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What Spells to bring (and healing your undead)


Grave Guard
So in many recent games I have been noticing that heal is not invocation. Heal seems to be useful to heal characters and maybe monsters but seems to do little when used on units. Undead rats seem to be a much better option to heal your 'core' units. Surge on the other hand is IMO the best spell in the game. I can't count how many times this spell has won me the game (actually I can count how many games I've won :cool:). I simply take a unit with surge, move them to the enemy flank, and pivot them 90 degrees to face the enemy cast surge and I've got a flank charge. I love having surge twelve so I usually take two wizards with it. One is a Liche King the other a necromancer with the item that ups your surge value. Bane chant is also a good spell for boosting units in combat.
The magic item that lets you cast two spells in one turn can really be a good buy. Overall the magic in KoW can fill key holes.

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Crypt Horror
It can indeed. But You need several spell-casters, as most can only use one spell per turn. I personally think this is far more appropriate - there is only limited time before someone else hits you, so get that spell off quick!
I wonder the idea behind lightning bolt costing more than bane chant for liches and necros. The bolt seems pretty underwhelming to me. What am I missing?
I think lightning bolts strength is that you force an additional ld test on the enemy unit. If that unit is already weakend and/or a character this can earn you some easy points.
Don't forget that lightning bolt always hits on 4+ too. Stealthy individual hiding in a forest? Normally that would be -3 to hit. Not with lightning bolt ;)


Vampire Count
True Blood
I wonder the idea behind lightning bolt costing more than bane chant for liches and necros. The bolt seems pretty underwhelming to me. What am I missing?
It's pretty easy to NEARLY break the enemy. Have them sitting on a lot of wounds, but because of their positioning it's hard to get stuck into them with one of your units. Lightning bolt to the rescue! You only need one casualty to force that nerve check.
Appreciate the responses. I can see that situation now. In my games, I didn't see such an opportunity because I maintained tight battlelines with units that couldn't be wavered (skels, revs, zombies) and each turn it was just counter charge to the front. I suppose the same reasoning for bolt's cost can be applied to the cost of the balefire catapult.
Lightning bolt on a liche with the upgrade to make the bolt increase is number value (to 7 I think?) was pretty cool. 7 piercing 1 attacks can really help weaken a unit that is bouncing off of a Legion of zombies.

I found heal to be pretty useful, but only on really big units like hordes and legions. With my zombies between heal 5 from a liche and the 2 wounds from the dogs I could reliably get 4 wounds back, pretty awesome as that extends the unit from last 2 ish rounds of combat to 3. Its also extremely useful if your opponents use a lot of shooting. Really frustrating if they don't focus fire against a single target, as you can heal back a lot of the damage dealt with a heal here and there.

I think it depends on the situation, and your army build. With smaller units I agree seems like surge is the way to go, but with skellies and zombies, while they can do damage, their main use is to block up areas and units, heal just keeps them in the game longer.