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von Rosentod's Battles in Mantica

I rolled out the Undead the first time against some Forces of Nature (LINK) when getting one of my gaming groups to the game. Well, he was knee deep before already buying himself three hordes of Stone Elementals, a Greater Stone Elemental, a Druid and the Green Lady. A few days later he came with a challenge to do a game for the Edge of the Abyss. That's next weeks plans.

Now I have Jarvis and the Barrow Wights on their way to me. :)

A couple of days later me and a Twilight Kin player scheduled an evening of war. Him I have been facing a few times before, then with my elves, but now we wanted to take a look at the game from another perspective. This comes with a disclaimer: We've only been playing a handful of games so far, but both have been into Warhammer fantasy or wargaming in general for 10+ years.

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On the weekend we fought A Battle to End It All, a multiplayer clash between the Forces of Good (repped by Forces of Nature and Dwarfs) and the Forces of Evil (repped by the Undead and the Twilight Kin). We even got our Resident Dwarf (that's a top selling game title!) to join in.

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