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Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020
Since I'm going to start playing Crimson Court, I figured we should have an official thread about Underworlds. There's a few Death themed Warbands, representing each faction of our allegiance. I know a number of AoS players have picked up the warbands to use in their armies, but does anyone actively play Underworlds itself?


May 26, 2013
I don't play Underworlds as I don't like the idea of deck building, as it is very unbalanced. It just doesn't seem like a fun experience. If I want to play a board game of AoS I'll play Wsrhammer Quest.

But, I have a bunch of underworlds models in the armies my husband and I collect. But, we generally don't use them with their underworld's scrolls and instead use them as counts as.

Crimson Court: Use them as Vampire Lords. I'm considering using Duvalle's scroll anyway even without the add ons and lowering the points a bit, only in friendly games of course.

Hrothgorn's Trappers: Use as a hunter and a Sabre tusk

Morgweath's Coven: Use as a Hag Queen, Witch elf champion and Sisters of slaughter champion.

Briar Queen: Actually use the Briar Queen and Thorns AoS warscroll for this one. Nighthaunt is so low on Wizards I think it's worth it.
Jun 26, 2021
I've got the Briar Queen and her Thorns as part of the Mortal Realms magazines.

Briar Queen 1.jpg

Briar Queen 2.jpg

She was one of the first Nighthaunt I painted. Really like her model as well as the chainrasps with her. Originally she was going to be in my 1k list but I ended up chucking her out for Reikenor. Her warscroll spell is fun though.

Doubtless I will get the Crimson Court at some point.

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