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Warhammer THE OLD WORLD plus square bases

Count michael

The Undead Sparky
May 17, 2010
Jan 1, 2017
It's definitely interesting and exciting news, i was going to post it too. I believe the huge success of TotalWar Warhammer is probably related to this decision.
Sadly, we're talking abouit a wait period of 2-3 years… :(


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
May 22, 2010
This makes me very glad that I neither rebased my models nor sold any of them. I am not so sure that the wait period is going to be so long either, as GW appears to be mocking itself with some of those time-related comments ;). Either way, I think that it is potentially a good news story for all those of us who invested a lot of money in Fantasy over the years.

As an aside, the trailer does rather remind me of the trailers for the 'final' Star Wars film. 'Nobody (nothing in this case) has ever really gone'.

N.B. I've moved this to the World that Was for now, as it's more appropriate to a Warhammer board than an Age of Sigmar one.
Jan 1, 2017
This makes me very glad that I neither rebased my models nor sold any of them..

i would really like to come play again my true Tomb Kings. And even proper Dawi, as they were not truly discontinued, but the survived dispossessed in AoS are kinda… 20% of the models range i own.
The situation for vampire counts is less problematic, as basically all of my models are still playable in AoS (except necromancer on horse)

on a side (but related) note, GW say that using square bases on AoS minis is fine (as long as you measure to and from minis as if they were on the round bases), but with the Old World with square bases, I'm confident that round bases will be the only ones playable in AoS. Kinda like WYSIWYG: pick the base / equipment you want, and stick to it.