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Warband Campaign

Nov 6, 2007
I will try and summarize some of my Warband campaign games here when I have time.

Yesterday I tested two different lists against an orc and goblin player. It was not the greatest army to test a list, because I always find it easy to smash the Greenskins apart in 2000 points game, imagine in 250...

I don't have time to write a full report, but here are the army lists used.

First game:

Nécromancer, De Noirot scepter, Additionnal spell (Résurrection) (95)
- 3 Dire wolves (24)
- 5 ghouls (40)
- 20 zombies + Standard (88)
= 247

2nd game:

Vampire, Ghouls summ. (115)
- 3 ghouls (24)
- 3 Dire wolves (24)
- 10 ghouls (80)
= 243 points

Opponent list:
- Orc Boar Chariot
- etc. (I will write the full list when I have time!)

Ps. If you want to give advice on my lists or have information on the campaign rule, its here.