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Warhammer 40K Tau Campaign: Resurgent Dawn I Need help running It cause it's really big


True Blood
The campagin consists of a combined Tau force capturing and securing a Star system from Imperials and Orks with Tyranids and Dark Edar running around doing their thing. What I need is people to help me with the massive number of NPC's that creates.
I can handle the Orks and Tau but I need help with
-Impirium forces
-Space Marines
- Genestealers
- Dark Eldar

Spread out on three seperate planets, so if your willing and able leave a post

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Whilst I don't want to put a dampener on your plans, I would caution you to consider the scope supported by Carpe Noctem. The forum may not have a large enough roleplayer base to support such an enterprise.


Wight King
So I get that this is setting up the "bad guys" for a campaign, but who is playing the good guys? Is that also going to be people from this community, or is there a separate community doing that part? Also, for the space marines, is there a particular chapter you have in mind?


Wight King
Ok... I guess if you think there are enough people to run something that would need this number of bad guys... I'll offer my services for the greater glory of the Emperor (space marines or guard... or both if you want...). It'll give me something to do. And again, any particular chapter of space marines you have in mind? I kinda like Iron Hands, but most are cool. I guess that also kinda extends to which regiment of guard... but in my mind that is more cosmetic when compared to the difference between marine chapters. Though that may be because I only can think of two different regiments...