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W: Neferata's Steed's head


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True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
I can trade a few bucks paypal, or maybe exchange some bits if I have something you like, mostly undead and chaos marine stuff

I'm looking specifically for the head of neferata's Dread Abyssal from the mortarch kit, from anybody who assembled Mannfreds or Arkhans and has that bit spare without any use for it. The more, the better. Just one would be helpful (would save me having to get a third mortarch kit, something I plan to do eventually but would like to put off), but I could potentially use as many as four or five.

Is for this conversion project:


I could mix heads from all the dread abyssals in the unit, but I think neferata's steed' head looks best for these, so if I can get spares I would use them for each steed in the unit, apart from maybe the champion/s.

EDIT: actually, I could also use a spare of Arkhan's Steed's head, if anyone has one of those.
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Dec 9, 2013
I know a guy that just bought a mortarch and I'm pretty sure he's making Arkhan. He should be at the tournament this weekend and I can ask him if he's willing to part with it.