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May 10, 2012
Hey guys, have my list of doods here and figured Id ask you guys what I should get first. Im thinking another unit of vargheists and afterward a unit of 8 ogres and converting 6 of them to horrors and use the other 2 for zombie filler.

85 skellies
99 zombs
25 ghouls
45 wolves
61 grave guard
6 spirit hosts
5 blood knights
6 black knights
5 hexwraiths/black knights (havent decided yet)
2 vargulf
3 vargheists
1 black coach
1 corpse cart
2 bat swarms
1 abyssal terror
1 terrorgheist/zombi dragon ( converting just the zomb drag head into another TG)
2 zomb drag
7 necros on foot
All special characters -krell
1 strigoi ghoul king
4 mounted vamps
2 vamps on foot
2 wight kings on foot
2 vamp bsb, mounted and foot
2 wight bsbs, mounted and foot
1 wraith (7 flagelents might be used)
1 banshee
6 spiders...

What do you guys think priority 1 should be?
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Jun 29, 2013
south east uk
It depends on your list and points allowance, but you will need at least 10 black knights to make them worthwhile. Hex wraiths are cool but I personally only run them with a mounted lord. I personally have about 150 zombies and could always do with more oh and a big fat yes to horrors by far my favourite unit of the book


May 10, 2012
In regards to points allowance, I want an army so I can play basically every competitive level. Up till 3.5 probably. Silly things like 60+ wolves or 21+ vargheists need not be considered.


May 10, 2012
Thats what I was thinking about getting next, I have played with them several times and they are great. Was debating whether or not to convert them from ogres after getting another 3 vargheists. Seems like a good way to save money.

Alternatively, getting 3 werewolves from mantic for ~20 seems reasonable as well.

Wasnt sure if maybe I should pick up more knights first, or ME/CT piece first, etc.

Rigor Mortis

Aug 24, 2013
I got 3 of those matic wv and 3 GW standard useed the arms & heads from My varghiests they are a bit smaler but it works imo. Just a tip.

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