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Warhammer-themed artwork on Etsy


Vampire Count
True Blood
May 27, 2009
I've put a bunch of my illustrations for various WFB-related projects up for sale on Etsy [if yu're not familiar with Etsy, it's a bit like Ebay but just for art, craft & old stuff. You can use Paypal to pay for things on Etsy & all the sales are fixed-price, not auctions]. Most of these were published in Carpe Noctem's The Invocation Vampire Counts webzine in 2009-10, after which I stopped gaming altogether.

Skeletons Hang (2009, The Invocation Issue 2)

A Firm Grip (2009, The Invocation Issue 2 cover image)

Revenant (2010, The Invocation Issue 4)

Here In the Throat (2010, The Invocation Issue 5 cover image)

Vampire Duel (2010, the Invocation Issue 5)

I'll be adding a few others when I've made some adjustments.