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  • 1. Theerteen - Mounted Revenant King

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • 2. Shadespyre - "Way Too Many Dead Dragons"

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • 3. Unas the slayer - Reikenor the Grimhailer

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 4. Farmer7574 - Farmer's Vargheists

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • 5. robtion - Sewer Golem

    Votes: 1 11.1%

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Master Necromancer
True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
Pruszkow, Poland
And here we go again with another voting phase - a bit later than we anticipated, but in a bigger company! With some really cool entries to boot!

The current topic is 'Creatures of the Night', as proposed by @Farmer7574 . We have 5 entries this time and everyone gets ONE vote.

Just like the last time, the voting phase will be 14 days long - the topic will close at about 22:40, 4th of November.

Subscribers who get notifications about the voting:
@Mad 'At
@Devour the Cabbage
@Nagash Worshiper
@Unas the slayer

Now, the contestants:

1. @Theerteen - Mounted Revenant King




2. @Shadespyre - "Way Too Many Dead Dragons"


3. @Unas the slayer - Reikenor the Grimhailer




4. @Farmer7574 - Farmer's Vargheists

5. @robtion - Sewer Golem


Happy voting everyone!


Vampire Count
True Blood
Dec 10, 2013
Beautiful entries everyone

A hard choice once again. I think you've hit the nail on the head right there @Shadespyre - a stunning example of a creature of the night. You have my vote.

I'm a massive fan of @robtion 's Sewer Golem too - a solid competitor and a classic example of the crazy stuff he comes up with.

@Theerteen A nice conversion you've made there for your guy's mount - I watched 'The Thing' recently and he kinda reminds me of that :D

@Unas the slayer An interesting mash of warm and cold colours you've used there, which I haven't seen much on Nighthaunt. I think you need to invest in some liquid green stuff though to fill those gaps xD
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Unas the slayer

Staff member
Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
@Theerteen : oh my, that mount is creepy as it should be an insectoid.... hungry thing. Not a fan of that particular model of rider, but the mount alone was almost going to steal my vote.

@Shadespyre :i fell in love with that rotten little dragon. Perfect painting, great details. i coldn't pass away.

@Farmer7574 : the result for those vargheists is exceptional: very clean painting, great colors and nice smooth transitions between them on the wings. They are maybe too "perfect" to be mad corpse eaters.

@robtion : really beautiful and original. I'm amazed by the quantity and quality of unusual models you guys come up with... it the winner accepts suggestions, a great theme could be "Unholy conversions".

@Unas the slayer An interesting mash of warm and cold colours you've used there, which I haven't seen much on Nighthaunt. I think you need to invest in some liquid green stuff though to fill those gaps xD

Tnx for the appreciations and the suggestion. Yeah, those cracks are not pleasant: looking the model in reality and seeing it on the tabletop, those went almost unnoticed... but a zoomed photo shows them too much clearly!


Vampire Count
Aug 11, 2012
@Unas the slayer Nothing shows up flaws like a photograph! I try to avoid posting close ups of all but my best work. I only put up one picture of the dragon because it looks worse in every other photo I took :innocent:

I always love the creativity that we see on this forum, to the extent where I feel bad about posting an unconverted model. But in this case I decided to vote for @Farmer7574 's Vargheists, because as pointed out the only possible flaw is that they are flawless! :tongue:
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Cheerful Cranium
True Blood
Aug 20, 2012
@robtion Thanks, there was a bunch of stuff which was too nice to not use, so that guy popped outta the "melting" progress xD Really, you don't ride the rider model? I always wanted that guy, in my eyes he is one of those "Ultra GW guys", you know, the ones which you can always tell are gw models :D but of course it's not everyones favour xD


Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
I have added my vote to Shadespyre's decrepit looking forest dragon because that is my bag baby, yeah (sorry rewatched Austin Powers recently).

Could really have voted for any of the entries as they all have their own charm.

@Farmer7574 That painting :| Smooth :thumbsup:

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