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Warhammer-2016 - Bastion in the Border Princes

Oct 22, 2014
Last year, I went to "Warhammer - Lustria 2015" LARP game and created a thread about it.


This August, I took part in the next game of the series, called "Warhammer-2016 - Bastion in the Border Princes".

In 2013 and 2015, I was playing a Nurgle cultist.

This year, I wanted to be in Vampire Counts team. I was ok to play a grave guard or a ghoul, but I was pleased to be approved as a... necromancer!

That was a dream role, really. Not everything went smooth, but in the end, I had a lot of fun ordering zombies around and casting Invocations of Nehek. The von Carstein vampires have even promised me a Blood Kiss for my faithful (and competent) service!

But enough words, here are some photos. This year I have seen a lot of marvelous creatures ad objects.

A ghoul, resting on a defiled grave

A zombie clown, doing the same

Zombies guard me while I am defiling a graveyard

A tombstone

Skeletons and grave guards resting on (and in) their own graves

The skeletal standard bearer

A banshee and a vampire Lord


Black Metal Knight

Army of the dead

A dark ritual

Me and my zombie

I am feeding a ghoul

Vampire lord's speech

Our graveyard

I am feeding a ghoul-2

I am leading the dead

We storm the Bastion through the breach in the wall

My house

Black Knights and me

Mortimer de Baal, a Vampire Lord

Cute ghouls

A wight king

Ghoul is hiding

Female beastman (beastwoman?) zombie

Preparing to rush into the breach

Inside my house-2

Marching to war

Grave Guard

Marching to war-2

Marching to war-3

Me, casting necromancy spells to raise my undead minions back
Oct 22, 2014
Of course, other factions were also represented.
1) Order

A bright wizard

Men of Nuln

Warpriest of Sigmar

Inside the arabyan tent



The double-dwarf (a tall man wearing a costume of two dwarves riding one another)

Circus of Ranald

Dwarves again

Female flagellant

Dwarf tane

A witch hunter

A preaching warpriest

Men of Nuln and a Sigmarite warpriest


The steam tank (was actually moving and shooting)

A house inside the Noteburg city
Oct 22, 2014
2) Waaaaagh!

Boss throne (occupied by a random ork boy while the boss is away)

A goblin

A suspicious mushroom growing inside our castle

Squigz! (Were actually moving and biting)

A well-armoured goblin

An ork boy and the Gobbie Williams

Skarsnik, warlord of the Eight Peaks with his goblins

3) Skaven

A two-headed rat ogre

Some of the skaven were cute girs IRL

The Doomwheel (was actually moving and shooting)

Skaven war party

A Chieftain has found a lofty perch for himself!

Moulder packmasters goading the rat ogre

A clanrat

4) Tomb Kings

A Tomb Prince


Tomb Guard?

A liche priest?

The team near the entrance to their tomb complex

Tomb Kings war party, spreading the rule of Settra to the Border Princes
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Oct 22, 2014
5) Chaos

Khorne war party

Followers of Tzeentch

A swine-beastman of Nurgle (monstrous infantry)

Chaos followers assaulting the Bastion

Chaos shield wall

A Norsca marauder and an Chaos ogre

Female Khorne warrior

Female Nurgle cultist

A priest of Khorne

Khorne war party-2

The priest of Khorne-2

The champion of Slaanesh

Chaos war party

Grand melee

Chaos warrior of Khorne

Inside the Cursed bastion (location occupied by Chaos followers)

Khorne war party-3

That's all, hope you will like the photos!
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