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W: IoB High Elves H: Paypal, Most Anything


Harbinger of Dandelions
True Blood
Jun 14, 2012
Looking to nab some IoB HE preferrably on sprue or assembled well but not primed or painted. Will entertain all interested parties.
I have Paypal as well as a ton of stuff from VC, Beastmen, Empire, I even have unopenend boxes (1 each) of Kislev Gryphon Legion and Winged Lancers:happy:
Also looking for Phoenix Guard (plastics!), or other HE stuff.
Let's deal!


Grave Guard
Apr 5, 2013
I was considering buying another IoB boxed set as my buddy needs more Skaven and that is the best bang for the buck.

I need Black Knights, Hexwraiths, Crypt Horrors.....maybe a Varghulf.