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Von Carstien bloodlines question

So as I begin rebuilding my Von Carstien army, I got thinking it might be fun to mix it up abit and pick someone eles rather than the regular VC crew to run it. I'm thinking of a female charactor, get of vlad or Isabella that fled when Konrad takes over. Story lines figured out just need a name to go with it. Can't find my 2nd Von Carstien book, what ever happens to Emmanuel, fritz's wife? Also having not read nagash, any info on Elize? Worse case I'll make up one.
Her background kinda fits with what I was thinking about. Here's mine.
After the fall of vlad, most figured the end of the Von carstiens. I'm thinking of a young lady, claiming from the Von drak line, not recognized as such because she was leopold's daughter and not a son, coming out of the wood work with a story about how they fled when vlad took over. Having been living in tilea, the family has returned to there lands believing the threat is gone. Of course it's a lie for cover. I've got a story plot written down, just wasn't sure how much background they gave Elize in the book.

El Syf

Crypt Horror
I only known her from the end times books (never been much of a Von carstein) from what I recall she did leave but after Vlad died.