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Jun 9, 2008
What made you decide to purchase that first vampire or undead model? Why did you decide to play vampire counts?

For me, it was an intense love of the Evil Dead movie franchise, especially Army of Darkness. I also love the literary Vampire, modern and historical. I started playing Vampires when it was the undead army. The first models I bought was a five pack of plastic skeletons.


Dec 2, 2010
It was about twenty years ago. I was in a Games Workshop with a couple of 25% off vouchers that they used to print for store openings. One I used to buy my very first copy of Warhammer (4th ed elves and goblins) and I was just looking round to spend the other voucher. I spotted the undead army box, it had a chariot, cavalry and skeletons. I really bought it thinking I would just use the foot troops in games of heroquest, but then when the undead army book was released it formed the basis of my first proper army. Ah, good times, half an army for £12.50. :lol:

The Keeper

Jun 4, 2011

For me its my love everything to do with vampires and im a huge fan of zombie moives starting when i watched the very old movie brain dead and indeed as Alucard said the evil dead movies. :thumbsup: Started collecting when i was about 8 after a friend of mine lent me a copy of white dwarf with a undead article in it followed promptly sneaking up to the schools photocopy room and copying the order pages. Mum werent too happy but dad filled it in with what i wanted and a few days later i had my very first undead models. Such a very long time ago come to think of it lol :vampire3:


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
Behind Darvy
Was looking at getting into fantasy (after collecting 40k for a long time) and it was a toss up between ogre kingdoms, empire, warriors of chaos and VC. I have a thing for vampires, for dark things and for all things morbid. An army of skeletons, spirits and blood drinkers? How could I resist?


Feb 27, 2011
I've been a long time play of OnG. I picked them early on because they were considered a low tier army by most. I like playing low tier armies because it shows it is purly generalship (and maybe a little luck) when you beat a high tier army. With the OnG update they became much more popular and at least an upper mid tier army with the new steadfast rules and such. So with a flood of green I decided finaly to pick up my second army. All it really took was someone saying, "VC got screwed in 8th edition, they suck, why would anyone play them." and I was sold. Still working on building up my zombie themed (Mantic zombies are awesome) army. I've only played a couple games but am enjoying the challenge of making a somewhat viable zombie themed army.


Stylish Deviant
True Blood
Oct 30, 2009
Behind Darvy
The people saying that VC were screwed in 8th ed didnt really know what they were talking about, what it was was that VC were top tier in 7th and 8th brought them down to a more balanced level.
However, zombies truly do suck. I admire that you are trying to compete with a zombie horde army!

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Well it was many years ago, when mobile phones were the size of bricks and the SNES was the height of console gaming.

Some of my friends at school got into Warhammer and wanted me to play to. They choose HE (pansy), WE (tree hugger), and being the twats they are, thought it would be funny to get me to play Dwarves. That way they could have a common enemy. I didn't really get into Dwarves, though I still hold a soft spot for them, and a grudge against those with pointy ears.

I then however read up about Nagash, his history and I was hooked. From that point on I collected undead, and promptly proceeded to crush my friends with my S7 T6 Hydra-sword wielding vampire lord. I have never looked back, and when the undead split came (curse you GW!!!), I decided to go with VC as I have always liked the gothic and dark vampire.
Apr 28, 2011
I just recently started playing vampire counts (about 6 months or so). I have been playing fantasy for 3-4 years and always have loved the look of the tomb king and vampire count models.

Since my friend already has 6-7k pts worth of tomb kings, I choose vampire couts as my undead army. Also, I choose them because they have a very unique play style compared to my other armies (Bretonnia and Lizardmen), and a little variety never hurt anyone. ^_^


Vampire Count
True Blood
Apr 16, 2008
I had the ollld black covered with yellow trim "How to paint citadel miniatures" book before I started Warhammer, which got me into it. The undead in that book captivated me!

I then picked up the 6E starter and the Empire, O&G, and VC army books... and read them while a couple years went by. So I looked at them from a thematic sense, with minimal gaming knowledge of Warhammer fantasy. Granted, in that time, I did play Warhammer Ancients and English Civil War.

