the BsB. This, however is just enough to remove the last BK! This frees up the left hand unit of SM to overun into my bunkeresk skeleton unit - containing the Lvl 2! The FB v archer dual goes on with the archers inflicting heavy casualties. The FBs lose a base or two... Things aren't looking so rosey. Had the Drak banner been in place, things might have been a whole lot different!

VC. Turn 3. 1 charge, my second skeleton unit into the flank of the SM unit, who are in the flank of the BsB and Mannfred. The magic phase passes with a Drain Life being dispelled by the last scroll on the remaining Lvl 2. The a couple of Neheks to the zombies are dispelled using 1 dice! Damn the HE +1 to dispell! But evenually I manage to increase the number of ranks on the zombies to +3. A cunning challenge in the combat phase should see off this dragon... or so I thought. I challenged the dragon with my BsB. This prevented 4 SM getting attacks on the BsB, prevented the dragon murdering zombies and protected Mannfred from the big scaly claws... WIth a rear, +3 ranks, outnumbering, a flank, a BsB and a standard, I had a combat res of +9 before a sword had been swung! It was looking good. The SM managed to take out 3 skeletons to their flank. The HE lord wounded the BsB twice, the dragon finished the job! I was still ahead by 3! The SM failed to roll a double 1 and were promptly run down by the Skeleton unit, who critically slamed into the front of the dragon, alongside Mannfred. But only 1/2 a skeleton base was touching... And he wasn't the unit champ! The HE player then promptly passed his break test with the dragon and eyed Mannfred hungrily. The prolonged combat between the FB and archers continues with more FBs dying to ASF. Again he wins combat and I just cannot hit that blasted mage!

HE Turn 3. The chariot charges the unit of skeletons that were overun into by the left hand SM unit. The eagle charges into the CC. Magic phase passes with a failed drain magic attempt. Shooting? Every unit is engaged in combat, so no targets. We start with the chariot. 3 impact hits, 3 wounds, 3 failed armour saves (i do not think i made 1 armour save the whole game!) The vampire then strikes using the Nightshroud. He should beable to finish a couple of the SMs... but no. At WS 6 they proove too slippery to hit and 3 3s are rolled! The SM amazingly only inflict 1 wound from 4 attacks in return. My skeletons fail to wound the chariot. More FBs fall the ASF and the unit crumbles to dust! The HE Lord targets Mannfred... and promptly fluffs his attacks (fingers are crossed at this point!). The dragon then promptly rips the already wounded Mannfred apart! I still win on CR but just to rub salt into the wound he rolls a double 1 for break test!

We fought on until my last vampire missed all three attacks again but, by that time, all that was left from the crumble tests were 2 zombies and the vampire, CC and a skeleton in the vampire unit.

This was a lesson for me. Always take a Dispell Scroll, they are always usefull - unless fighting Dwarves. It was a close game, with a couple of knife-edge moments. Had I passed 50% of the 4+ armour saves on the BK I would have had attacks back on the SM but also BKs left to nehek in my next magic phase... Had the Skeleton champion been in contact with the dragon, he could have challenged and I would have had a static CR of +7 before any combat started... with my magic phase next for more raising and even greater static CR. Had I used the Helm on the right hand FB combat, the Mage wearing the ring would have fled and been munched instead. (note to self, make sure the HE player records which Mage is which to ensure no 'swapping' of equipment occurs).

Despite the loss I did enjoy the game, which drew quite a crowd and even a cheer when Mannfred was munched.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Feb 22, 2008
Ah what a great report. Which is exactly the worst one you've probably had for a while. Tough battles do teach you a lot too. I think the DS is a great thing. At least one. I am a more careful player in that respect and makes sure I bring two. It sounds like you couldn't have done much else except roll better and placement of your chargers in combat.