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Worst list ever conceived 2500pts (9th age)


Grave Guard
Jul 22, 2010
So this last weekend I was at a tournament. I was playing a quite conventional list, but the dice-gods turned their backs on me so it all went south pretty fast. I like to think up quite crazy lists (loved to play dual Coven Throne in 8th) and I think that the dice-gods decided to punish me for playing something conventional. So for the next tournament I have to step-up my game I come with something crazy/bizarre once again to please the dice-gods. With that in mind here is the list:

Vampire Count; Colossal Zombie Dragon, lv 1 (necromancy)

Von Karnstein (Storm Caller)

Gemstone amulet

Divine Icon

Ogre sword

Lucky shield

Vampire Courtier; Monstrous Revenant (Poisoned attacks, Fly), lv 1 (necromancy)

Von Karnstein (refined taste)

Hv armour, Lance, Bsb (war standard)

Hardened shield

Talisman of greater shielding

Potion of swiftness

Necromancer; lv 1 (necromancy)


50 Skeletons; Full command

Banner of speed

50 Skeletons; Full command

2*5 Dire Wolves

Court of the damned; unholy dominion

Court of the damned;

2*2 Great bats

4 Winged Reapers; paired weapons

Is it crazy enough? Will I be able to win any games? Who knows.......

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
Staff member
True Blood
Apr 2, 2011
@KhazModan: Well, you already know I love this list :tongue:

One thing I noticed though. You have no Arcane Item on the lord and 25 pts left in his magic item allowance. Seems like a waste. I'd try and find the points somewhere in the list to give him a Shielding Scroll or something (maybe try Blinding Scroll, never seen that one used, who know, it might be awesome o.o )