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Welcome to Our New Moderators!


Lord of RAW
Staff member
True Blood
Dec 29, 2010
I, Lynks, your illustrious Vampire Lord and Forum Administrator herald excellent news.

I would like to welcome two new moderators into the fold.

@Irisado, who has proven invaluable in this forums operation for several years despite no official power through reporting threads, making suggestions and generally doing the job of the moderator team for us.
So, for Irisado's upstanding performance and drive to improve this place we all share I have decided to make their involvement in the process all the more direct.

@Borgnine, who has been a long standing and active member of our community, Borgnine has been on our radar for some time. In the wake of one of our ranks, Mad 'At, being unable to continue our ongoing 'Turning the World to Darkness' painting challenge, Borgnine stepped up, unprompted and without assistance continued it on their own merit.
So for Borgnine's ongoing service and outstanding initiative I have decided to give Borgnine the tools needed to continue.

Both of these positions are well deserved and provided far too late. I hope that the community at large welcomes them as I have (and gives them an easy transition into their new roles ;) )


Carpe Noctem Administrator
Jan 1, 2017
All Hail our new dark Overlords!

But jokes aside, congrats. It's really a truly deserved prize, thumbs up for the excellent work. :thumbsup: