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Welcome to Roleplaying [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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Count Darvaleth

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Apr 26, 2010

This section of Carpe Noctem, the Theatre de Vampyre, is dedicated to online roleplaying. There are already some stickied threads which I'd strongly recommend you read if you have any queries:

Roleplay Help Thread

Roleplay Guide

Roleplay List

Please note that ANYBODY can start their own roleplay, but I'd strongly advise participating in a couple first before running your own, as they can become complicated and time-consuming. There are also a few general rules which apply specifically to this section of Carpe Noctem, in addition to the standard forum rules. They are as follows:

1) The GM's word is law. Any decision he/she makes will be abided by. If there are any problems contact a moderator. (Either Sweeny Todd or myself). The GM always retains the right to accept/deny any character sheet submitted to their recruitment threads, and is not required to present any explanation for any right they may exercise during their GM-ship of a roleplay.

2) As roleplays are meant to create rich works of fiction, description is important. As such, there is a minimum post-length of four standard sentences, rather than the usual automatic ten-character limit. NB: This rule only applies in Action threads, and certain roleplays, such as the popular "VAU" roleplay, will often bypass this rule. However, please note that four sentences is a very small amount of text, and we hope your posts will usually be much longer, considering that this rule is itself four sentences long.

3) Language normally considered against CN rules is permitted in the roleplay section, but ONLY within the action threads. This includes swearing, personal abuse (in-character obviously), sexual content (implicit and explicit) and anything which would normally be branded against the rules. However, if a post contains such language, the post MUST be headed with a bold, prominent "NSFW" (meaning Not-Safe-For-Work) and advising reader-discretion. If a post is found to contain such language and is NOT branded "NSWF", or is found in ANY thread other than an action, in-character thread, then it will be treated as a violation of forum rules and will be dealt with very seriously.

4) Per roleplay, a GM is restricted to one recruitment & OOC thread, and one action thread. Multiple action threads can only be obtained in special circumstances, and these MUST be cleared with myself or another moderator first.

5) The aim is to have fun. Don't get too caught up with the minutiae of historical accuracy or the pursuit of perfection within the realms of literary eloquence; the roleplays are to be enjoyed. Of course, if you love getting your background dead on, and love waxing lyrical in your posts, then go for it; just as long as you don't criticise others for not doing so. Try to empathise, and remember it's all about having a good time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM, or post them in the Roleplay Help thread.

~ Darvy
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