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Jun 26, 2021
Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section. This question kinda covers both the RP and Fanfic side.

When either writing or playing as a vampiric or otherwise undead character, what are your experiences and preferences in voicing them?

In my fanfiction i've only really covered a Necrarch (whom I wrote fairly close to the stereotype of studying and deciphering an ancient tome for centuries, his own madness and immortality making time ceasing to truly matter to him and clings onto the perceived constants (that being who he believes is the same Skaven assassin coming to murder him)) and a Skaven vampire (who had been trapped in a cave-in for centuries, going somewhat more deranged from blood madness, having a warring fight between his mortal persona and the vampiric one, and strangely being quite chill once he realises he gets a good supply of fresh blood and meat if he complies with the Moulder Lab team.)

For RP-wise I am sorely tempted to make a Soulblight Vampire from the upcoming AoS Soulbound rpg (been thus far playing as an Astral Templar Knight-Azyros which has been fun.)

I also did a WFRP oneshot based around The Thirteenth Man plot hook from the Nights Dark Masters book. In that I had the vampire be a female Strigoi who spent most of the ambushes singing a medieval based love song from the surrounding trees in several different tongues (Nehekian, Reikspiel, Bretonnian, and more worryingly crude versions of Khazalid and Eltharin) before bursting out from the woods to rend several of the caravan before being driven off.

So yeah, how do you personally voice/play your vampires? Any fun examples?
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Unas the slayer

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Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
that really depends of course on the kind of vampire

I've played a couple of them as DM:

the first one was the ambassador of Dragotha, so i was usually playing him standing higher than the players (to induce a sense of superority), speaking very calmly, always being well aware of my superior status, always polite and gallant in a victorian manner, showing a mild disdain when i was not met with equal politeness, but never lowering myself to an inferior level. I had even a monocle.

Another time I've played a old vampire, fixated in things and on the verge of mental instability, and i've played him with a squeaky voice, with facial tics, hunched back and sudden threatening growls when i was contradicted.

Basically, I'd give him a couple of defined personal traits, enhancing them with voice and acting.

Grave Tacticus

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Jul 26, 2020
I take the approach of what does my character sound like before their transformation, and how does undeath change that? When I was working on my templar inspired ideas for my army, it was easy to get a clear picture of the characters because I knew what they thought was important and how they perceived their situations. On the opposite end of that is something like the Nosferatu, from self-same movie, who was envisioned as the embodiment of death and plague, and isn't so much a character as a force of nature. I think it's easy to fall into the tropes and make caricatures, and vampires are perhaps one of the most satirized icons of the modern age so I think it's a bit of a cultural reflex, but as long as there's some internal consistency it shouldn't be hard to figure out a good voice.
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