While my first army was Empire, VC was my second. I converted them, inspired by an army depicted in the book, to be undead Empire. I absolutely loved it. I even had a little bit of humor in it (skeletons wearing water barrels). The VC book, of the first three I bought, was the coolest. It had wonderful art, it had cool fluff, the hobby part was the most impressive. Playing them I had a lot of fun, as I loved the concept of "Oh, I want more guys... let me cast Invocation...". It was just a blast to play, and I slowly got to where I could do well with them too. It wasn't an auto win, but I did very well.

The conversion opportunities to turn something undead, and add character was huge. It allowed you to have all these little back stories. My VC probably have the biggest backstory, albeit a simple one, but it I've kept it going over time and it's been fun.

I took a break from VC with the new book, but I'm back and enjoying them again. I can't wait for the new book too so I can field large units of skeletons again, as I have always liked the concept of them (I blame the old stop motion Jason and the Argonauts apparently making an impression as a kid). The Macabr vison of the ranks of skeletons in a VC army, especially when the undead version of another faction, just makes me grin evily.

Vorizah Vukotic

Nov 26, 2010
I started VC cos once i saw the skeleton models I was hooked, origonally tried HE back in 4th but moved to undead as soon as i saw the models, One of my first purchases was the old citadel undead mammoth, god i loved that model, and the skeleton chariots were a big thing for me as well.

When the army split I went with the VC for the gothic horror kinda feel rather than TK Egyptian influence cos i was never really into mummies etc.. anyway. Now if Gw were to release roman or greek themed skeletons as well........... lol but ive played my undead religiously since fourth, and I think that I actually prefered it now that it evolved into a more horde like game rather than magehammer where troops determine the outcome of games rather than uber powerful mages lol It just gives me an excuse to field more skeles lol


Jan 3, 2010
I´m actually a warhammer 40K player (orks, space marines and tyranids), I entered the hobby three years ago and the orks really got me at first sight. But painting all that endeless horde of greenskins began to make me feel tired (and I still have all those tyranids!). So, I decided to begin a fantasy army. I was between VC, empire and tomb kings. I always liked the undead theme, but I went fo VC because they have more options than only skeletons that the tomb kings have.

My VC army is my hobby within the hobby. When I get tired of painting and assembling orks or whatever else, I choose a character or a unit and paint it, slowly if needed. I´ve been colecting VC for almost 2 years now, I have the army book, the rulebook (the limited edition one :vampire3:) but never played a single battle, and will not for the next two years, probably, but that´s ok for me. I want to put my best on my models and make my VC army the best painted army I have.

Uncle Fester

Dec 21, 2010
I managed to see the movie Van Helsing and read the Storm of Chaos campaign book on the same weekend. My thought was to use the characters in the movie to make a VC Sylvanian army.

I played a little as I painted, but the movie themed army I wanted to make was more conversions that I wanted to make. On top of that, other things caught my eye (Warhammer Ancients and Flames of War), so my vampires languished unfinished in a box. When the new book came out the Sylvanian option (Grave Markers, Militia, etc) were gone and I started to sell off everything.

Then I got a look at the new Grave Guard. All I had left from my old VC army were some 30 odd Skeletons and two Black coaches. So I restarted the army. I may do my Van Helsing army someday, right now I am really enjoying VC & 8th edition.



True Blood
May 15, 2008
Who doesn't like vampires? It's the darkness, the mystery, the power, the immortality, the eroticism (DoN, throw me some brownie points, pleeze!:perv: ) and the list goes on and on.
Vamps were my first army and I was originally going to play Blood Dragons because they reminded me of Gary Oldman's armor from Coppola's version of Dracula. However, I ended up trying out every single bloodline BUT the BD's. Don't know what to tell you, that's just how it happened.
I've always been a fan of necromancy (D+D player for nearly 20 years now) and of classic, gothic horror. Vampire Counts let me create some interesting backgrounds for my characters as well as allow me to see some powerful undead lords kick ass in 3D on a tabletop.
two words...hero quest.

Pretty much the same reason that I got into warhammer.

Id imagine most my age (28) it would be the same.

