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War of the Gods

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Dark Lord Nihilus

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jul 8, 2008
We have witnessed the birth of a god.

Some proclaim that it was the heart of Ptra which granted him such power and allowed him to transcend reality itself. Yet this far from accurate. His ascent was foretold, the latent capacity lay within him. The heart of Ptra is so poignant that any being which consumes it would succumb to the ravages of the blessed artifact. And so it merely served to open the floodgates.

Many praise his actions, call the holy acts to destroy the machinations of the enemy, and in such statements their ignorance is made plain to all. There is no doubt the events which were to occur and had occurred constituted a war, a war of epic proportions. A level of maneuvering and manipulation which would baffle the mortal mind was in play. His acts were allowed by the dark gods make no mistake, for in a war on such a scale sacrifices must be made. Yes, a source of incredible power was lost to the world, to their followers, a possible vector for a massive incursion destroyed. Yet in that concession further ploys could be brought to bear, other possibilities to be extorted.

Upon his ascension all of this was very clear to him, but even as a god he had a hand to play. Should he have chosen otherwise the world would seethe in a darkness even the Great Necromancer could not produce.

When one truly comprehends what occurred the pieces begin to fall in place. The battles which ravaged the desert and saw the fall of Lybaras and the destruction of Settra pale in comparison. Each god schemed and coerced, each player in the Great Game fought for ground.

Perhaps if he had not ascended the Dark One would have remained dormant, perhaps if the Scaled One had not slain Settra, Morkai would not have destroyed the desert Cocytus. The possibilities are infinite, and to travel down the myriad paths of the past are useless.

It is only now that the entirety of the situation impresses itself upon the psyche. And now more than ever do we question the nature and actions of the Dark One, and of course Gailereck but this shall be discussed at a later time.
Not open for further replies.