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Feb 12, 2008
Carpe Noctem WFO System – Quick Start Instructions

These instructions are for those who have used the Battle Chronicler software previously and are also familiar with how a WFO system works, as CN’s system is familiar to those on other forums.

Step One

Read the WFO Rules First! - LINK

Just in case you missed that


This is very important as there are some very strict guidelines to using this system to protect CN and Battle Chronicler, and unlike the rest of the forum where sometimes a relaxed stance is taken, the rules in this area will be heavily enforced.

Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse, if you are using the system, you should have read the rules beforehand.

Step Two – Make sure you have access to Windows

Currently Battle Chronicler only works on Windows (it should work on XP, Vista and 7 without any issues). For those using other Operating Systems, we would recommend trying programmes that allow your OS to run Windows programmes (such as winehq for macs) or having windows installed alongside your OS and dual booting. Whilst we will assist wherever we can, we are not a computer support forum and so cannot provide the necessary software or support to do this.

Step Two – Installing Battle Chronicler

You will need to ensure you are using the latest version of Battle Chronicler. To ensure the system works properly it is recommended you do the following steps:

1 – Make sure your Microsoft .NET Frame work 4 is upto date (free software for those with windows OS) – you can download the latest version here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en

2 – Install the latest version of Battle Chronicler, which you can do so here:
If you have an older version installed, it may not be compatible with our forum integration. I know that v1.2.3.0 and later should work.

3 – Install the BC component pack which has pictures and templates for maps etc, again found here: http://www.battlechronicler.com/download/downloadv08.html

Once you have done this your version of BC will be ready to go with CN’s WFO system!

Step Three – Find a player

In this section you can post a thread looking for a game. When posting it is highly recommend you give as much info as possible such as:

Looking for a 2500pt game.
Don’t mind time zones
Want a friendly, not competitive battle

This should ensure you both have the same expectations and enjoy the game.

Step Four – Start the Game Thread

Start a new thread in the relevant section, and where is specifies players make sure you type your name followed by a comma, then the other players name. This will set the thread so only you two can download and upload the save file, however others will be able to view.

Title the thread descriptively such as:

DoN (Vampire Counts) vs Bishop (Dark Elves) 2500pts

Step 5 – Play the Game

It is assumed you know how the WFO process, Battle Chronicler and Dice Roller system work. If not, check out the Full Instructions (LINK). However what you may not know is how the system integrates with CN.

It is very simple. Make the necessary changes to your map in BC as you would do for an WFO map , and once you want to upload the details go to:

File > Export Gameplay File > (when pop box appears) Ok

This has now automatically copied the upload link where your game information is saved on your computer into your clipboard. Go to your game thread, click “New Reply” and then underneath where you type your post you will see a special attachment section named “Battle Chronicler Attachment”. Click “Choose File” and in the box that pops up paste the link.

You can then press reply (though note you will have to type something into the post as normal). Your post should then display the map, log and save file for your opponent to download.
To use the save file your opponent upload, simply click on the link in the post to download to your PC and in BC choose:

File > Open > click on the save file you download > Ok

You then have the updated game in your BC and you can carry on playing!

These simple instructions should be enough to get you playing, however please check out the other stickied threads in this section if you have any questions.

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