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What undead would you fear most in real life?

What undead creature would you fear most in real life? Why?

In my opinion, scariest undead would have to be a wraith.
They're just so spooky with their scythes and black robes and of course
they are the basic image of death.:skull:

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
The new Dawn of the Dead movies Zombies......
Those buggers sprinting towards you certainly would make me crap myself.
Wraiths would be bad though.... oh shit I can't hurt it...... RUN! :zombie2:


Crypt Horror
Always Zombies. Don't know why, but they freak me out completely as a "real" idea.I think it's to do with the thought of what we know becoming the unknowable, ie, we know someone who changes to an absolutely different type of being. Or is that a bit deep?


Vampire Thrall
Corpse cart. Something that you wake up at night as it clatters through the streets. The next morning you hear that a few kids and an old lady next door went missing during the night.

Modern version would prolly be some kind of creepy ice cream van. When you hear the tune, close the doors...

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Hmm, that's a really good question. I think I would have to agree with Wraiths / ghosts, purely because at least with the others you can hit them back. xD


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
There is very little you can do against a banshee scream, just cover your ears, and that just slightly reduces the amount of pain and agony you will be in before your eardrums burst and your heart stops.
Top three:
1) Dire wolves/Doom wolves, having been afraid of dogs as a kid and, while not afraid any more still able to find them unsettling, I find normal wolves to be really scary and would be utterly terrified if chased by half-rotting giant wolves able to outrun a horse.
2) Zombie Dragon, it's a huge rotting fantasy creature, except making me paralyzed with fear it would likely herald Ragnarök if it turned up here.
3) Abyssal Terror, the poor vampires zombie dragon still spells certain doom for me and is both huge and utterly terrifying.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Any ethereal, you just can't run anywhere safe as they will just float through the walls. The Banshee's scream sounds horrible enough from the descriptions.

Zombies also creep me out as they are probably people you once knew, it's the psychological factor. Combine that with slowly being eaten/ripped apart...no thanks!

Vampires I would probably beg to be turned :twisted: At least if they kill you it might be over really soon or, according to most mythology, you might even enjoy being drained.
Still they are the most cunning and individual Undead and I can't imagine being taken as a prisoner by one who is bored is much fun.

Wraiths, Vampires, Zombie dragons etc are all very powerful but they are also very rare. The chances of having to deal with them are very low. Zombies and Skeletons are more common but they are stupid and can be easily outwitted.:zombie2:

I think Ghouls would be the worst. Like Vampires they will actively seek people out for food but they are far more common. They also attack in packs which makes them nearly as big of a problem as a Vampire would be. Unlike the other lesser undead they are also smart, in a primitve way. They won't bash for hours at a heavy door like Zombies but sneak in through the sewers and get us in our beds.:scared:

It is like in Jurassic Park. The T,rex huge and or powerful like a Wraith or other greater undead was very big and scary but there was only one of it. The Velociraptors on the other hand like Ghouls were much smaller but there were more of them. They could open doors and come in to chase us about. Also due to their smaller size one person would be good meal for them and worth chasing. The T,rex would find a human a small meal and so pay less attention to us as it hunted bigger things:grave:.


The Colonel
True Blood
The Varghulf. It's just the sheer hopelessness of seeing an enormous bloodthirsty beast bearing down on you that gets me.
For me... wraith or other kind of ghost. Particularly one that could go at the exact same speed I can long-distance run at. Knowing that you can't hide, can't fight back, can only run until you're too exhausted to carry on... that would be horrible. Pretty much everything else, I feel I could theoretically fight (wouldn't be EASY, in fact it'd also be very nearly impossible with a lot of them), but if I've got no way to hurt it...


The Colonel
True Blood
With Ghosts I always feel that I could banish them with sheer force of mind.
Also I think: Well if I can't touch them, they can't touch me!


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Thinking that wont stop them from getting you, and a banshee doesnt need to touch you to burst your eardrums and make your brain haemorrage.


The Colonel
True Blood
Naw, skeletons are fragile and easy to take apart. Think about it - all the body parts that would usually hold them together, such as ligaments, muscels, and discs, are long gone, so a skeleton would be an inch from collapsing anyway.

As for Banshees, no woman (alive or dead) has ever been able to resist the power of my mind.
I would vote skeleton actually, and I blame Jason and the Argonaughts for that.

Zombies, vampires, dragons, whatever doesn't bother me as much as some undead warrior or soldier from times past coming after me. Not to mention Skeletons maintain a semblence of intellginece in operating a weapon.

Skeletons with guns..... operating them.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Skeletons would scare me most.
I consider myself a rational person. Ghosts and so on are so unreal I wouldn't really feel fear - just confusion. Zombies are explainable - diseases e.t.c.
But what is rational about a skeleton? It shouldn't exist (nothing to hold it together), yet it is quite solid and tangible. If simple bone can move about in a semblance of order, then what is to stop bone dust moving or any other undead creature existing.
It would be psychologically most devastating for me.