To drill it down even more there was a suppliment for hero quest called return of the witch lord that had loads of the undead bits in the box. about the same time I got this the first undead book was released and there was a pic in there by Mark Gibbons, easily my favorite artist to have worked for G dub, of a wight comming out of a barrow mound, couple that with the excellent background story about the rise of Nagash, which in the newer books seems get skimmed over far too often...Sorry im in danger of having a nerdgasam here.

Im gonna stop myself there before Im too temoted to go an buy a copy of the old undead book again...wouldn't look good with my wedding comming up in a months time.


Grave Guard
Aug 7, 2011
Basically got sucked in from my MTG playgroup to extend to warhammer fb undead. Now back from a long break and imho vampire counts kept most of the essence of the undead army vs the VC TK split.
I own more armies but currently im only working on my VC.
Apr 28, 2011
A God Forsaken Place
I was actually on a campout with my Boy Scout Troop. I was maybe 12 at the time and my friend brought a copy of White Dwarf with him. I thought some of the models were pretty cool but what really caught my eye were the Hennrich Kemmler and Krell models. I fell in love right then and there.

The very first things I bought for warhammer were a box of skeletons (the old models), a copy of the 5th edition Vampire Counts book, and Krell.

Those two models were the thing that got me into this game and I have lemented their loss ever since 6th edition. It will really make me sad if they are not in the new VC book whenever it comes out.


Army of Darkness. Plain and simple. I loved the idea of a horde of skeletons. So why didn't I defect to the Tomb Kings? Because mummies didn't appeal to me. Necromancers and Liches did. The Vampires I pretty much just accepted as a necessary evil. I do lean towards the Von Carstein bloodline where Vampires are involved, especially with the imagery re-work. (Like the idea of noble Vampires, disliked the idea of fighting in a tuxedo.)


Dec 16, 2009
I swapped a small skaven army back in '94 for some of the plastic skellies, plastic horsemen and a couple of other things.

Still using the skeletons and have the horsemen waiting for a repaint. The other things (Necros, standard beaers, Vamps) are in use as well.


Oct 25, 2010
I've always been into the gothic horror setting, and a friend of mine was bugging me try getting into warhammer so the choice was natural. That was about 6 months, and I don't regret it. I've only been exposed to 8th edition myself, and only have a couple games under my belt (against my friend's dark elves), but it's awesome running an army with lore that I can really get into. It will be nice to actually get a win in for once, although I find that the actual building/painting models interests me more than the game itself.

Overall the setting and the lore peaked my interest so it was an easy decision.


Sep 5, 2011
I've always been a huge zombie film fan, and have watch balde 1-3 and van helsing recently + the models look awesome too.
To be honest though, i find i seem to rotate between armies, so only a few months before this i was adament on getting chaos space marines.

So it really depends on who i like at the time i can afford something :P


Grave Guard
Dec 22, 2010
I've collected various minis for a while now thanks to being one of the two people willing to run DnD games and both of us tend to prefer using minis after some incidents about placement early on.

The first actual minis game I played was Gorkamorka, something that could easily fit in a small box for play at school during JH and that developed into a 40K group that we still meet for lunch twice a week for various campaigns.

We've done some Mordheim and I wasn't that interested in Bloodbowl as the minis would have little other use. We switched to a Warhammer campaign for a change and a friend lent me bits of his army that were combined with a few I'd had. And a christmas themed vampire counts army was rather fun and weird to play. (Corpse Cart sleigh with a lot of zombies wearing santa hats...amongst other things)

Then some other friends were looking for a new game to play on larger scales and I'd mentioned Kings of War. Well, in the group there was already a High Elves and Dwarves player, and I bought a new copy of Warcraft 3 with its battle chest (Old copy got a bit scratched up) and combined with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW, I was inspired for an undead army.

Now if only combat lords were more viable so that I could field my version of Arthas with the frost blade...


Sep 24, 2011
I've been a 40k player since 3rd edition and decided recently to switch to fantasy. I love the vampire models, even though some of them need a refresh, most of them are great. After painting Tau, Marines and Dark Eldar, I wanted to change things up a bit. A friend of mine plays Empire and Bretonnians, I thought I would go for the their natural undead enemies.

I have also been a sucker for a lot of Gothic vampire imagery. Especially the opening scene is Coppola's Dracula (you know, the part before Keanu Reeves shows up). I also really like the Horror aesthetic.

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