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Waking from the long nap

Oct 15, 2008
Greetings fellow night dwellers! I have woken from the long sleep and am assembling my troops for war once again! AoS 2nd edition seems to hold some promise, I went down for the long nap when WHFB died but a good friend of mine recently had me join him for a game of AoS 2nd ed. It was pretty fun so I find myself back in the hobby (and once more lurking in the shadows of our old haunting grounds). Just wanted to say, "Hey" and reintroduce myself. I'm currently enjoying assembling the new models for a Grand Host of Nagash list and am resurrecting my project for an undead pirate army that I plan to run as a Flesh-Eater Courts army. If any of you saw the Creature Caster kickstarter campaign a few years back, I managed to snag a zombie dragon and just fielded it for the first time! It's a beautiful model and I'm excited to use it more often. Cheers!


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
May 22, 2010
Welcome back :). It's very good to see someone else getting back into the game after a break.

The Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is a fantastic model, assuming that's the one to which you are referring.